Cost to Form an LLC in Mississippi

Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Mississippi involves various costs that entrepreneurs need to consider when embarking on their business journey. Understanding the expenses associated with creating and maintaining an LLC is crucial for effective financial planning and compliance with state regulations.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the costs involved in forming an LLC in Mississippi and offer insights into the resources available to guide you through the process.

Mississippi LLC Formation Filing Fee: $50

Mississippi LLC Formation Fee

To initiate the process of forming an LLC in Mississippi, aspiring business owners need to submit the Articles of Organization to the Mississippi Secretary of State.

This foundational step establishes your business as a legal entity in the state. The Mississippi LLC formation filing fee for this process is $50. This fee serves as an essential investment that sets the stage for your business operations.

Mississippi Annual Report Fee: $0 to $250

Maintaining your LLC’s active status in Mississippi involves an annual report requirement. The fee for the annual report varies based on the LLC’s gross assets within the state.

The range for this fee is $0 to $250. Filing the annual report ensures that your LLC remains compliant and retains its good standing in the eyes of the state.

Mississippi Registered Agent Fee

Appointing a registered agent is a fundamental aspect of LLC formation in Mississippi. A registered agent accepts legal documents on behalf of your business, ensuring that you stay informed about important matters.

While you can serve as your own registered agent, engaging a professional registered agent service offers additional privacy and convenience. The fees for registered agent services typically range from $100 to $300 per year.

Mississippi State Business License Fee

In Mississippi, the requirement for a state business license depends on the nature of your business activities and your location within the state. The fees associated with obtaining a state business license vary and are determined by factors such as the type of business and the municipality in which it operates.

Benefits of Hiring an LLC Formation Service

Utilizing an online LLC formation service to establish your business in Mississippi can offer several advantages. These services provide expertise in navigating Mississippi’s specific formation process, ensuring accurate document preparation and adherence to state regulations.

From submitting the Articles of Organization to understanding the requirements for state business licenses, these services streamline the process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. By entrusting the formation process to professionals, you can focus on developing your business strategy and operations.

What is the formation process for establishing an LLC in Mississippi?

The formation of an LLC in Mississippi involves a series of steps that aspiring business owners must navigate. To start the process, you need to file the Articles of Organization with the Mississippi Secretary of State. This legal document officially establishes your business as a compliant and recognized legal entity within the state.

You can choose to file online or submit a paper copy in person or by mail. This filing incurs a filing fee of $50. Following the successful filing, you can proceed to appoint a registered agent to ensure legal correspondence and maintain your privacy. Additionally, understanding Mississippi’s state regulations and requirements is crucial for a smooth formation process.

Complying with due dates and avoiding delinquent filings helps your LLC maintain good standing and avoid penalties and interest. The entire process is designed to ensure that your LLC is set up properly and can operate in accordance with the state’s taxation and business regulations.

What are the Mississippi LLC Requirements?

The Mississippi LLC requirements encompass several key steps and considerations for establishing and maintaining a successful LLC within the state. To form an LLC in Mississippi, you’ll need to file the Articles of Organization with the Mississippi Secretary of State. This filing establishes your business as a legal entity and requires a formation fee of $50.

As part of the process, you can also choose to designate a registered agent who will handle legal correspondence and ensure your privacy. While Mississippi doesn’t impose an annual renewal fee, you need to file an annual report to maintain your LLC’s good standing, with fees based on your LLC’s gross assets.

Depending on the nature of your business activities and location, you might also require a state business license, the cost of which varies. Staying compliant with state regulations, adhering to due dates, and understanding the various government fees associated with maintaining your LLC are all essential to its success and longevity.


As you embark on the journey of forming an LLC in Mississippi, it’s essential to be aware of the costs involved at every step of the process. From the formation filing fee to the expenses associated with annual reports and business licenses, understanding these financial commitments is crucial for effective planning.

By accessing resources provided by the Mississippi Secretary of State, you can navigate the process with confidence and ensure that your LLC is established and maintained in compliance with state regulations.

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