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In this Northwest Registered Agent review, I will discuss Northwest Registered Agent’s business formation registeredaAgent services.

I will give details of my findings and explain everything about Northwest Registered Agent for those planning to form a new LLC in 2024.

“Free LLC” companies are known to sell your private information to third parties. That’s how they provide “free LLC formations”.

Northwest does not sell its client’s data.

Northwest Privacy Policy 2023
Northwest Registered Agent’s Privacy Policy 2024

Q and A

  1. What is Northwest Registered Agent? Northwest Registered Agent is a company that provides services for the formation of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and offers registered agent services for businesses. They specialize in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners legally establish their businesses and ensure compliance with state regulations.

  2. What services does Northwest Registered Agent offer for LLC formation? They offer a range of services including assistance with the preparation and filing of LLC formation documents, obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, drafting operating agreements, and providing guidance on state-specific compliance requirements.

  3. How does the registered agent service work? Northwest Registered Agent acts as a designated point of contact for legal and official correspondence on behalf of your LLC. This includes receiving important legal documents, such as service of process, and forwarding them to the business owner.

  4. What sets Northwest Registered Agent apart from other LLC formation services? One of the key differentiators is their commitment to privacy and personalized customer service. They offer a ‚ÄúPrivacy by Default¬ģ‚ÄĚ promise, ensuring client information is kept confidential. Additionally, their customer service is known for being highly knowledgeable and responsive.

  5. How much does it cost to use Northwest Registered Agent for LLC formation and registered agent services? The cost varies depending on the state of formation and the specific services selected. They offer transparent pricing on their website, with no hidden fees, and their registered agent service has a fixed annual fee.

  6. Can Northwest Registered Agent help with LLCs in all states? Yes, they provide services in all 50 states and have expertise in the specific requirements and regulations of each state.

  7. How long does the LLC formation process take with Northwest Registered Agent? The processing time can vary based on state regulations and the specific services requested. However, Northwest Registered Agent typically works efficiently to ensure a swift formation process.

  8. Does Northwest Registered Agent offer any additional services beyond LLC formation and registered agent services? Yes, they also offer services such as annual report filings, mail forwarding, virtual office, and compliance alerts to help businesses maintain good standing with the state.

  9. Is Northwest Registered Agent a good choice for first-time business owners? Many first-time business owners find their services user-friendly and helpful due to their educational resources, straightforward process, and personalized customer support.

  10. How can I get started with Northwest Registered Agent? Interested individuals can start by visiting the Northwest Registered Agent website, where they can learn more about their services, view pricing, and begin the process of forming an LLC or signing up for registered agent services.

Is Northwest Registered Agent a Good Fit for Your Business?

Business Formation + Registered Agent Service $225 $39

  • My Readers Get the Discount Price of $39
  • Largest Registered Agent Service in the U.S.
  • Northwest Registered Agent offers a simple-to-use online interface, and excellent customer service and can help you ensure that your LLC is formed or incorporated quickly and professionally.
  • You will receive same-day LLC filings and excellent privacy protections. Additionally, you can work with a company with many years of experience in this field.

Northwest Registered Agent Review 800 x 420
Northwest Registered Agent Review

Northwest Registered Agent Review Summary

Northwest Registered Agent LLC is a Registered Agent and LLC Service Based in Spokane, WA

  • Offices in each of the 50 states
  • Their website states they are a medium-sized family-owned business with approximately 900+ employees.¬†
  • Northwest Registered Agent provides a variety of services that are geared toward entrepreneurs and business owners. The company uses the slogan “We’re just not annoying” to stand out from the rest.
  • It focuses on customer service, communication, privacy protection, and data security, emphasizing customer support. They have been in business since 1998 and have over 25 years of experience in the creation of LLCs.

Northwest’s $39 Discounted LLC Formation¬†

Northwest Registered Agent Prices 2023
Northwest Registered Agent Prices 2024

Northwest Registered Agent Review: Pros and Cons

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

  • $39 Business Formation with 1/yr of Registered Agent Service¬†
  • Same-day business formation and filing
  • It is extremely simple to use.
  • Strong Data and Privacy Protection
  • Reliable and well-liked
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • You must request a refund by phone

Northwest Registered Agent Reviews

  Rating Number of Reviews Source
Google  4.7 stars 743 reviews Google reviews
Better Business Bureau 4.5 stars 133 reviews BBB reviews
Yelp 4 stars 71 reviews Yelp reviews
Birdeye 4.4 stars 487 reviews Birdseye reviews


Reddit Reviews: The Northwest Registered Agent reviews posted on Reddit have a variety of opinions and vary by the reviewer, but many are positive.

Northwest Registered Agent provides many services that can be used to start and run a business. It offers the following core services:

  • Easy and quick online service for LLC formation and incorporation Service of a registered agent in all 50 StatesVirtual office and mail forwardingAnnual compliance filing for businesses…plus many other things
  • Northwest Registered Agent can assist you with the legal requirements of forming LLCs, but they are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. An attorney is the best choice if you require legal advice or have any questions about company formation.

Northwest Registered Agent BBB Reviews

Northwest has an average review score on the BBB of 4.4/5

Northwest Registered Agent BBB Reviews 2023
Northwest Registered Agent BBB Reviews


Northwest’s Service Paid Up-Front Monthly Payment Option
Basic filing service $100  $39 plus state fee Included
Registered agent service $125/year Included  Included
Operating Agreement and other documents Free Free
Federal Tax ID (EIN) $50 Included
Annual business compliance filings $100 Not included
  • Northwest Registered Agent also offered us a special offer to form LLCs for my readers. This offer is $39 + state fees instead of the $225 + state fee standard. It also includes:
  • Basic LLC formation includes a name availability check, document filing, and document filing. You can expedite your LLC creation for $20 or $40 if you need it quickly and get approval faster.
  • Register agent services: No charge for the first year. After that, $125/year.
  • Reminders for annual reports: Northwest Registered Agent will email you reminders before your annual report is due.
  • You can add optional services to this offer:
  • Annual Report Compliance Service – No up-front fee; $100 plus state fees are required five days before the due date. Northwest Registered Agent can help you reduce administrative burden and protect privacy by filing your annual report on behalf of your LLC.
  • EIN service ‚Äď $50: This involves obtaining an EIN (a tax ID number) from IRS.
  • Operating Agreement – $50: Northwest Register Agent will give you a customized Operating Agreement that you can immediately use.
  • Certificate of good standing: This document is required when you apply for foreign certification for your LLC to conduct business in another country.
  • The Certified Copy will verify the authenticity of your final approval paperwork. This document is required if you apply for a foreign qualification in another state.
  • Phone service – First 60 days free, then $9/month. Northwest Registered Agent will give you a separate telephone line for your business that you can use online from any computer or mobile phone.
  • Consultation on credit cards – Free: A Northwest Registered Agent can help you get a credit card that suits your needs with more favorable terms.
  • Service up-front payment Monthly payment
  • Basic filing service $100 plus state fee
  • Service by a registered agent $125/year
  • Our readers get the filing service and one year of registered agent service for just $39
  • Free Operating Agreement and Other Documents
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN), $50
  • Filing annual business compliance reports $100 not included
Visit Northwest Registered Agent, best LLC service

Northwest Registered Agent offers two pricing options for LLC formation and incorporation. One-time upfront payment with optional add-ons customized

  • These packages include everything you need to start your LLC.
  • Basic LLC formation and incorporation service
  • Register agent service
  • Important legal documents such as the operating agreement and member resolutions are essential.
  • You may want to add additional services depending on the needs of your business. We’ll explain and break down Northwest Registered Agent’s other services later in this article.
  • Payment in advance
  • $225, plus state fees
  • This pricing option includes the filing and registration of your LLC at $100, as well as a full year’s service of a registered agent for $125.¬†All legal documents are included free of charge
  • You can also choose from various add-ons that range from certified copies to virtual office services or corporate supplies.
  • Northwest Registered Agent offers a 1-year service, which is not available with other services.
  • Annual compliance filings will be checked automatically and are included in your order summary as a free item. The service is free to enroll in, but you must pay $100 for the state fee three months before the due date.
  • You can opt to do the filings yourself by unchecking this option in the optional items section.

The cost of this package will depend on your state fees. Instead of paying upfront for the services, the cost will be spread over twelve equal monthly payments. This monthly cost also includes state fees specific to your state.

Note: The annual renewal can be canceled at any time. You cannot cancel every month. If you wish to cancel your service, you will need to do thi


If you select the monthly payment plan, Northwest Registered Agent does not allow you to choose any additional items.

Alternatives to Northwest Registered Agent

Alternatives to Northwest Registered Agent are:

Pricing of Northwest Registered Agents vs. Competitors

Pricing: Business Formation With One Year of Registered Agent Service 

Service Basic Plan Next Level Up
Northwest Registered Agent $39 $39
Incfile $0 $199
Swyft Filings $199 $299
ZenBusiness $99 $299

Attorneys: $200 – $300+ an hour for just filing the paperwork

Online Legal Services like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer

  • LegalZoom $328
  • Rocket Lawyer $290¬†

Northwest Registered Agent cannot offer incorporation or formation services without their registered agent service.

LegalZoom vs. Northwest Registered Agent



Registered Agent


LLC Price $149 + state fee $39 + state fee Northwest’s filing fees cost $110 less

Registered Agent 

$249 For the first year, it’s free. Then, $125 per year Many LegalZoom clients say that it is difficult to cancel.
Approval Time 30 Business days unless otherwise agreed 3-5 business days (in most states) Northwest is, on average, three weeks quicker
Google Reviews LegalZoom is rated 3.7 stars Northwest gets 4.5 stars Northwest receives better reviews
Customer Support They can be challenging to reach.¬†Sometimes, they will try to sell you more products. Industry experts who are willing to share their expertise.¬†Friendly.¬†No sales pitches. Northwest provides better customer service.¬†And no “pushy” salespeople.
Data Privacy LegalZoom sells customer data. Northwest never sells customer data.  


  • Annual compliance filing – Free to enroll, $100 before the due date
  • Tax ID/EIN: $50 with SSN or $200 without SSN
  • Elect to be treated like an S-Corp – $50
  • Premium mail forwarding – $40/month
  • Virtual Office – $49/month
  • Certificate of Good Standing ‚Äď $50
  • $50¬† Certified copy of approval document Articles of Organization (or similar)
  • Apostille – $400
  • (Used to verify that a government document is valid in other countries.
  • Second phone number – $9/month
  • Corporate seals and book – $30 to 100
  • FMOC-3 filing ‚Äď $125/year
  • (Required by trucking and transport companies
  • CFC 499-A registration $125/year (Required by telecommunications companies).

Refund policy for Northwest Registered Agents

You will be refunded your entire payment if you cancel your order to form an LLC or corporation. Northwest Registered Agent will refund the service fee prorated if they have already filed documents with the state. All state fees paid for your account are non-refundable.

If you cancel registered agent services within 90 days of signing up, you will receive a prorated refund. To request a refund, however, you will need a phone call.

Northwest Registered Agent Advantages

Continue reading to learn more about Northwest Registered Agents’ strengths and main selling points.

1. Same-day filing

Northwest Registered Agent will file your LLC within one business day of receiving your order. Northwest Registered Agent is a good option if you want your LLC formed quickly.

You will need to wait for your state authorities to process the articles of organization, even though you can file the documents the same day. This process can take several business days, depending on where your LLC is formed. You may be able to expedite the process in some states for an additional fee.

2. Excellent customer reviews

Although Northwest Registered Agent does not have as many online reviews as its competitors, most reviews are positive.

Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau have rated the company highly. Customers love the ease of service and the fast turnaround times. They also praise the friendliness and professionalism of the customer service staff.

A rating of 4.51/5.00 is also available on the BBB site.

3. Great customer support

Northwest Registered Agent is proud of its ability to provide prompt, competent, and hassle-free customer service through its in-house support team.

Northwest Registered Agent will respond to your inquiries by phone or email. You’ll speak directly to one representative and not be made to wait or pass from rep to rep.

Any questions about business formation, or the specifics of your business formation, can be answered by a Northwest Registered Agent. Their team of Corporate Advisors is an expert in the construction and administration of business entities. They can assist you with your LLC filing.

There are many ways to reach Northwest Agents:

Online: Fill out the Contact Us form.

Telephone: They can be reached at 509-768-2249

Email: Send your message to

4. Clear communication and simple to use.

It’s easy to form an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent.¬†It is necessary to give basic information about your business. This includes the name you would like for your LLC, the address where it should be registered, the state it will be registered in, and whether or not members will manage it.

Northwest Registered Agent will handle everything after you have placed your order. If there are any missing details, you may be contacted by Northwest Registered Agent. Other than that, there is no need for you to do anything.

The company’s website also has a wide variety of legal explanation articles. There will likely be an article that answers all your questions about the business formation process in simple language. I liked that.

Northwest Registered Agent, No Upselling Customer Review

Northwest Registered Agent is true to its slogan and won’t actively try to sell you services you don’t require.

5. Trustworthy and reliable service

Northwest Registered Agent has been involved in the LLC and registered agent industry for over two decades. Their track record of reliability is impressive, as seen in the many reviews.

They serve individuals and law firms that need LLCs filed for their clients. They can guarantee that their services are consistent by keeping their staff within their company.

6. Strong reputation for privacy protection

Northwest Registered Agent is proud of its commitment to privacy protection and strong reputation.

They have designed their business processes to safeguard your privacy and limit exposure to your data to the outside world, adhering to the slogan “Privacy By Default.”

Their website states that their privacy commitment includes:

  • Use the company’s information (e.g., When filing documents, use the company’s information (e.g., address, IP address) instead.
  • They never give out your personal information to anyone.
  • Ensure that your IT infrastructure is secure and robust. An IT security team does this.
  • Personal information is restricted to employees only. You are not permitted to transfer personal information to anyone without your consent.
  • If you must fulfill your orders, they will not ask for information.

We appreciate that Northwest Registered Agent recognizes the importance of protecting sensitive data. This is something I don’t see from any other competitors.

Northwest Registered Agent Disadvantages

We have listed areas that I feel Northwest Registered Agent could improve upon.

1. Call to request a refund

Northwest Registered Agent will require you to call them for a refund if you change your mind.

It’s not a significant problem for most people.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Formation Services

Northwest Registered Agent is a specialist in the registration of corporations and LLCs. They make it easy and quick to form your business.

We have listed the essential services that Northwest Registered Agent provides for business formation.

Service for Business Formation

Northwest Registered Agent Business Formation Service

A limited liability company is the best way to begin a business. In the United States, LLCs are created at the state level through filing articles with the appropriate state authority.

Navigating the bureaucracies, state-specific rules, and how to navigate them can be difficult. Making a mistake could cost your company valuable time.

You can form an LLC on your own. Northwest Registered Agent can help you with all paperwork to smooth the formation process.

The local team of business experts will deal with all interactions with authorities in the state you are forming your LLC.

You can file your LLC online.

Before placing your order, you will need to answer questions about your future business. These include your preferred business name and how your limited liability business will be managed.

Northwest Registered Agent guarantees that they will start filing documents for your LLC the same day as your order is processed.

To form limited liability companies, all states have to pay a filing fee. The fee can vary from $40 to $500, depending on the state you file. At checkout, you will see the amount.

Once all necessary documents have been received, you will need to wait for the appropriate state authorities to process your LLC formation documents. The processing time will vary from one state to the next.

Note: You may be able to pay an extra fee for expedited filing if you require your LLC to be created as soon as possible. This can help reduce the processing time to as little as one business day. Unfortunately, this is not an option for all states.

Through your online account at Northwest Registered Agent’s website, you can monitor and track your order as well as the progress of your LLC incorporation.¬†After your file has been processed, the response paperwork will be sent to you by email.

Northwest Registered Agent Service


Northwest Registered Agent Registered Agent Service

Every state in the US requires corporations and limited liability companies to designate an agent as part of their formation. The registered agent is the point of contact for service of process. This includes legal notices such as court summons.

Failure to appoint registered agents can cause a company to lose its good standing and result in penalties.

The registered agent must reside in the state where your LLC is located. Registered agents’ names and addresses¬†will be made public and are open to everyone. To receive legal documents, they must be available during regular business hours.

You have the option to act as your registered agent or hire a professional service. If you have the following reasons, you may want to use a registered agent service:

  • You frequently travel and may not always visit the same address.
  • You are not a citizen of the United States.
  • Your business may be active in more than one state
  • Your name and address are not to be made public.

Northwest Registered Agent provides such a service, as the name implies. They will ensure that all of your important legal notices are received, and you will be promptly notified if they are.

They will receive your documents at one of their branches, then scan them digitally so that you have instant access.

Notice that the up-front and monthly payments at Northwest Registered Agent include a one-year term by default for their registered agent service.

Operating Agreement and other documents

Free of charge

Northwest Registered Agent Legal Documents & Forms

Upon the formation of your LLC, certain legal documents are required immediately. They include operating agreements and banking resolutions, among others. Northwest Registered Agent can help you create templates for such documents.

An operating agreement is a document that outlines the basic rules of how an LLC will operate and the rights it has. It could include:

  • How to manage the LLC
  • How ownership interests are divided between members
  • How are profits paid to members
  • What happens if one of the LLC members wants to leave?
  • …and many more important questions

Are operating agreements required?¬†It all depends on where you form your LLC.¬†Some states require that all LLCs have an operating agreement.¬†Even if you don’t have to have an operating agreement in your state, it is usually in your best interests.

Note: Operating agreements are required in California, Delaware, and Missouri, as well as New York.¬†While you don’t have to file an operating agreement with the state of California, you will need one if your LLC is formed there.

Northwest Registered Agent offers a free library with basic legal documents for LLCs. It contains templates for articles of organization, operating agreements, LLC member resolutions, and many other documents.

Northwest Registered Agent will provide you with a set of pre-filled documents that you can download from their site and use immediately.

These documents are not templates. I recommend you speak with a lawyer if you require customized documents.

Get a federal tax ID (EIN).

$50 for residents and $200 for non-residents

Northwest Registered Agent EIN Service

A majority of US-based businesses must have a federal tax ID number. Also known as employer identification (EIN), it is required for all employees. The IRS uses this number to track and identify business entities for tax purposes.

An EIN is your company’s social insurance number.

An EIN has required if your business has employees or will pay excise tax. EINs may be required by law in your state or bank to open a bank account for your business.

For more information about the Employer Identification number, visit the IRS website.

EIN can be obtained by either filing the paperwork yourself or paying a fee to Northwest Registered Agent. It is best to do it yourself. Online, you can get an EIN in a matter of minutes through the IRS Website.

S-Corp Election

$50 for S-Corp Election

The IRS can treat both LLCs and Corporations as S-Corp. The IRS assigns a tax classification to S-Corp. An S-Corp classification can provide tax benefits when you pay out profits to your LLC.

Click here for more information about S-Corporations

Consult with an accountant to determine if being treated as an S-Corps makes business sense.

Northwest Registered Agent will handle all paperwork necessary to file an S-Corp Election with the IRS for a nominal fee.

While you are not required to do so immediately after forming an LLC, you have the option to treat your LLC as an S-Corp later.

Annual Compliance Filing for Business

$100, plus state filing fees

Northwest Registered Agent Annual Filing Service

Many businesses are required to file reports with the state authorities at least once per year.

These reports should usually include basic information about the LLC, such as its address and the names of its members or managers. This report is used to inform the governing authorities about businesses that are operating within their jurisdiction.

To avoid any penalties or other consequences, your annual report must be filed by the due date.

Some states have a set due date, while others require you to file your annual report by your LLC’s anniversary date.¬†You may not need to file the report in some states every two years.

For more information, I recommend that you contact your Secretary of State online and by telephone.

When filing your annual report, most states will require that you pay a fee. The fee is different for each state, but it is generally less than $100. This fee will be charged regardless of whether the LLC has made any revenue in the last year.

Failure to pay the fees on time could result in your LLC being dissolution. It is therefore essential to make sure that you file and pay your fee on time.

Northwest Registered Agent will file your annual paperwork on your behalf for $100 plus applicable state fees.

You are guaranteed an adequately prepared report for this price and that you will not miss the due date. Your card will be charged five working days after notification.

Virtual Office, Mail Forwarding, and VoIP

Virtual Office Service for Northwest Registered Agents

All correspondence and phone calls will be sent to your phone number or address. This is useful if your privacy is important to you. However, you can opt-out if you do not need them.

Verdict: Do I recommend Northwest Agent?


Northwest Registered Agent has a track record of success that spans two decades. It makes it convenient and straightforward to create a new LLC online. Northwest Registered Agent will start the filing process for your LLC as soon as you submit the required information.

You can be sure that your business will continue to operate in good standing by using their annual business compliance service and registered agent.

Northwest Registered Agent may not be the cheapest of its competitors, but they make up for it by offering professional, knowledgeable staff and strong privacy and data security. Plus, they have several affordable payment options.

You can still compare Northwest Registered Agent to other options by visiting our reviews or our best LLC formation services page.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Northwest Registered Registered Agent legit?

Yes, Northwest Register Agent is legitimate. They are a family business that employs more than 200 people and have been in operation since 1998. They are located in Spokane Washington.

What does a Northwest Registered Agent do?

They can provide services for LLCs and corporations. Northwest Registered Agent will help you to form your LLC and act as your registered agent. They can also help with reporting requirements, assist businesses, and offer other services.

What is the value of Northwest Registered Agent?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent is a good option. They have a proven track record of offering a reliable and professional LLC formation service.

How much does it cost for an LLC to be formed with Northwest Registered Agent?

It costs $225 plus state fees. For $100, you will need to form an LLC. However, Northwest Registered Agent provides a registered agent service for $125 per year.

What is Northwest Registered Agent?

Their primary products include registered agent service and LLC formation. You can get legal documents, such as operating agreements, free of charge. They can also help you to obtain an EIN and comply with reporting requirements.

Where is Northwest Registered Agent located?

Spokane, Washington is where Northwest Registered Agent is located. You can reach them online at or by mail at Northwest Registered Agent LLC (522 W. Riverside Ave. Suite N, Spokane, WA 99201).

Is there a policy for refunds at Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent has no general refund policy. You can cancel any service and receive a refund on a pro-rata scale for other pre-paid fees.

For whom is Northwest Registered Agent the most effective?

Northwest Registered Agent is a great choice for anyone who needs an online LLC creation service. They are a professional, well-established company that has many years of experience.

How do I cancel Northwest Registered Agents?

Through your account dashboard, you can cancel services at any moment. They also offer customer support.

How long does it take for a Northwest Registered Agent to issue an EIN?

In most cases, it doesn’t take too long. The process may take up to six weeks if you don’t have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or a Social Security Number.

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  1. Thank you for such a thorough review of Northwest Registered Agent. The emphasis on their transparent pricing and the absence of hidden fees is a critical point for anyone looking to form an LLC. In a market where clarity and honesty are paramount, Northwest really stands out. Plus, the fact that they offer free legal forms and resources is a testament to their commitment to supporting entrepreneurs beyond just the initial LLC formation process. It’s clear they’re not just a service provider but a partner in business growth.

  2. Your review of Northwest Registered Agent highlights exactly why they are considered one of the best in the business for LLC formation and registered agent services. The detailed attention they give to every document and the level of support provided throughout the process is unparalleled. I was particularly impressed by their policy of scanning all documents received, which offers a layer of convenience and security not easily found elsewhere. Their expertise in legal compliance is evident and incredibly reassuring for new business owners.

  3. Avatar Christopher says:

    I just read your review of Northwest Registered Agent, and I have to say, it’s spot on with my experience. Their commitment to privacy and personalized customer service really sets them apart in the crowded field of LLC formation services. The ‘Privacy by Default’ approach they take is a huge win for any entrepreneur concerned about keeping their personal information secure. It’s refreshing to see a company that truly values the privacy of its clients.

  4. I have used Northwest to form an LLC for me in Texas and I have been using their registered agent services for a while.

    Northwest Registered Agent sets itself apart through its commitment to privacy, personalized customer support, and transparent pricing. Unlike some competitors, they offer local scanning for all documents received as a Registered Agent, meaning they scan and upload all documents‚ÄĒnot just the legally required ones‚ÄĒto your online account.

    Their “Privacy by Default” approach ensures that your personal information is protected, making them a preferred choice for business owners concerned about privacy.
    Additionally, their customer service is known for being provided by highly knowledgeable U.S.-based representatives who offer detailed support throughout the LLC formation process.
    The people that I have talk to on the phone are American and clearly based in the U.S. I’m pleased with their service.

  5. Hi Brian, is Northwest Registered Agent’s LLC formation service as good as other LLC services, and how are they different?

    1. Hi Carter, Northwest Registered Agent specializes in providing comprehensive services for LLC formation, including filing the Articles of Organization, acting as a Registered Agent, and offering ongoing legal compliance support. Their service package typically includes personalized customer service, privacy protection through their address for public records, and assistance with annual report filings and other state-specific requirements. They aim to simplify the LLC formation process for business owners, ensuring that all legal paperwork is handled efficiently and accurately.

  6. Avatar Richard Thomas says:

    Northwest Registered Agent’s reputation for excellent customer service is appealing. I believe that the level of support can make a significant difference in the LLC formation process. I’m eager to hear more about real user experiences in the comments.

  7. Avatar Patricia Garcia says:

    This review is timely for me as I’m in the process of forming an LLC. Northwest Registered Agent is on my list of options, and this article has shed light on their pros and cons. Thank you for the thorough analysis.

  8. Avatar David Taylor says:

    The cost of LLC formation is a significant consideration, and Northwest Registered Agent seems competitive. However, I’d love to hear more about their customer support and ongoing compliance services in the review.

  9. Avatar Michael Davis says:

    I appreciate the detailed breakdown of Northwest Registered Agent’s offerings. It’s essential to compare the features and costs when choosing an LLC formation service. This review helps me make an informed decision for my business.

  10. Avatar Jennifer Brown says:

    Northwest Registered Agent is a reputable name in the industry, and I’m glad to see a review article covering their services. I’ve been considering LLC formation, and knowing which service to trust is important. This article provides valuable insights.

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