How to Do a Business Name Search in New Jersey

Businesses can be searched through the site by:

  • Business Name
  • Keyword Search
  • Entity ID

New Jersey Business Name Search

A New Jersey LLC search is vital in order to ensure that your business name is unique and not identical to another registered company. A service offered by the state allows you to do a Name Availability Search. The site also allows you to browse the names of other businesses for free.

Searching for Names

When searching for names, you want to be precise. Search results can be affected by punctuation and spacing. The state will deny you permission to form a company using a registered name. If your LLC was established outside of New Jersey but wants to do business there, you will need to verify that the name you used to create the company in your home country can be used in New Jersey. If the wrong name is used, it can hinder your ability to do business with New Jersey.

Business Name Must Be Unique

You must find a new name for your company if the preferred name is already taken. If your preferred name is already taken, you will need to create a secondary or “doing business under” name for New Jersey. A “dba” is not allowed for domestic businesses. It is only available to foreign entities. If this happens, the registration of domestic business could be rejected. Filing online is impossible if you are a foreign company using a “dba”.

Reserve a Name

A name can be held until the formation documents is filed. The type of business you are operating will determine the amount and time required to reserve the name. You can only do business in New Jersey under an alternate name after you are authorized to do so.

Registering your business

For registered businesses, you can use three criteria:

  • Business name This is a case-sensitive search for the exact name. An optional wildcard is automatically added to the end of your search string. You can enter as much information about the business name as you like. If you aren’t sure how the name is used, it might be a good idea not to include “LLC” and “Inc.” in your search string.
  • Keywords You can enter up to five keywords with one keyword in each field. This is the best search method if you don’t know how your business name begins.
  • Entity ID – To search this way, you must enter the 10-digit entity ID the New Jersey Department of Revenue & Enterprise Service issued to a company.

Verify Name Availability

If you need to find a name available for your LLC or want to verify the status of an existing business entity, you can search the Secretary of State’s website. The website also offers a business entity search tool that allows you to perform administrative tasks on behalf of your LLC.

Northwest R.A. is the 2nd largest registered agent service, charging $125/year. CT Corporation aka Wolters Kluwer is the largest, oldest, and one of the most expensive, charging $337/year. CT Corp charges $788 for incorporation with reg. agent service.  

Search for Available Names

  • Choose a name that conforms to the State LLC naming guidelines.
  • Use the tool to search for the name you are looking for and check if it is available in New Jersey.
  • Although it is optional, you can check if the title you are looking for is available as a URL. An email address is also worth considering when choosing an LLC name. You can purchase the domain name if it is not available. This will prevent others from buying the URL until you are ready to create your site.

You can find the following information by doing a search for business entities:

    • How well is the business doing
    • Address for business
    • If the company was legally formed
    • Registered Agent Address

Using the business entity search engine, you can also pay the Franchise Tax and obtain a Certificate Of Good Standing. This tool allows you to perform specific administrative LLC tasks.

Deciding on a name for your LLC

You don’t need to reserve a business address with the Department of the Treasury if you are creating an LLC. The name is automatically reserved for you when you register an LLC. Even if the company is not planned to be formed anytime soon, it’s a good idea to reserve the name.

New Jersey LLC Name Search FAQ

How can I verify if an LLC is registered in New Jersey?

You can use the New Jersey Availability tool to check if your business name has been made available in New Jersey.

Do I have to name my LLC after me?

Although there is no prohibition against naming your LLC after yourself (most experts recommend against it).

An advantage of an LLC is that you can choose a different business name, which can make your business sound more professional.

What words are prohibited in a New Jersey LLC’s name?

It is not possible to include words in business names that suggest that the company is a bank or financial institution, or that it is affiliated with a local or state government agency.

New Jersey LLCs must be approved to include the following restricted words: bank, banker and banking; citius, concon, dba. e-com; express mail, handicapped; little league, mail; olympiad.

Do I need an LLC name generator?

An LLC name generator is a great tool to help you choose a name for your LLC.

What is a brand?

A brand name is the name that a company gives to a product line or product. It can be the exact same as the company name, or something else.

Do I need to include LLC in the name?


What do I need to do to renew my New Jersey business name?

New Jersey does not require LLCs renew their legal names, but alternate names must still be renewed by the Department of the Treasury every five years.

You can renew online, or by mail. The $50 filing fee

Is it possible for my business name to be different from the name of my LLC in New Jersey?

Sometimes companies may choose to operate under a different name than their legal name. You can call this a “doing Business as” (DBA) or an alternative name in New Jersey.

New Jersey has a Department of the Treasury that accepts LLC alternate names.

Do I need a DBA for my LLC?

If your LLC plans to conduct business under another name than its legal name, a DBA is not required. You can find out more about New Jersey DBAs in our guide to.



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