How to Do a Business Name Search in Mississippi

Visit the Mississippi Secretary of State: Business Services Name Search

Mississippi maintains an official database of all businesses registered in the state. This database includes contact information for anyone looking to form partnerships.

A Guide to Mississippi’s Business Search

Anyone looking to start a business or find out more about an existing company can use the Mississippi Secretary of State Business Search. Mississippi maintains an official list of registered businesses, including contact information for those looking to form partnerships.

The Secretary of State Office maintains the following along with the Business Services Division:

  • Elections Division
  • Administrative Services Division
  • Section Government Records

The State Business Services Division compiles information about all registered businesses in the state. It works hard to ensure that entries are accurate and up-to-date. You can use a variety search criteria to search the database. Some criteria are very specific while others are more general. You can even search with obscure information such as the incorporating agent.

A business entity search can be used to verify the availability of a company name that a person is interested in using. To see if the name that you are interested in is available, you can conduct an online search. You can reserve it if it’s available.

If you plan to open a Mississippi company or expand an existing one, you will need to register the business. To legally register your company, you will need to file certain documents. You will need to file one or more of the following depending on your company structure:

  • Certificate of Limited Partnership
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Articles of incorporation

You can use the search function to find detailed information about a company including its filing history.

By filing an LLC form with the state, you can have limited liability for the company’s obligations and debts. An LLC is a combination of partnerships and corporations. Although it is more flexible than a corporation, it provides protection and advantages that are very similar to the one you have.

Advantages of an LLC

These are the benefits that LLCs offer to their owners:

  • Limited liability – Owners have the same liability protection as a corporation, but an LLC is considered a separate entity that is similar to a corporation. Members will not be held personally responsible for company debts except for a personal guarantee.
  • No minutes: A requirement for corporations is to keep official minutes, hold meetings and record resolutions. Because it does not require keeping minutes or resolutions, an LLC is much easier to manage.
  • Flexible profit distribution: LLCs have the option to choose from a variety of ways to distribute profits. The split in a partnership is 50-50. However, LLCs allow for more flexibility.
  • Flow-through Taxation: A company’s profits, losses, and expenses flow through it to its members. You don’t need to pay two types of taxes: an individual tax and a corporate tax.

How to Register a Mississippi Business Name

You can reserve your business name once you have found out that the desired business name is available. Download a Reservation Form of Name form from the Secretary Of State’s website. The following information is required to complete the reservation of name form:

  • Type of business
  • Name you wish to reserve
  • Your name and address

A corporation officer must sign the form if you are registering a name. To reserve a name, you will need to pay $25. It is valid for 120 days.

Different business models need specific filing documents. These documents are:

  • Corporation: Articles Of Incorporation
  • LLC: Certificate Of Formation
  • Certificate of limited partnership

You don’t need to register a company if you are a sole proprietor. However, you might want to file a “doing business as” (DBA), registration. This permits you to operate under a fictional name. This will protect and register your DBA.

A business search can provide valuable information to interested parties about a company. It’s also possible to find out if the name you want for your business is already available. It is as easy as visiting the Secretary-of-State and entering your search criteria.


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