How to Do A Business Name Search in Maryland

Planning to open a Maryland LLC? First, you need to have a big idea. Next, decide on your product or service. Then, think about the meat and potatoes. This is how you will build your dream business.

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After the initial rush to get your idea on the market, you need to answer a pressing question: “What do I call it?”

Every LLC requires a name. It should be catchy and not already in use. You can’t take someone else’s name, no matter how clever or creative it might be.

You may be asking, “But,” how do I find out if a name has been used before? Maryland has many businesses, so there are many names to verify. An easy way to do it is to perform an LLC name search.

There are many reasons to search for an LLC name

Although checking for Maryland LLC name availability is the most popular reason to search for a name, it is not the only reason. These are just a few of the reasons to search for a name.

1) Searching for similar names

Potential customers shouldn’t confuse you with another company, even if it is a competitor. Although your proposed name may be available, other businesses with similar names might be available. This could be a reason to change your name if you don’t want your LLC mixed up with other companies.

2) Verify Your Business Status

After you have filed the Articles of Organization and created your Maryland LLC you can check the status of your business by searching for your name. This will confirm that your business is in good standing with the state and allow you to keep your information current.

3) Resident Agent Information and Office Information

You might have to send a business process. You might also want to partner with them. You’ll need their Maryland resident agency name, and their office address. This information is easily accessed through a name search.

4) Maintaining current business information

You will need to verify the information the Department of Assessment and Taxation has on file when you modify the LLC’s information, such as changing the resident agent or primary address to a member, or resident agent service. This can be done with a name search.

How to Search for a Maryland LLC Name

If you are ready to start your search for a name in Maryland, visit the Maryland Business Express website. The Maryland Business Express website has the Business Entity Search. This quick and simple tool can be used to find name availability for a particular business or specific businesses.

You can check if the name you want is in use by entering it into the search bar. If it returns, that means someone has registered or reserved the name. You will need to create a new one. Congratulations if it doesn’t. You can either reserve the name or use it in your Articles of Organization.

Perhaps you are looking for specific information about a business. You can enter the full name or partial of the business in search bar. If you are presented with a list, click on one to reveal the following:

  • Department ID Number
  • Name of the business
  • Principal Office
  • Resident Agent
  • Status
  • Types of businesses
  • Business Code
  • Date of formation
  • Status of Formation
  • Stock Status
  • Close Status

This information is not necessary if you are just checking name availability. However, it can be extremely helpful if your goal is to contact the members and managers for another company or check up on your own.

What happens if my name is not available?

You went to the Business Entity Search and entered your name. The search returned your name. Now what?

Your only option is to brainstorm ideas for a new LLC if your LLC is domestic (formed here). Don’t choose one that is too similar. Once you have found a suitable name, either form an LLC or keep the name available for future uses.

The process for those who are coming from another state to Maryland is slightly more complicated. You will need an alternate name if the name you have in Maryland isn’t allowed. It is very easy to register an alternate name. All you have to do is fill out the Limited License Company Registration form with the information you’ve provided.

How to make a Maryland LLC name distinguishable

Do not forget to comply with Maryland’s name requirements when registering or reserving any LLC name.

  • Include a sign that confirms the status of an LLC such as “limited liability company,” limited company,” “limited company,” or “LLC,”
  • Be easily identifiable in state records

How can you distinguish your name if it isn’t available? Although the Department of Assessment and Taxation does not provide any specific instructions, most people will be able to change these things.

  • All business type indicators such as LLC, Ltd., Inc., LP (New Company LLC, New Company Ltd., New Company Inc., New Company LP) are considered identical.
  • Articles “a”, “an,” and “the”
  • Conjunctions such as “and” or “or”
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization

To create a distinctive name, you need to change the name itself. You can use unique spellings, rearrange words and add prefixes and suffixes to make your name stand out. You can still keep the same name as your original.

What’s Next?

Your goal will determine what you do next. If your name is available in Maryland and you are checking for availability, you can reserve it or use it in your Articles of Organization.

A business name reservation costs $25 and grants you exclusive rights for 30 days. You don’t have to reserve a name. When you create your LLC, your name can be automatically registered on the Articles of Organization.

LLC Formation + Registered Agent Service = $225 $39   Northwest $39 Discount