LegalZoom vs Bizee

As an entrepreneur in today’s dynamic business landscape, I understand the important role of reliable LLC formation and registered agent services.

LegalZoom and Bizee (formerly Incfile) are two prominent players in this field, each offering unique benefits.

Through this article, I aim to share my first-hand experience with both services, providing an insightful comparison to help you make an informed decision for your business needs.

Winner – Bizee
Pricing, and Service

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Background on LegalZoom and Bizee

LegalZoom, founded in 2001, has established itself as a household name in online legal services. Its mission to democratize law has resonated with many, especially small business owners. LegalZoom is a strong brand and provides a large variety of online services. LegalZoom is based in Glendale, California, and provides services to 50 states.

Bizee, on the other hand, entered the market in 2004 with a focus on affordability and efficiency in business formation services. Bizee has worked with over 1 million businesses in its 20 year history. Bizee is based in Houston, Texas and provides services to 50 states.

While LegalZoom targets a broader spectrum of legal needs, Bizee concentrates specifically on streamlining the LLC formation process.

Comparing Bizee’s Silver Plan vs LegalZoom’s Basic Plan

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LLC Formation Services: Comparison

My journey with LLC formation began with evaluating the processes offered by LegalZoom and Bizee. Here’s what I found:

  • Process and User Interface: LegalZoom’s process is comprehensive, providing a wide array of legal services beyond just LLC formation. However, this can sometimes lead to information overload. Bizee, in contrast, offers a more streamlined, focused approach which I found to be less overwhelming and more user-friendly.
  • Timeframe: The time it took to form an LLC varied slightly between the two. LegalZoom’s process, while thorough, was a bit lengthier. Bizee impressed me with its swiftness and straightforward approach.
  • Pricing and Packages: LegalZoom offers multiple package options, each scaling up in services and price. Bizee, on the other hand, starts with a very budget-friendly option, even offering a free tier (excluding state fees). However, it’s important to note that both services have various additional fees that may apply depending on your specific needs.
  • Unique Features: LegalZoom stands out with its broad range of legal services, making it a one-stop-shop for many. Bizee, meanwhile, shines in its specific focus on business formation, offering a year of free registered agent service, which I found particularly beneficial.

Comparing Registered Agent Services

Choosing a registered agent service is a critical decision for any LLC, and both LegalZoom and Bizee offer competent options.

  • Features and Reliability: LegalZoom’s registered agent service is robust, offering additional legal support, which can be reassuring. Bizee, while more basic in its approach, provides all the necessary services and compliance alerts efficiently.
  • Pricing: LegalZoom’s pricing is on the higher side compared to Bizee, which offers more economical options, especially attractive for startups and small businesses.

User Experience and Customer Support

Navigating the complexities of LLC formation and registered agent services requires not just great tools but also excellent support. Here’s how LegalZoom and Bizee stacked up in these areas:

  • LegalZoom: Their customer support was impressive. Representatives were knowledgeable and helpful, although at times, I experienced longer wait times. The website is comprehensive, but its breadth of services can be a bit overwhelming for someone solely focused on business formation.
  • Bizee: I found their customer service to be more streamlined and responsive, which was crucial during the critical stages of LLC formation. The website is intuitive and easy to navigate, focusing specifically on business services, which I appreciated for its simplicity and direct approach.

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Pros and Cons

Based on my experience, here are some pros and cons of each service:

  • LegalZoom Pros:
    • Comprehensive range of legal services.
    • Experienced and knowledgeable customer support.
    • Well-established brand with a broad customer base.
  • LegalZoom Cons:
    • Higher pricing.
    • Sometimes overwhelming with upsells and broad service offerings.
  • Bizee Pros:
    • Cost-effective, especially for startups.
    • Simple, streamlined process for LLC formation.
    • Free registered agent service for the first year.
  • Bizee Cons:
    • Limited scope of services compared to LegalZoom.
    • Additional costs for more comprehensive packages.

Real-World Application

In practice, both services met my basic requirements for LLC formation and registered agent services, but in different ways.

LegalZoom provided a sense of security with its range of legal services, which can be a big plus for businesses anticipating diverse legal needs.

Bizee, with its focus and affordability, was ideal for my straightforward LLC formation requirements, offering just what I needed without unnecessary complexity or cost.

Online Customer Reviews and Market Reputation

LegalZoom Trustpilot

Bizee Reviews Trustpilot

Beyond my experience, I explored what other customers had to say:

  • LegalZoom: Generally, customers appreciate the wide array of services and the reliability of LegalZoom. However, some have mentioned that its broad focus can sometimes detract from the personalized attention smaller businesses might need. LegalZoom has 3362 customer reviews on Trustpilot with a total rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Bizee: Users often highlight Bizee’s affordability and efficiency. It’s particularly well-regarded among first-time entrepreneurs and small businesses. Though, some reviews pointed out the lack of wider legal services as a limitation for growing businesses. Bizee has 17,060 customer reviews on Trustpilot with a total score of 4.7 out of 5.

User Reviews Winner: Bizee

Frequently Asked Questions: LegalZoom vs Bizee

  1. What are the key differences between LegalZoom and Bizee? LegalZoom offers a broad range of legal services including LLC formation, while Bizee specializes in business formation and registered agent services, focusing on simplicity and cost-effectiveness.
  2. How do the prices of LegalZoom and Bizee compare for LLC formation? Bizee is generally more budget-friendly, offering a basic free package (excluding state fees). LegalZoom’s prices are higher, reflecting its broader range of legal services.
  3. Can either LegalZoom or Bizee help with ongoing legal needs for my business? LegalZoom is better suited for ongoing legal needs due to its wide array of legal services. Bizee, while excellent for formation and basic compliance, doesn’t offer extensive legal support services.
  4. Which service is faster for LLC formation? Bizee is typically faster in processing LLC formation due to its streamlined focus on business services, whereas LegalZoom might take a bit longer given its comprehensive approach.
  5. Is a registered agent service included in both LegalZoom’s and Bizee’s LLC formation packages? Bizee includes a free year of registered agent service in its packages. LegalZoom offers registered agent services, but it comes at an additional cost.
  6. Which service is more user-friendly for someone new to LLC formation? Bizee is often considered more user-friendly and straightforward, making it a preferred choice for first-time entrepreneurs.
  7. How do customer support experiences differ between LegalZoom and Bizee? LegalZoom offers extensive customer support but may have longer wait times. Bizee is known for its efficient and focused customer service, beneficial during the LLC formation process.
  8. Can I switch my registered agent to Bizee or LegalZoom if I formed my LLC elsewhere? Yes, both services allow you to appoint them as your registered agent even if your LLC was formed through a different service.
  9. Do either LegalZoom or Bizee offer refunds if I’m not satisfied with their service? LegalZoom has a satisfaction guarantee with specific conditions for refunds. Bizee also has a policy for addressing customer dissatisfaction, though it’s best to check the latest terms directly on their website.
  10. Which service should I choose if I have a limited budget for my startup? If budget is a primary concern, Bizee might be the better choice due to its lower-cost packages and free registered agent service for the first year.


In conclusion, both LegalZoom and Bizee offer valuable services for LLC formation and registered agent needs, but their suitability depends on your specific business requirements and expectations.

LegalZoom is a great choice if you’re looking for a comprehensive suite of legal services beyond just business formation, while Bizee is ideal for those seeking a focused, cost-effective solution for LLC formation and registered agent services.

Whichever you choose, ensure it aligns with your business goals and needs.

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  1. Fantastic breakdown of the pros and cons of LegalZoom and Bizee. Your article really highlights the importance of choosing the right LLC formation service based on factors like cost, ease of use, and the range of services offered.

    It’s interesting to see how Bizee’s focus on cost-effectiveness and streamlined services contrasts with LegalZoom’s comprehensive legal offerings. This comparison is a great starting point for anyone in the early stages of forming their business.

  2. Avatar John Davis says:

    I appreciate the depth of your review on LegalZoom vs Bizee. It’s crucial for business owners to understand not just the upfront costs but also the ongoing support and resources each service provides. Bizee’s emphasis on no hidden fees and their additional business tools offer a strong case for those starting on a tighter budget and needing straightforward LLC formation and registered agent services.

  3. Avatar Jay Smith says:

    Hey Brian, your comparison between LegalZoom and Bizee provides a clear, comprehensive look at what each LLC formation service offers. It’s evident that while LegalZoom brings brand recognition and a broader range of legal services to the table, Bizee shines with its affordability and added value, particularly with their free registered agent service for the first year. This kind of detailed analysis is invaluable for entrepreneurs trying to make an informed decision based on their specific needs.

  4. Avatar Leo Thornton says:

    I appreciate the detailed comparison between LegalZoom and Bizee. Understanding the nuances in their services, from LLC formation to offering a Registered Agent, is key for entrepreneurs. Both companies have their strengths, and it’s clear that the choice depends on individual business needs.”

  5. Avatar Aiden Lee says:

    Your comparison of LegalZoom and Bizee highlights crucial points about LLC formation services. Both seem proficient in managing legal compliance and operational aspects of LLCs. It’s particularly useful how you broke down their different approaches to providing Registered Agent services.

  6. Avatar Lisa Perez says:

    Interesting read on LegalZoom and Bizee. It’s fascinating how each service approaches LLC formation and the role of a Registered Agent.

    While LegalZoom offers a wide range of legal services, Bizee’s focus on cost-effective and streamlined LLC registration is noteworthy.

  7. Avatar Deborah Harris says:

    Your analysis of LegalZoom vs Bizee provides valuable insights, especially for small business LLC owners. Both services seem to offer robust asset protection and liability protection, key factors for any LLC. The decision seems to hinge on specific business needs and budget considerations.

  8. Avatar Joseph White says:

    Great comparison between LegalZoom and Bizee for LLC formation services. It’s clear that both offer substantial benefits in terms of legal compliance and ease of state filings. LegalZoom’s brand reputation certainly stands out, but Bizee’s affordability and efficiency are impressive.

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