How to Do a Business Name Search in New York

How to search New York business names

Searching for New York businesses is done through the New York Division of Corporations site.

New York Corporations and LLCs are searchable by the following criteria:

  • Entity Name
  • Name Type
  • Search Type

There are filter options to search by Inactive, Active, Name Type, and by County.

New York LLC Entity Search

A New York LLC search (also known as a New York Business entity search) is a search that is used to find information about an existing business or to determine if the name you are looking for is available in New York. The following information is typically what is searched for when searching for information about an existing business:

  • It was legal or not.
  • Its condition.
  • It has a business address
  • What is the name of its registered agents?

You should be aware that guidelines exist for choosing a name for a new business. The LLC search will assist you in finding them.

New York LLC Search

A New York LLC search can be done by various methods. You can access the following pages:

  • Search by name.
    • Make sure you enter your name exactly how you want it to be. A similar variation might not be possible if the original is already taken.
  • Filter by Status
    • You can select to search all entities, or only active entities by clicking the “Status” button.
  • Filter by type
    • The “Begins with” filter allows you to search by the name it begins with.
    • Search by partial filtering to find out what words are in a name.
    • You can search for specific parts of words in a name using the Contains filter. This can lead to a lot of results.

Check LLC name availability on the New York Department of State Website. You can do this by reviewing the order forms. This will show you whether your name is available. You can stop the form once you know if it’s available.

You can also take these steps during the name selection process:

  • Verify URL availability
    • Although you might not have a business website in your immediate plans, it may be something you want to do in the future. A URL that contains your business name is a good idea.
  • Verify email address availability
    • Similar to the above, an email address for your company should match your business name.

Pros of Starting an LLC

Starting an LLC has many benefits, including:

  • Pass-through taxes. An LLC does not require you to file a corporate tax return. LLC owners report profit and loss on the 1040 form. Double taxation is not possible.
  • There is no residency requirement. An LLC can be owned by anyone without having to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Legal protection. An LLC provides limited liability for your business debts and obligations.
  • Credibility enhancement. An LLC will make suppliers, lenders, and partners more likely to work with your company.

Cons of starting an LLC

There are some disadvantages to starting an LLC:

  • Potential for growth is lower To attract investors, stock cannot be issued.
  • Lesser uniformity. Different states have different rules regarding LLCs.
  • Self-employment tax. This is applicable to LLC earnings.
  • You may be subject to tax on appreciated assets. These may apply if you convert a business to an LLC.

How to form an LLC

These steps will help you set up an LLC in New York.

  1. Reserve a name and create a new one
  2. File Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State.
  3. Decide whether managers or members will manage the business.
  4. You can decide the number of owners.
  5. Register for the required business licenses, and certificates.
  6. Filing Form SS-4, or getting your Employer Identification Number (IRS)
  7. Any other ID numbers you may need, as they can vary by local jurisdiction. These ID numbers include unemployment tax and disability.

New York LLC Prices

Forming an LLC can cost you:

  • New York State fee $200
  • A $50 Certificate of Publication Fee
  • A Biennial Statement fee of $9 every two years.

How can I verify if an LLC is being used in New York City?

You can use the New York Corporation or Business Entity Database tool to check if your business name appears.

Do I have to name my LLC after me?

Although there is no prohibition against naming your LLC after yourself (most experts recommend against it).

An advantage of an LLC is that you can choose a different business name, which can make your business sound more professional.

What words are prohibited in a New York LLC’s name?

It is not possible to include words in business names that suggest that the company is a bank or financial institution, or that it is affiliated with a local or state government agency.

You can also view a lengthy list of prohibited and restricted words in New York on the Department of State Website.

Do I need an LLC name generator?

An LLC name generator is a great tool to help you choose a name for your LLC.

What is a brand?

A brand name is a name that a company gives to a product line or product. It can be the exact same as the company name, or something else.

Do I need to include LLC in the name?

Yes. Yes. in their legal name.

Is it necessary to renew my New York business name?

New York does not require LLCs to renew their names.

Is it possible for my business name to be different from the New York LLC name?

Some companies prefer to operate under a different name than their legal name. It can be called either a “doing business as” (DBA) or an assumed New York name.

LLC assumed names in New York are filed with Department of State.

Do I need a DBA for my LLC?

If your LLC plans to conduct business under another name than its legal name, a DBA is not required.

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