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LLC Formation Guide: 50 States

This table has links to our LLC formation guides and business name search info for each state.

How to Form an LLC – Business Name Search by State


How to Form an LLC

Business Name Search

Alabama LLC 

Alabama Name Search
Alaska Alaska LLC

Alaska Name Search

Arizona Arizona LLC Arizona Name Search
Arkansas Arkansas LLC Arkansas Name Search
California California LLC California Name Search
Colorado Colorado LLC Colorado Name Search
Connecticut Connecticut LLC Connecticut Name Search
Delaware Delaware LLC Delaware Name Search
Florida Florida LLC Florida Name Search
Georgia Georgia LLC Georgia Name Search
Hawaii Hawaii LLC Hawaii Name Search
Idaho Idaho Idaho Name Search
Illinois Illinois LLC Illinois Name Search
Indiana Indiana Indiana Name Search

Iowa LLC

Iowa Name Search
Kansas Kansas LLC Kansas Name Search
Kentucky Kentucky LLC Kentucky Name Search
Louisiana Louisiana LLC Louisiana Name Search
Maine Maine LLC Maine Name Search
Maryland Maryland LLC Maryland Name Search
Massachusetts Massachusetts LLC Massachusetts Name Search
Michigan Michigan LLC Michigan Name Search
Minnesota Minnesota LLC Minnesota Name Search
Mississippi Mississippi LLC Mississippi Name Search
Missouri Missouri LLC Missouri Name Search
Montana Montana LLC Montana Name Search
Nebraska Nebraska LLC Nebraska Name Search
Nevada Nevada LLC Nevada Name Search
New Hampshire New Hampshire LLC

New Hampshire Name Search

New Jersey New Jersey LLC

New Jersey Name Search

New Mexico New Mexico LLC New Mexico Name Search
New York New York LLC New York Name Search
North Carolina North Carolina LLC North Carolina Name Search
North Dakota North Dakota LLC

North Dakota Name Search

Ohio Ohio LLC Ohio Name Search
Oklahoma Oklahoma LLC Oklahoma Name Search
Oregon Oregon LLC Oregon Name Search

Pennsylvania LLC

Pennsylvania Name Search
Rhode Island

Rhode Island LLC

Rhode Island Name Search

South Carolina South Carolina LLC South Carolina Name Search
South Dakota South Dakota LLC South Dakota Name Search
Tennessee Tennessee LLC Tennessee Name Search
Texas Texas LLC Texas Name Search
Utah Utah LLC Utah Name Search
Vermont Vermont LLC Vermont Name Search
Virginia Virginia LLC Virginia Name Search
Washington Washington LLC Washington Name Search
West Virginia West Virginia LLC West Virginia Name Search
Wisconsin Wisconsin LLC Wisconsin Name Search
Wyoming Wyoming LLC Wyoming Name Search

* State fees are subject to change.


9 Steps – How to Create an LLC 

How to create an LLC, Infographic, 9 Steps

Create an LLC

Step 1: Select a State
Step 2: Choose a Name for Your LLC
Step 3: Choose a Registered Agent
Step 4: Prepare an LLC Operating Agreement
Step 5: File the Organizational Paperwork with the State
Step 6: Obtain a Certificate from the State
Step 7: Obtain an EIN (Employer ID Number)
Step 8: Open a Business Bank Account
Step 9: Register to Do Business in Another State (Optional)

Our Top 4 Picks for LLC Formations 

  1. Northwest Registered Agent  $225  $39
  2. Incfile
  3. ZenBusiness
  4. LegalZoom

If you are starting a new business, finding the right service to organize and file all the necessary documents to create a limited liability company can be difficult. I think the best approach for most people is to learn the basic guidelines for your state and then find a trusted LLC service that can help you get through the formation process.

A professional and affordable LLC service will save you time and money. The service already knows and understands the LLC formation process in your state. They can help you fill in the forms, provide guidance, and ensure everything is correct before filing.  By hiring a good LLC service, you can reduce the chance that your LLC filing will be rejected because it is incomplete or incorrectly submitted.

Cost to Form an LLC by State

This table lists the filing fees and the annual fees for each state. Fees are subject to change.

State Filing Fee Recurring State Fees
Alabama $200 $10 Annual Report
$100 Annual Privilege Tax (minimum)
Alaska $250 $100 (every two years)
Arizona $50 (plus publishing costs) $0 (report due annually)
Arkansas $45 online, $50 by mail $150 Franchise Tax Report (annually)
California $70 $800 – Franchise Tax (annually)
(Exemptions are available)
$20 – Statement of Information (annually)
Colorado $50 $10 (annually)
Connecticut $120 $80 (annually)
Delaware $90 $300 Franchise Tax (annually)
Florida $125 $138.75 (annually)
Georgia $100 online, $110 by mail $50 (annually)
Hawaii $50 $15 (annually)
Idaho $100 online, $120 by mail $0 (report due annually)
Illinois $150 $75 (annually)
Indiana $95 online, $100 by mail Biennial report – $32 online, $50 by mail
Iowa $50 $60 (biennial report)
Kansas $160 online, $165 by mail $55 (annually)
Kentucky $40 $15 (annually)
Louisiana $100 $30 (annually)
Maine $175 $85 (annually)
Maryland $100 $300 (annually)
Massachusetts $500 $500 (annually)
Michigan $50 $25 (annually)
Minnesota $155 online, $135 by mail $0 (report due annually)
Mississippi $50 $0 (report due annually)
Missouri $50 online, $105 by mail $0
Montana $70 $20 (annually)
Nebraska $100 online, $110 by mail $10 (biennial report)
Nevada $75, plus $150 for the initial list of officers $150 Annual List of Members & Managers
New Hampshire $100 $100 (annually)
New Jersey $125 $75 (annually)
New Mexico $50 $0
New York $200 (plus publishing costs) $9 (biennially)
North Carolina $125 $200 (annually)
North Dakota $135 $50 (annually)
Ohio $99 $0
Oklahoma $100 $25 (annually)
Oregon $100 $100 (annually)
Pennsylvania $125 (plus publishing costs) $70 (decennial report)
Rhode Island $150 $50 (annually)
South Carolina $110 $0
South Dakota $150 online, $165 by mail $50 (annually)
Tennessee $300 (minimum) $300 (minimum)
Texas $300 $0 report
Franchise Tax
Utah $70 $20
Vermont $125 $35 (annually)
Virginia $100 $50 (annually)
Washington $200 $60 (annually)
West Virginia $100 $25 (annually)
Wisconsin $130 online, $170 by mail $25 (annually)
Wyoming $102 online, $100 by mail $50 minimum (annually)

* State fees are subject to change.

What about LegalZoom?
Strong brand, but I think they’re pricey!
+ state fee  😲

Legalzoom logo

LLC Pricing

Legalzoom LLC prices 2022

LegalZoom Registered Agent Pricing

Legalzoom registered agent Price 2022

LegalZoom LLC Operating Agreement Pricing

Legalzoom LLC Operating Agreement Prices 2022

LLC Formation “Standard Plan” = $329
Registered Agent Service = $299  😲
LLC Operating Agreement = $99

= $727  😲

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