I compare side-by-side the features, pricing, customer reviews, and the pros and cons of two of the top leaders in the LLC services space:

Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee

Both of these companies offer comprehensive LLC formation services, but they have distinct approaches and features that cater to different needs.

Northwest Registered Agent Bizee
Basic Formation $225  $39  (discounted for our readers) $0
Registered Agent $0.00 with formation, then $125 per year $119 per year
Full Formation $225  $39 $148


Overview of Northwest Registered Agent

Let’s kick off this comparison with a closer look at Northwest Registered Agent. This company caught my attention with its unique approach to LLC formation.

Unlike some of its competitors, Northwest doesn’t just handle the paperwork – they provide an entire team of experts known as “Corporate Guides®.”

Visit Northwest Registered Agent

These guides are there to assist you every step of the way, offering a level of personalization and expertise that sets Northwest apart.

Northwest Registered Agent Homepage 2024
Northwest Registered Agent Homepage 2024

One aspect that stands out is Northwest Registered Agent’s commitment to business privacy. They follow a “Privacy by Default®” approach, which means that they don’t sell your data or inundate you with junk mail. For businesses that value confidentiality, this is a significant advantage.

Overview of Bizee

Now, let’s shift our focus to Bizee. This company has gained recognition for its comprehensive approach to LLC formation and small business support.

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What’s noteworthy about Bizee is its holistic approach to entrepreneurship.

Bizee Homepage, a guy at a desk working alone

They don’t just help you form an LLC; they offer a suite of services tailored to your needs as an entrepreneur.

For those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, Bizee provides more than just the basics. They offer services such as website building, business plans, and even domain name registration.

This makes Bizee an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking for comprehensive support beyond LLC formation.

Customer Reviews 

Northwest Registered Agent: As of today, Northwest has 868 customer reviews on its Google Business Profile page, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Northwest Registered Agent, Google Reviews, Profile

Bizee: I could not find a Google Profile page for Bizee, but they have a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Bizee Reviews Trustpilot

Comparative Analysis

Now, let’s dive into a detailed comparative analysis of Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee, covering various crucial aspects that can help you make an informed decision for your LLC formation and small business support needs.

1. LLC Formation: Northwest Registered Agent vs. Bizee

When it comes to LLC formation, the process and the support you receive can significantly impact your experience as a business owner. Let’s compare how Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee approach LLC formation:

  • Northwest Registered Agent: Northwest Registered Agent takes a personalized approach to LLC formation, offering a team of experts known as “Corporate Guides®.” These guides are available to assist you throughout the process, ensuring that your LLC formation journey is smooth and hassle-free. This level of personalized support can be immensely valuable, especially for those new to the business world.
  • Bizee: Bizee provides a comprehensive range of services beyond just LLC formation. While their approach is less personalized compared to Northwest Registered Agent, they offer a user-friendly platform that allows you to initiate the LLC formation process independently. Bizee’s website is intuitive, and it provides a business dashboard where you can track your progress.

2. Registered Agent Services: Quality and Importance

Both Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee offer registered agent services, a crucial component of LLC management.

The quality of these services can significantly impact your business’s legal compliance and reputation:

  • Northwest Registered Agent: Northwest Registered Agent is known for its high-quality registered agent services. They go beyond the basic requirement and provide a level of professionalism that ensures your business receives important legal documents promptly. With Northwest Registered Agent, you can trust that your registered agent responsibilities are in capable hands.
  • Bizee: Bizee also offers registered agent services, but the quality may not be as specialized as that of Northwest Registered Agent. However, their service is reliable and ensures that your business remains compliant with state regulations. It’s essential to evaluate your specific registered agent needs when considering these services.

3. Compliance Management: Staying on the Right Side of the Law

Maintaining compliance with state regulations is vital for any business to avoid legal complications. Let’s explore how Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee assist businesses in meeting state compliance requirements and filing annual reports:

  • Northwest Registered Agent: Northwest Registered Agent’s expertise in compliance management is a standout feature. They provide assistance with annual report filing and ensure that your business meets all state requirements. Their personalized approach includes reminders and guidance to keep your LLC in good standing.
  • Bizee: Bizee offers support for annual report filing, simplifying the process for business owners. While their approach may not be as personalized as Northwest Registered Agent’s, they provide valuable assistance in meeting your statutory obligations.

4. Business Privacy: Safeguarding Your Confidentiality

Privacy is a critical concern for businesses, and both Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee address it in their own ways:

  • Northwest Registered Agent: Northwest Registered Agent follows a “Privacy by Default®” approach, emphasizing the confidentiality of your business information. They do not sell your data or expose you to unwanted solicitations. This commitment to privacy can be particularly appealing to businesses that prioritize discretion.
  • Bizee: While Bizee may not promote itself primarily as a privacy-focused service, they handle your sensitive information with care and security. While using Bizee, you can trust that your business data is treated with respect.

Specific Services and Features

Moving forward, let’s delve deeper into the specific services and features that distinguish Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee:

Northwest Registered Agent’s “Corporate Guides®”

This unique feature sets Northwest Registered Agent apart. Their Corporate Guides® act as your personal advisors throughout the LLC formation process. They provide expert guidance, answer questions, and ensure that your business is on the right track.

Having a dedicated team of experts can be incredibly beneficial, especially for those who are new to the business world.

Bizee’s Entrepreneur-Focused Services

Bizee takes a broader approach by offering a range of services beyond LLC formation. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to build your brand online, Bizee can assist with website creation and domain name registration.

They also provide business plan templates, which can be a valuable resource when seeking funding or outlining your business strategy. These additional services can be a game-changer for those who want comprehensive support on their entrepreneurial journey.

State Compliance and Annual Reports

Compliance with state regulations and the timely filing of annual reports are essential responsibilities for any LLC. Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee both play pivotal roles in helping businesses meet these obligations.

Northwest Registered Agent: With their team of experts and a keen focus on compliance, Northwest Registered Agent excels in ensuring that your business adheres to state requirements. They assist with the preparation and submission of annual reports, making the process hassle-free for you. Their personalized approach ensures that you’re always up to date with your compliance obligations.

Bizee: Bizee offers assistance with annual report filing, helping you meet your statutory requirements. While they may not provide the same level of personalized guidance as Northwest Registered Agent, their services are designed to simplify the process and ensure that you remain in good standing with the state.

Legal Representation and Business Privacy

Legal representation and business privacy are paramount considerations for many entrepreneurs. Both Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee address these concerns in their own ways:

Northwest Registered Agent: With their “Privacy by Default®” approach, Northwest Registered Agent prioritizes your business’s privacy. They don’t sell your data or subject you to unwanted solicitations. This commitment to confidentiality can be especially appealing to businesses that value discretion.

Bizee: While Bizee doesn’t market itself primarily as a privacy-focused service, it provides a secure and reliable platform for LLC formation. Your sensitive information is handled with care, and their services are designed to safeguard your business data.

In the next section of this comparison, we’ll explore customer support, user experiences, pricing details, and additional services offered by both Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee.

These factors can significantly impact your choice when selecting the right service for your LLC formation and small business needs.

Customer Support and User Experience

Ensuring that you have access to responsive customer support and a user-friendly experience is crucial when forming an LLC. Let’s explore how Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee measure up in these areas:

Northwest Registered Agent: I found their customer support to be both professional and knowledgeable. The presence of dedicated Corporate Guides® means you can get personalized assistance whenever you need it. Whether you have questions about compliance, annual reports, or any aspect of LLC formation, they are there to help.

The user experience on their platform is straightforward and easy to navigate. They prioritize clarity and simplicity, which can be a relief, especially for those who are new to the world of business.

Bizee: Bizee also provides responsive customer support. While they may not offer the same level of personalized guidance as Northwest Registered Agent, their support team is known for being helpful and prompt in addressing inquiries.

Bizee’s platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to entrepreneurs at all levels of experience. Their website is intuitive and offers a business dashboard that allows you to track your LLC formation progress.


After thoroughly examining the features, services, and experiences with Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee, it’s time to draw our comparison to a close.

I hope that this exploration has provided valuable insights into these two prominent LLC formation services, assisting you in making an informed decision for your business needs.

In summary:

  • Northwest Registered Agent distinguishes itself with its personalized approach through “Corporate Guides®,” ensuring you have expert assistance every step of the way. Their “Privacy by Default®” commitment prioritizes your business’s confidentiality.
  • Bizee offers a comprehensive suite of services, making it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs seeking a one-stop solution. Their support extends beyond LLC formation, encompassing services like website building, business plans, and more.

Author’s Note

I appreciate you taking the time to explore this comparison. If you have any additional questions or require further guidance in your decision-making process, please feel free to reach out.

Your entrepreneurial journey is unique, and I wish you the utmost success in your endeavors.


Q1: What are the key differences between Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee in terms of services offered?

A: Northwest Registered Agent primarily focuses on offering personalized registered agent services along with LLC formation. They are known for their commitment to privacy and hands-on customer service. Bizee, on the other hand, offers a range of business formation services including LLCs, S-Corps, and C-Corps, and is celebrated for its cost-effective packages, including a free tier for basic LLC formation.

Q2: How does the pricing of Northwest Registered Agent compare with Bizee?

A: Northwest Registered Agent tends to be more premium-priced, focusing on providing extensive support and privacy protections. Bizee is known for its affordability, offering a free basic LLC formation package (excluding state fees) and competitively priced higher tiers with additional services.

Q3: Which service is better for first-time entrepreneurs?

A: Bizee is often recommended for first-time entrepreneurs due to its ease of use, affordability, and range of educational resources. Its basic free package is particularly attractive for those starting on a tight budget. Northwest Registered Agent, while more expensive, offers more personalized support which can be beneficial for those who prefer direct, expert guidance.

Q4: Can I switch my LLC formation service from Bizee to Northwest Registered Agent or vice versa?

A: Yes, switching between LLC formation services is possible, but it involves some administrative work. It’s important to ensure all legal documents are transferred correctly and that state requirements are met during the transition.

Q5: Is Northwest Registered Agent’s higher price justified?

A: For business owners who value privacy and personalized service, the higher price of Northwest Registered Agent can be justified. Their commitment to data protection and the quality of personalized advice and support they offer can be significant for businesses looking for more than just basic formation services.

Q6: What makes Bizee’s free LLC formation service stand out?

A: Bizee’s free LLC formation service (excluding state fees) is particularly notable for its accessibility. It includes preparation and filing of the articles of organization, unlimited name searches, and free registered agent service for the first year. This package is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to minimize initial costs.

Q7: How do customer service experiences differ between the two companies?

A: Northwest Registered Agent is known for its dedicated customer service with experienced advisors, providing personalized attention to each client. Bizee, while offering helpful customer support, tends to be more automated and may not provide the same level of personalized service as Northwest.

Q8: Which service offers better tools and resources for business management?

A: Bizee provides a range of online tools and resources, including business tax consultation and an online dashboard for tracking your company’s status. Northwest Registered Agent focuses more on privacy and personalized advice rather than digital tools, making Bizee a better option for those seeking comprehensive online management resources.

Q9: How do the experiences of using Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee differ for seasoned business owners?

A: Seasoned business owners might prefer Northwest Registered Agent for its focus on privacy, high-quality customer service, and experienced advice, which can be valuable for complex businesses. Bizee may appeal more to those looking for a cost-effective, straightforward service, especially when forming multiple businesses or needing basic formation services.

Q10: Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of with either service?

A: Northwest Registered Agent is known for its transparent pricing, with no hidden fees. Bizee, while offering a free basic package, may have additional costs for higher-tier services and add-ons. It’s important to carefully review the details of each package and be aware of any potential extra costs, especially after the first year.


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    I found your comparison of Bizee and Northwest Registered Agent to be very thorough. It’s clear that both companies offer strong LLC formation services, each with a focus on simplifying the process for business owners. The choice really depends on individual preferences for service style and pricing structures.

  2. Avatar Oliver Hayes says:

    This article offers a great perspective on the strengths of Bizee and Northwest Registered Agent. Both seem to provide comprehensive services for legal compliance and liability protection, which are critical for LLCs. The comparison makes it easier for entrepreneurs to decide based on their specific needs.

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    Appreciate this detailed review of Bizee and Northwest Registered Agent. The way each service handles the complexities of LLC registration, especially for small business owners, is commendable. It’s great to see two companies making LLC formation more accessible and manageable.

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    Your comparison between Bizee and Northwest Registered Agent is quite insightful. Both companies offer unique advantages in terms of asset protection and management flexibility for LLCs. It seems like the choice comes down to whether one values cost-effectiveness or a more bespoke service.

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    Excellent analysis on Bizee vs Northwest Registered Agent. It’s intriguing to see how each service approaches LLC formation, focusing on aspects like legal compliance and efficient state filings. Bizee seems to excel in affordability, while Northwest offers a more personalized service.

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