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ZenBusiness and Bizee (formerly Incfile): A Comprehensive Comparison

As an entrepreneur who has navigated the complexities of starting and managing a business, I’ve had firsthand experiences with both ZenBusiness and Bizee.

These companies are stalwarts in the world of online legal services, especially in the realms of LLC formation and registered agent services.

In this article, I’ll draw from my direct experiences to compare these two entities, focusing on their approaches to assisting startups and small businesses.

Both are good options, we rank Bizee #2 and ZenBusiness #3 for 2024

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ZenBusiness vs Bizee, comparing the free LLC filing services

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ZenBusiness and Bizee LLC Formation Services Compared

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Zenbusiness vs Bizee #2

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ZenBusiness and Bizee Company Backgrounds

ZenBusiness and Bizee are more than just entities in the business incorporation landscape; they are key facilitators for entrepreneurs looking to streamline their business setup.

ZenBusiness, with its mission to demystify the startup process, has carved a niche in offering simplified, affordable legal assistance. ZenBusiness is the new kid on the block, they have only been on the scene for 8 years, founded in 2015.

Bizee, on the other hand, stands out for its efficiency and customer-centric approach, offering a range of services from LLC formation to ongoing compliance support.

Bizee (formerly Bizee) has been in business for 20 years, since 2004.

When it comes to the core service of LLC formation, both ZenBusiness and Bizee offer distinct experiences. ZenBusiness simplifies the business registration process, making it accessible even to those with minimal legal knowledge.

ZenBusiness LLC Formation Prices 2024
ZenBusiness LLC Formation Prices 2024

ZenBusiness: 3 Formation Plans

Start Plan = $0.00 + state fee  (registered agent, extra $199/yr)
Pro Plan = $199 + state fee  (registered agent, extra $199/yr)
Premium Plan = $349 + state fee (registered agent, extra $199/yr)

Their step-by-step guidance in handling legal documentation and the incorporation process is invaluable. Bizee, with its quick LLC registration process, appealed to me with its speed and straightforwardness.

In terms of pricing, both companies offer tiered services. ZenBusiness’s basic package is extremely budget-friendly, providing essential services for a nominal fee.

Bizee, surprisingly, offers a free package (excluding state fees), which I found to be a great option for entrepreneurs mindful of expenses.

Bizee: 3 LLC Formation Plans

Silver Plan = $0.00 + state fee  (registered agent include, every plan)
Gold Plan = $199 + state fee
Platinum Plan = $299 + state fee

Both companies also offer premium services, which include more comprehensive legal support and business advice.

Registered Agent Services

The importance of a reliable registered agent cannot be overstated, especially for maintaining state compliance and managing corporate filings.

ZenBusiness offers registered agent services as an addon with additional perks like compliance alerts and virtual agent support.

Bizee, too, provides efficient registered agent services, and what stood out for me was their first year free offer, which significantly reduced my initial business setup costs.

Additional Business Support Services

Beyond LLC formation and registered agent services, both ZenBusiness and Bizee extend their support to other essential business needs.

Services like EIN registration, operating agreement assistance, and even business plan support are available.

ZenBusiness offers a more comprehensive package in this regard, assisting in the overall business structuring process, which I found particularly helpful during my early entrepreneurial days.

User Experience and Customer Support

User experience with both ZenBusiness and Bizee’s online platforms was straightforward. ZenBusiness’s interface is user-friendly, making the online business setup process seem less daunting.

Bizee’s platform is equally intuitive, with easy navigation and clear instructions.

In terms of customer support, both companies excel, but in different ways. ZenBusiness offers excellent support, with advisors ready to provide business advice and help navigate complex legalities.

Bizee’s strength lies in its efficient response times and the quality of legal assistance, which I found to be highly professional and tailored to my specific business needs.

Pros and Cons

Having engaged with both ZenBusiness and Bizee, here are the key pros and cons I observed:

  • ZenBusiness Pros

    • Comprehensive packages that include additional business support services.
    • Affordable pricing, especially beneficial for startups.
    • User-friendly interface and excellent customer support.
  • ZenBusiness Cons:

    • While affordable, some essential services are locked behind higher-tier packages.
    • Limited brand recognition compared to some larger entities in the space.
  • Bizee Pros

    • Free basic LLC formation package (excluding state fees) is a standout offer.
    • Efficient and quick processing of LLC formation and other legal services.
    • First year free registered agent service provides significant initial savings.
  • Bizee Cons:

    • After the first year, the cost for some services can increase.
    • Focus is more on business formation, with less emphasis on broader legal support.

Comparing Customer Reviews and Market Reputation

Bizee Reviews Trustpilot
Bizee reviews on Trustpilot

Diving into the customer reviews and overall market reputation, both ZenBusiness and Bizee hold their ground, albeit with some nuances.

ZenBusiness is often praised for its value for money and comprehensive service offerings, making it a favorite among budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

Trustpilot Reviews for ZenBusiness
Trustpilot Reviews for ZenBusiness

On the other hand, Bizee is lauded for its quick service and free initial offerings, appealing particularly to those looking for a fast and cost-effective start.


  1. What are the main differences between ZenBusiness and Bizee? ZenBusiness offers a more comprehensive suite of services including business advice and support, ideal for those seeking an all-encompassing solution. Bizee is known for its quick, efficient LLC formation and free registered agent service for the first year, catering to those who prioritize speed and initial cost savings.
  2. Which is more affordable, ZenBusiness or Bizee? Bizee offers a free basic package for LLC formation (excluding state fees), making it the more affordable option initially. ZenBusiness, while not offering a free package, provides affordable and comprehensive service plans that are valuable in the long run.
  3. Can both ZenBusiness and Bizee handle state compliance and legal documentation? Yes, both companies offer services to help with state compliance and legal documentation, though the extent and nature of these services vary between the two.
  4. How user-friendly are the platforms of ZenBusiness and Bizee? Both platforms are designed with the user in mind, featuring intuitive interfaces and straightforward navigation. However, ZenBusiness might have a slight edge in terms of comprehensive user support and educational resources.
  5. Which service is better for someone new to starting a business? For newcomers, ZenBusiness might be more appealing due to its extensive customer support and wide range of services that cover various aspects of starting and running a business. Bizee is excellent for those who have a clear idea of the process and seek a fast and affordable formation service.
  6. Do either ZenBusiness or Bizee offer registered agent services? Yes, both offer registered agent services. Bizee provides this service free for the first year, while ZenBusiness includes it in their service packages at an additional cost.
  7. How do the annual costs compare between ZenBusiness and Bizee? After the first year, Bizee’s prices for ongoing services like registered agent may increase. ZenBusiness provides a more consistent pricing structure but generally at a higher annual cost than Bizee’s first-year offer.
  8. Which service has better customer reviews? Customer reviews for both services are generally positive, but they cater to different needs. ZenBusiness is often praised for its comprehensive support, while Bizee is favored for its speed and initial cost-effectiveness.
  9. Can I switch my LLC formation service from ZenBusiness to Bizee or vice versa? Yes, you can switch services, but it involves additional steps and paperwork. It’s advisable to consult with the service provider for specific guidance.
  10. Which service should I choose if I need more than just LLC formation? If you require additional services like ongoing legal advice, business planning, and extensive support, ZenBusiness might be more suitable. Bizee is ideal if your primary need is straightforward LLC formation and a free first-year registered agent service.


Choosing between ZenBusiness and Bizee hinges on your specific business needs and priorities. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, affordable service that covers a wide range of business needs, ZenBusiness is an excellent choice.

Its user-friendly approach and extensive customer support make the business formation process less daunting.

Bizee, with its free initial offering and focus on efficiency, is ideal for entrepreneurs who want a quick, straightforward LLC formation experience without the need for extensive additional legal services.

The free registered agent service for the first year is a significant plus, especially for startups watching their budget.

In conclusion, both ZenBusiness and Bizee offer valuable services tailored to different entrepreneurial needs.

Your choice should align with your business structure, budget, and the level of support you anticipate needing as you start and grow your business.

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  2. Avatar Sebastian Porter says:

    Brian, your detailed look at ZenBusiness vs Bizee highlights important considerations for anyone looking to form an LLC. The emphasis on cost-effectiveness, customer service, and the additional features each service provides offers a clear pathway for business owners prioritizing asset protection and efficient state filings.

  3. Avatar Owen Murphy says:

    Great comparison between ZenBusiness and Bizee for LLC formation services. It’s insightful to see how both companies offer unique advantages, from the ease of legal compliance to the comprehensive support provided by their Registered Agent services. This review really helps clarify the choices for entrepreneurs.

  4. Avatar Silas Donovan says:

    Your article does a great job of detailing the differences between ZenBusiness and Bizee. It’s clear that both are strong contenders in the LLC formation market, offering a blend of efficiency, legal compliance, and flexible management options for business owners. The choice really seems to come down to personal preferences and specific business requirements.

  5. Avatar Elijah Cooper says:

    Appreciate the thorough comparison between ZenBusiness and Bizee. Both companies provide strong LLC registration and management tools, but their approaches to customer experience and pricing are quite distinct. This comparison is invaluable for anyone navigating the complexities of LLC formation.

  6. Really informative read on ZenBusiness vs Bizee. The emphasis on how each service handles asset protection and liability protection for LLCs is particularly insightful. It’s interesting to see how each company tailors its services to different aspects of the LLC formation process.

  7. Great article comparing ZenBusiness and Bizee for LLC formation. As someone looking to start a small business LLC, the breakdown of features, especially around Registered Agent services, is incredibly useful. Each seems to have its own strengths, catering to different business needs.

  8. Avatar Hazel Parker says:

    Your comparison of ZenBusiness and Bizee offers a deep dive into the world of LLC formation services. It’s clear that both companies excel in streamlining the process, offering excellent legal compliance and state filing solutions. ZenBusiness’s customer support seems to edge out, adding value to their service.

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