Discover the top budget-friendly LLC formation services and unlock affordable paths to launch your business while saving money.

After extensively researching and evaluating over 20 LLC formation services, I’m here to guide you towards the optimal choice that strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

My 10 recommendations for a cheap LLC formation

#1 Northwest Registered Agent (Best Cheap LLC Service)

Northwest Registered Agent is the LLC formation service I’ve come to rely on for my business ventures, and it truly stands out as the best choice in terms of affordability and exceptional customer support.


When it comes to forming an LLC, Northwest Registered Agent has got you covered. Their formation package, cheaply priced at just $39 with my exclusive link, includes everything you need to establish your LLC successfully. This comprehensive package takes care of filing your initial formation documents, such as articles of organization or certificates of formation, with the Secretary of State’s office.

But that’s not all – Northwest goes the extra mile by assisting you in drafting your operating agreement, providing a business address, and even offering a valuable tax consultation with their Corporate Guides.

As if that wasn’t enough, they sweeten the deal with a 90-day free trial of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, perfect for modern businesses looking to make cost-effective internet calls.

What sets Northwest apart is its attention to compliance. They ensure you stay on track by sending you timely notices to file your annual reports and include a complimentary year of registered agent service, an essential requirement for many businesses.

If you ever need additional services like certified copies of your formation paperwork, help obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), or a Certificate of Good Standing, Northwest has you covered for a small extra fee.

They understand that not every business needs these services upfront, so they offer flexibility to tailor your package.

However, what truly sets Northwest Registered Agent apart is its unparalleled customer service. Unlike some companies that outsource support to foreign call centers, Northwest boasts a team of US-based Corporate Guides.

These experts are former business owners, lawyers, and accountants who not only assist you with forming your LLC but also provide invaluable business advice. Their insights can be a lifeline when you encounter challenges along the way.


One minor drawback I found with Northwest is the absence of online tools to help establish your business’s online presence. Services like customized business websites, email or direct messaging platforms, and domain name registration aren’t included in their package.

Nevertheless, you can easily obtain these services from websites like Wix and Squarespace at a nominal cost, making this limitation a manageable issue.


In summary, Northwest Registered Agent stands out as the top choice for LLC formation services. Their cheap and affordable package covers a range of essential services, and their team of Corporate Guides is always ready to provide guidance when you face business challenges.

For those in search of the cheapest LLC formation service that combines excellent customer support with reasonable prices, I highly recommend using my exclusive link to Northwest Registered Agent’s sign-up page.

With an 82% discount on their already budget-friendly package, Northwest Registered Agent secures its position as the most cost-effective service to form an LLC. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed with this choice for your business formation needs.

#2 Bizee (Best Free LLC Filing Service)

Bizee, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a registered agent and business formation service that has garnered my attention for its array of compliance and LLC filing services. Allow me to delve into what makes Bizee a notable player in the world of cheap LLC formation services.


Established in 2004, Bizee has always been at the forefront of efficiency in business formation. From its inception, the company has harnessed technology to streamline the complex processes of business formation, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a seamless start to their business ventures.

Core Services

Bizee’s services encompass a wide range of offerings designed to aid in LLC formation and business management. Some of their core services include:

  • A user-friendly platform for forming LLCs in all 50 states.
  • Registered agent services available nationwide.
  • Assistance with the submission of annual reports to maintain compliance.
  • Bookkeeping services to keep your finances in order.


Because Bizee has several services for $0.00, they need to offer lot of upsells

Bizee’s Business Formation Packages 

Bizee offers cheap LLC formation services through a three-tiered system of packages, each catering to different business needs.

1. Silver Package: $0 + State Fees

Bizee’s Silver Package is their cheapest and serves as a basic yet cost-effective option for LLC formation. It includes essential services such as LLC filing and a complimentary year of registered agent services. However, please note that this package does not include an Operating Agreement, a vital document for business operations.

2. Gold Package: $149 + State Fees 

Its second-cheapest package is the Gold Package. This is an upgrade from the Silver plan, provides a more comprehensive suite of services. In addition to everything offered in the Silver plan, the Gold Package includes:

  • Preparation and filing of your Operating Agreement.
  • Assistance with Business Tax Number (EIN) filing.
  • Banking resolution drafting.
  • Lifetime company alerts to keep you informed about filing dates and document statuses.
  • An online access dashboard for managing your orders and documents.
  • Unlimited phone and email support for added convenience.
  • IRS Form 2553 filing (S-Corp election) for businesses seeking tax benefits.

For most new business owners, the Gold Plan is highly recommended as it encompasses everything needed for a professional LLC formation.

3. Platinum Package: $299 + State Fees

The Platinum Package, while offering additional features compared to the Gold plan, may not offer the same value for the price. It includes contract templates, domain names, and business email services, but these can often be obtained at a lower cost elsewhere. Some of the features in this plan include expedited filing, domain names, and business email, but the setup of a business website is not included.

Pricing Structure

One notable aspect of Bizee’s pricing is its transparency. Unlike some competitors, Bizee offers fixed prices for its primary packages, which means you pay only once. While some services are one-time, others are recurring, such as the registered agent service, which costs $119/year after the initial free year.


Bizee presents a compelling option for those looking to form an LLC or maintain business compliance on the cheap. Their transparent pricing and a range of services cater to various business needs, making them a noteworthy choice in the realm of LLC formation services.

However, it’s essential to carefully assess your specific requirements to determine which package aligns best with your business goals.

#3 ZenBusiness (2nd Best Free LLC Filing Service)

ZenBusiness offers an unbeatable $0 package (plus state fees) that is perfect for those seeking a cheap solution for LLC formation.


ZenBusiness leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing essential formation services in its $0 package. They ensure that you have all the necessary tools to kickstart your business journey. From checking the availability of your desired business name to meticulously reviewing all your forms and information, ZenBusiness ensures accuracy every step of the way. Moreover, they take care of filing your company’s articles of organization, sparing you from the bureaucratic hassle.

For those looking to take their LLC formation a step further, ZenBusiness offers two upgraded plans. The $199 Pro Plan provides expedited filing, typically taking four to six days depending on your state, and offers expert guidance in setting up your operating agreement. Getting this agreement right is crucial as it dictates how your company operates.

Opting for the $299 Premium Plan treats you to a one- to two-day rush filing, a personalized business domain name and email address, and a user-friendly tool to craft your very own website.


While ZenBusiness’s $0 tier is a cheap choice for those seeking essential services, those aiming for more comprehensive LLC support may find themselves paying more in the long run. None of ZenBusiness’s plans include a year of free registered agent service, and the sole plan offering registered agent service comes at a cost of $199 per year.

The customer support provided by ZenBusiness is prompt and helpful for routine matters such as password changes or billing updates. However, if you require assistance with more complex business questions involving HR, logistics, or tax advice, you might need to seek help elsewhere.

If your primary need is a company that efficiently handles the fundamental aspects of LLC formation, such as timely filing of your articles of organization, then ZenBusiness’s $0 pricing is hard to beat.

To delve deeper into what ZenBusiness offers in terms of basic LLC formation services, you can explore their offerings on their official website.

#4 Rocket Lawyer $39/mo

Rocket Lawyer stands as a comprehensive online legal service that also extends its prowess to LLC formation as part of its $39.99 monthly subscription.

A Comprehensive Legal Resource

While the subscription model may make it relatively more expensive over the course of a year, its robust suite of legal resources, including attorney consultations and customizable documents, adds exceptional value.

If you foresee requiring ongoing access to legal documents and attorney services, Rocket Lawyer presents an attractive option that combines LLC formation with a wealth of legal support.

#5 MyCompanyWorks $79

MyCompanyWorks stands out as one of the more reasonably priced LLC services on this list, offering a basic LLC formation service for $79. With this package, you can expect services such as ensuring your company name’s availability, assistance with formation documents, filing of necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State, and timely notifications of crucial compliance dates.

However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t include a year of free registered agent service unless you opt for its $279 premium package, making it less cost-effective in that regard.

#6 Inc Authority $0

Inc Authority stands out as an incredibly budget-friendly LLC service, with a $0 price tag for a LLC paperwork filing. Remarkably, this cheap package also includes a complimentary year of registered agent service.

However, it’s essential to note that Inc Authority’s costs start to escalate if you require additional support or services beyond the basics.

Their second-cheapest package clocks in at an eye-popping $399, making it a less viable option if you need comprehensive assistance similar to what’s offered by Northwest Registered Agent.

#7 Swyft Filings $49

Swyft Filings offers LLC formation services at a slightly higher price point than Northwest Registered Agent. However, it doesn’t include a free year of registered agent service or online document storage in its base package. To access features like a banking resolution or an operating agreement, you’ll need to sign up for the $149 package.

While Swyft Filings is an acceptable choice if you prefer not to use Northwest and don’t require a registered agent, it’s worth considering that Northwest Registered Agent offers more extensive services for $10 less.

#8 Incorporate Fast $99

Incorporate Fast charges $99 for LLC formation, providing essential services that include a free year of registered agent service. However, it offers fewer included services compared to Northwest Registered Agent, and the price is notably higher, making it a less compelling option.

#9 BizFilings $99

BizFilings, in many ways, mirrors the offerings of Incorporate Fast. It provides the fundamental essentials for $99, but, once again, falls short in comparison to Northwest Registered Agent in terms of included services while charging a higher fee.

#10 LegalZoom $99

LegalZoom, a nationally recognized business and legal-services company, offers LLC formation services at a cost of $99. While it includes a banking resolution as part of its LLC formation service, it doesn’t provide extensive additional features.

Its offerings are on par with services like IncParadise but come with a slightly higher price tag.

In summary, these LLC formation services offer a range of pricing and included features. Your choice should be guided by your specific business needs and budget constraints.

While some services are more cost-effective, others may provide more extensive support and features, so it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons before making your selection.

Unveiling the Best Approach to Assessing Cheap LLC Services

Allow me to shed light on the methodology I’ve employed to crown Northwest Registered Agent as the premier choice among the most budget-friendly LLC service providers.

Why You Can Rely on My Expertise

Before delving into my methodology, I want to offer you two compelling reasons to trust my recommendations.

Firstly, my journey into the realm of LLC formation has been a deeply immersive one. I’ve not only scrutinized the LLC formation market extensively but have also played dual roles: as an individual navigating the intricacies of LLC formation for personal ventures and as an advisor assisting countless others on this path.

My initial foray into the LLC formation industry coincided with my first business venture—a health-oriented website.

I found myself in a maze of regulatory requirements and complex procedures, completely unaware of how to maneuver through it all to transform my dreams into reality.

Recognizing the potential cost-effectiveness of hiring someone with expertise, I sought out an agent, or an LLC service, to guide me.

However, the challenge lay not in locating an agent but in pinpointing the right service. Every provider claimed to be the best, fastest, and most supportive, leaving me baffled by the lack of differentiation.

In my pursuit of the ideal service, I resorted to creating a comprehensive spreadsheet, enduring numerous lengthy phone calls, and investing an exorbitant amount of time. The process was far more arduous than I had anticipated.

With my second business venture, the process of identifying the most cost-effective and reliable LLC formation service became more streamlined. I simply updated my trusty spreadsheet with the latest information and made an informed choice.

The second reason to place your trust in my findings is that I’ve had the privilege of aiding over a thousand individuals in their quest to find the perfect LLC formation service for their unique businesses. I take pride in helping you make the right choice.

Rest assured, my methodology for evaluating the best affordable LLC service is rooted in extensive experience and a genuine commitment to simplifying the process for fellow entrepreneurs.

Unveiling the Selection Process for the Best Affordable LLC Service

My journey to identify the top budget-friendly LLC service encompassed four distinct stages, each designed to meticulously assess and evaluate these service providers.

1: Reviews

The initial step involved a thorough examination of user reviews scattered across reputable platforms such as the Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, and Google Business. Northwest Registered Agent has the most positive reviews on it’s Google Business Profile page.

It’s worth noting that customers availing LLC services often share their experiences online. While it was impractical to sift through all the reviews, delving into recent, comprehensive assessments provided valuable insights. This allowed me to weed out less reputable options and focus on those that merited further investigation.

2: My Website Analysis

With a refined list of potential contenders, I ventured deeper into their respective websites. This stage aimed to uncover the precise scope of services each company offered when assisting new business owners in LLC formation.

As you may have noticed, some companies offer an array of business services at minimal costs, while others in the premium category charge more, but in turn, deliver greater value. In contrast, certain providers demand high fees with limited benefits. Scrutinizing their websites and constructing my spreadsheet enabled me to discern which LLC service under $100 provided the most value.

3: My Conversations with Real Customers

While online reviews provide valuable insights into the user experience with a particular service, they inherently possess biases. Individuals are more inclined to leave reviews when their experiences are exceptionally positive or negative, leading to skewed feedback.

To counteract this natural bias, I actively engaged with current and former customers of each LLC service. These conversations encompassed aspects like the sign-up process, communication levels, the complexity of each step, the workload involved, and the responsiveness of their support teams. This stage provided a more balanced perspective on each company’s performance.

4: My Interactions with Sales Teams

The final stage, undoubtedly the most enjoyable, involved direct communication with the sales teams of each LLC service. This phase allowed me to confront them with the complaints and concerns raised in both the reviews and my discussions with customers.

I posed specific inquiries, such as scenarios involving missing documents or delays in processes, in a demanding manner to gauge their responsiveness. Beyond being a venting outlet, this step offered valuable insights into how well a company adapted to challenges and addressed gaps in its processes. It also shed light on the company’s potential for growth and adaptability.

In conclusion, this four-step selection process served as a comprehensive framework to meticulously evaluate and identify the best budget-friendly LLC service providers, ensuring that the final recommendations are well-informed and reliable.

Main Components in Evaluating Budget-Priced LLC Services

Throughout my meticulous review process, I weighed five fundamental factors to determine the worthiness of each LLC service provider:

Component 1: Offerings

My assessment began with a thorough exploration of the services offered by each company. I delved into crucial questions: Does the company provide the specific services you require?

Does it merely handle paperwork filing or extend its support to crafting essential documents like articles of organization?

Will it serve as your dedicated registered agent, safeguarding your personal information from potential online threats? Does it provide assistance with your accounting structure, or is it an entirely self-service affair? The array of products and services within the realm of LLC formation is extensive and constantly evolving.

Therefore, I continually evaluate these providers to ascertain the extent of their assistance.

Component 2: Value

Variability exists not only in the scope of services but also in pricing among LLC service providers. As evident, some may charge upwards of $700, while others offer critical services at no cost. However, the correlation between high prices and a comprehensive range of services is not always guaranteed.

Conversely, affordability does not necessarily imply a lack of support. Hence, my second factor of evaluation consistently examines the value for money that each LLC service delivers.

Component 3: Ease of Sign-up

A wide array of services at a low cost is undeniably attractive. Nevertheless, if the sign-up process is an arduous, time-consuming endeavor, the loss of time becomes an implicit cost that affects the assessment. To ensure that you don’t waste excessive time, I have personally tested the sign-up processes of each organization.

These processes are rated based on their simplicity and user-friendliness.

Component 4: Ease of Use

The expenses of engaging with an LLC service go beyond the initial sign-up. In most cases, users need to navigate online systems to sign forms, track requests, and monitor the progress of their applications. If the online system is poorly optimized and fails to consider the user experience, it results in additional costs and frustrations.

Therefore, the ease of use of these systems is another crucial factor that influences my rating.

Component 5: Customer Service

Despite the optimization of systems and the clarity of instructions, instances may arise where direct human interaction is essential.

Some LLC service providers subject you to lengthy hold times of up to 45 minutes before connecting you to an outsourced help-desk worker, often located in a foreign country, with limited practical experience in U.S. business operations and the ability to address only general technical inquiries.

In contrast, services like Northwest Registered Agent prioritize customer support by ensuring that your call is answered promptly by a highly trained and experienced former small business owner.

They can guide you through LLC formation challenges and provide insights into various small business aspects.

The level and quality of customer support significantly impact the overall value of a service, making it the fifth and final factor in my comprehensive assessment process.

Summarizing the Top Affordable LLC Formation Services

Following an extensive evaluation of over 60 LLC formation services using my four-stage, five-factor analysis, I present to you the best and most cost-effective LLC formation services available today.

Best Affordable LLC Formation Service: Northwest Registered Agent, $39

For those seeking the optimal blend of quality and affordability in their LLC formation service, Northwest Registered Agent emerges as the top choice. While it offers a comprehensive basic LLC service that covers all the essentials of forming an LLC, the true value lies in its exceptional customer support team, referred to as the Corporate Guides.

The Corporate Guides at Northwest Registered Agent are not your typical customer support representatives; they are a US-based team comprised of former accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. This diverse expertise ensures that they can not only address your LLC formation service inquiries but also offer valuable insights and guidance for your small business journey.

Whether they have personally traversed a similar entrepreneurial path or guided countless others on the same journey, their depth and breadth of experience shine through. While other LLC services may come with a $0 price tag, investing the extra $39 in Northwest Registered Agent is well worth it. No other service provides the level of small business advisory and support offered by Northwest, making it my top pick for the best affordable LLC formation service.

If you value the guidance and support of individuals who have walked the same path you are about to embark upon, all at a fraction of the typical cost, head to the Northwest Registered Agent website now.

Best Cheap and Budget-Friendly LLC Service: Bizee, $0

For those on a tight budget who cannot afford to allocate substantial funds to formation services, Bizee is my recommendation for the best budget-friendly registered agent service.

Priced at $0 (plus state fees), Bizee efficiently files your articles of organization and confirms the availability of your chosen business name. It’s hard to find a more economical option.

However, there is a catch – Bizee does not provide free registered agent service for the first year. In fact, the only package they offer with registered agent service costs $199 per year (compared to Northwest Registered Agent’s standard price of $125 per year). Additionally, their customer service and small business support are not on par with Northwest Registered Agent. This support can be invaluable for new businesses.

If your sole concern is price, and you are not overly concerned about the services you might miss out on, you can learn more about Bizee on their website.

Best Affordable (Cheap) Service With Additional Benefits: Rocket Lawyer, $39.99/month

Rocket Lawyer stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking affordable LLC services coupled with comprehensive online legal assistance.

The key advantage of selecting Rocket Lawyer is that, for a monthly fee of $39.99, you not only establish your LLC legally but also gain access to an extensive library of customizable legal documents. Moreover, you receive a complimentary 30-minute legal consultation on any topic of your choice and access to a customer service team composed of qualified lawyers.

However, it’s important to note that Rocket Lawyer’s $39.99 price is a monthly fee, not an annual one. This means you’ll need to pay each month to access its online legal services. Nevertheless, if your primary requirement is assistance with LLC formation, you could subscribe for a month and then cancel the subscription.

One limitation of Rocket Lawyer is that its LLC services do not include registered agent services, which come at an additional cost of $93 per state, per year, and do not include compliance alerts.

In summary, Rocket Lawyer not only offers budget-friendly LLC services but also provides high-quality online legal services. While its monthly cost may make it somewhat more expensive in the long run compared to some other LLC formation services, it is an excellent choice if you require ongoing legal services or advice.

In Summary

Navigating the realm of LLC formation services can feel like a maze, with a blend of seasoned incumbents and emerging alternatives vying for attention.

In my extensive journey, I’ve meticulously evaluated over 60 LLC formation services, drilled down into the top 12 priced under $100, and conducted comprehensive reviews of the top three contenders.

Emerging as the crème de la crème among budget-friendly LLC formation services is Northwest Registered Agent. Simply put, Northwest is the best of the cheap LLC formation services.

With Northwest, you can secure everything essential for the establishment of your LLC, ensuring legal compliance and equipping you with valuable extras to pave the way for your success, all at the incredibly reasonable cost of $39.

If you’re on the cusp of launching your small business or limited liability company and require expert assistance in LLC formation, waste no time—embark on your journey with Northwest Registered Agent.

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