How to Do a Business Name Search in Missouri


Before you can create an LLC in Missouri, you must complete a Missouri Secretary of State Business Search.

What is a Missouri Secretary-of-State Business Search?

Before you can create an LLC in Missouri, you will need to complete a Missouri Secretary of State Business Search. To ensure that the LLC you are interested in is not already registered, search the names of any existing LLCs. An LLC’s name must begin with “Limited Liability Company” or one of the abbreviations “L.L.C.” and “LLC”. The name of your LLC cannot imply that it is a corporation. The name of your LLC cannot include the words “corporation”, “incorporated”, “inc.,” and “corp.”

The name of the LLC must be distinct from those of registered entities within the database. The state considers the differences in business names “distinguishable”.

Different designators or the identifiers at the end of a business’s name will not distinguish it. If a company is called Jones Investments, Inc., you can’t create a new business called Jones Investments, LLC. Modifying the grammar, such as the possessive, plural, or singular forms of words, will not make the name distinguishable. A business called “Orange’s Farm, LLC” will not distinguish it from the one called “Orange Farm LLC.”

A name cannot be distinguished by changing the article such as “a” or ‘the”. A business called “The Printing Shop, LLC” is not allowed to be called your business. Examples of these are and “or,” “and” and . If you want to call your business “Day & Night, LLC”, an existing business named “Day or Night, LLC” would not be acceptable.

It is impossible to distinguish between adding or changing punctuation to a business name. This includes slashes and hyphens as well as commas and hyphens. An existing business named “Larry, Moe, and Curly, LLC” wouldn’t be distinguished from one called “Larry-Moe-Curly LLC”. Spelling numbers out or using numerical symbols is also not distinguishable. The name “Two Tutors Consulting, LLC”, which is the same as “2 Tutors Consulting, LLC”, would not be distinguished from another called “2 Tutors Consulting, LLC.”

A name that is too similar to an existing business can cause confusion and make it difficult to distinguish. The name Speedy Delivery Service, LLC would be too similar with examples such as “Super Speedy Delivery Services, LLC”, and “Speedy Delivery Services, LLC.”

Search the database for Missouri business entities to find out if the name that you are looking for is available.

When you search for a name, do not include the “LLC”. The database doesn’t care about punctuation and case-sensitive searches. You can come up with new words and phrases if the name you are looking for is already taken.

The name you are looking for for your LLC is most likely already available in the Missouri database. A name that contains geographical words could limit your company’s ability expand or relocate, but you don’t have to change it.

Missouri LLC Registered Agent

Once you’ve completed the search and have chosen a unique name for your LLC, you can choose the registered agent. A registered agent and registered office are required to file the LLC creation documents. Once you have selected the LLC registered agent, you can complete the required forms.

As P.O., you must provide a street address for your LLC’s registered office in the state where it will be operating. Boxes are not accepted. The registered agent of your LLC can be either an individual or a company that is willing to receive legal documents on behalf the company.

The registered agent should:

  • Available during business hours.
  • Anybody you know, even a close friend, can act as a registered agent. As long as they accept the responsibility for the LLC,
  • The registered agent must accept the “Service of Process,” which refers to the delivery of legal mail and documents to the LLC.
  • The registered agent of the LLC can be you. You must sign the forms and take responsibility for the task by choosing yourself.


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