Arizona LLC – How to Form an LLC in Arizona

Form an LLC in Arizona. Learn how to get an LLC name, registered agent, Articles of Organization, Arizona LLC operating agreement, and EIN.

Arizona LLC Formation Guide

This guide will show you how to start an LLC in Arizona

Forming an LLC in Arizona

LLC Arizona – To start an LLC in Arizona, you’ll need to file your Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporate Commission, which costs $50 online. You can apply online, by mail, by fax, or in person. The Articles of Organization is the legal document that officially creates your Arizona limited liability company.

Because LLCs can be set up quickly, are cost-effective, and allow owners to have flexibility, they are also easy to manage. Legally forming your LLC will establish your business, limit personal liability, give you tax flexibility, and create a legal entity. As you move through the entire process, you will be guided by the following steps.

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This page will provide you with all the necessary steps to do an Arizona entity name search, draft an Arizona LLC operating agreement, and answer questions like, can I be my own registered agent in Arizona? and how long does it take to get an Arizona LLC? and ensure your Arizona LLC is properly formed.

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Step-by-Step Arizona LLC Guide

    1. Check Name Availability

      Your LLC’s legal address may not conflict with any other registered title. A name search can help you find out if your name is available.

      Name Search Arizona Corporation Commission, Corporations Division

      Name Search

      Name Reservation Optional
      Suffix: “A. 1. The name of a limited-liability company, as stated in its articles shall be: Include the words “limited responsibility company” or “limited firm” or abbreviations L.L.C. “, “L.C. “, L.C.

      2. Don’t include “association”, “corporation”, “incorporated” or any abbreviation.

      3. Don’t use the words bank, deposit, credit union, trust or company in conjunction to indicate or communicate that the limited responsibility company is engaged with banking, banking, trust or other financial services unless the company becomes and becomes actively and substantially involved in these activities.

      ARS SS29-602

  1. Designate an Arizona Registered Agent

    Before you are able to file for your Arizona LLC formation, you must choose your Arizona registered agent. Registered agents allow businesses to receive notices of lawsuits and other legal/government notices.

    The state law requires that every LLC has a registered representative. When Arizona Corporation Commission (Corporations Division) files Arizona articles of incorporation, the registered agent is named.


  2. Arizona Certificate Of Formation

    Fill out the articles of incorporation to establish your limited liability company.

    Agency: Arizona Corporation Commission, Corporations Division
    Articles of Organization
    Instructions Articles of Organization
    Filing Method Mail, in person or on-line.
    Agency Fee $50 + optional $35 expedite cost
    Turnaround: See the state-published current Processing Times (usually approximately two months). $35 expedite fee. Usually takes 7-10 business days.
    ARS SS29-601 et seq
    Notes: A complete application package includes:


    • Form CFCVLR-Cover sheet
    • Form L010 (Articles of Organization)
    • Form L040, Manager Structure Attachment or L041: Member Struktur Attachment
    • Form L042 Attachment Organizer, if applicable
    • Form M002 (Statutory Agent Acceptance)
    • Payment, including an optional expedite charge
  3. Publish

    Instructions: After approval by the Arizona Corporations Commission, your organization will be sent a notice that includes publishing instructions.
    Agency Fee Journal and newspaper publication fees vary depending on length of content; estimates for publishers’ fees range from $200 to $200.
    Notes: Publication isn’t required if an entity has a physical location in Maricopa County or Pima County. Publication is not required by foreign entities if their registered agent address is in Maricopa County or Pima County.
  4. Provide proof of publication

    Affidavits are not required to prove publication to the A.C.C. It is not required.

    More information is available at Arizona Corporation Commission – Corporations Division

  5. Establish Company Records

    Your LLC must keep accurate records and books. Your LLC’s original articles of organization will be the first document you keep. Other records will be created by your LLC, including:

    • Minutes of the meeting
    • Operating Agreement
    • EIN verification letter
    • The LLC may be amended or filed with other entities throughout its lifetime.

    Secure and centralized tools are required to access and manage organizations’ sensitive records.

  6. Create an Arizona Operating Agreement

    It is possible to use a template to draft an Operating Agreement. This document will serve as the governing document. It describes the details of how the LLC operates, such as holding an annual conference. You will read and then adopt the agreement during your organizational meeting.

  7. Hold the Organizational Meeting

    The organizational meeting, which is the initial meeting of LLC members, is the most important. In order to hold this meeting, you’ll need your operating agreements and the filed articles. Keep a log of the meeting, and save it in your company’s record book.

  8. Get a federal employer identification number (EIN)

    EIN is needed if the LLC will have multiple members or hire employees. EINs can also be required to open a bank or other financial account.

    Agency: Internal Revenue Service
    IRS form SS-4
    Filing Method Mail, phone and fax. online.
    IRS fee $0
    Turnaround: You can get your order immediately online or by phone. By fax, it takes 4 business working days. 4-5 Weeks by mail
    Notes: The IRS website cannot be accessed outside of certain hours. Print your EIN before you close the session. IRS Publi 1635: Understanding the EIN.
  9. Get Arizona State Tax Identification Numbers/Accounts

    Arizona does not offer a consolidated application for tax registration. Register for each tax account you need.


    A Guide on Taxes for Arizona Business
    Submit to
    Arizona Department of Revenue

    Arizona Joint Tax Application (Form HTML-1) will be used to submit for Transaction Privilege Tax or Use Tax. Each location/license costs $12.

  10. Consider Electing C-Corp and C-Corp Taxation

    Your LLC receives passthrough taxation by default. The vast majority (95%) of LLCs) keep this tax classification. Some LLCs are eligible to elect S-Corporation and C-Corp tax treatment.

    • S-Corp can help owner-employees making more than $75,000 a year save on self-employment income taxes.
    • C-Corps face double taxation. First, the corporation pays income taxes and then the members pay distribution taxes. C-Corps can offer lower tax rates to retained earnings.
  11. How to get a Business License & Permit

    It is necessary to obtain the required licenses and permits in order for your business to be legally operated. The Small Business Administration Business License & Permit lookup tool makes it easy to search through the large number of state, federal, and local requirements.

    Arizona Business License


    Arizona does NOT require licensure as a general business license.

    Arizona does have a local business license but not a general one at the state level.

  12. To Maintain Your LLC, You Need to File Ongoing Filings

    You must file your federal and state taxes returns.

    A lot of states require businesses to file an annual return to keep their status with the secretary. Below is a table that explains what an annual report for LLCs created in Arizona.

    Arizona Corporation Annual Report Requirements:

    Agency: Arizona Corporation Commission, Corporations Division
    Form: Fill out the online form and then contact the ACC.
    Filing Method Mail or .
    Agency Fee $45
    Turnaround: Get the most current processing times. Expedited service available for $35
    Due: To find out the due date of your corporation, you can check the record by entering the entity title in the search box. Click on “search” to get the results.
    A.R.S. A.R.S.
    Penalties: $9/month. A Notice in Pending Administrative dissolution will be mailed approximately 90 days following the due date to the corporation’s registered agent. The corporation will be administratively dissolved if it isn’t submitted by the deadline of 60 days.
    • A report must include the name of any officer.
    • You cannot change your registered agent by using this annual reporting.
    • If you file online, please print the receipt at the end of your process (after the credit card payment page) for your records.
    • You must include a cover page when you mail your request.

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Arizona Registered Agents

What is the average time it takes to create an LLC in Arizona?

In Arizona, it usually takes about three weeks to get approved. For an additional fee, expedited processing can be arranged. This reduces the filing period to 7-10 business days.

What are the annual Arizona LLC fees?

The LLC is not subject to recurring fees, but an Annual Report must be filed.

What are the costs of hiring a Statutory Agent?

Anybody can be a Statutory agent provided they are at minimum 18 years of age, live in the state, and are available during normal business hours.

Is a business license required for an Arizona LLC?

Sometimes it is believed that LLC or business licenses are one and the same. However, they are not.

An LLC is a way a company is organized to be able to do business. Business licensing is approved by a government entity in order to legally operate.

What happens if my LLC advertisement isn’t published?

The Arizona Corporations Commission can terminate an LLC if it fails to comply with the Arizona publication requirements within 60 days after formation.

What is a Foreign Limited Liability Company (FLLC)?

An LLC that is operating in other states than the one where it was founded. Being physically operational means that the LLC has a physical presence, such as an office or employee. Each state in which the LLC plans to operate will require it to register as an LLC foreign.


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