How to Do a Business Name Search in Nebraska

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Nebraska LLC Name

To form an LLC in Nebraska, you will need to conduct a Nebraska Secretary of State Business Search.

Your Nebraska LLC name must be in compliance with all state requirements. It must also be distinct from any corporations that are operating in the state. No matter what name you choose, your LLC must include “L.L.C.” and “LLC”.

LLCs in Nebraska do not qualify as corporations. This means that the name of your LLC must not include the abbreviations “Inc.” and “Corp.” nor the words “Incorporation”, or “Corporation”.

Your LLC name must be distinctive, which means it should be unique and distinct from other Nebraska businesses.

Searching the Nebraska Name Database with a Company Name

You can search Nebraska company names on the Corporate & Business Search Page.

The following options are available to you:

  • Name the exact match
  • Name Keyword Search
  • Name sounds like
  • Name begins with

Once you have chosen your search option, it will allow you to enter the entity’s name and standing. You will need to complete the reCAPTCHA before you click on Perform Search.

A list of names matching your search criteria will be displayed. This list will contain information about Nebraska businesses, including:

  • The entity’s name
  • The account number of the entity
  • Type and status of the entity

Click the Details link to find out more. You can view the business details page to see all information that has been filed by the Nebraska Secretary of State. It also allows you to request a Certificate Of Good Standing.

Searching the Nebraska Name Database with an Account Number

Using an account number, you can also search for Nebraska company names on the Corporate or Business search page. An account number can often lead to more detailed search results that will give you immediate access to business information.

To search for an account number, go to this page, then select the account number option and enter the information. You must indicate that you are not a bot to complete the search. If the search were performed correctly, you would be presented with a detailed page that includes all information about the business in the file with the Secretary. It is possible to purchase a Certificate in Good Standing.

How to Reinstate a Nebraska Corporation

Online reinstatement of a Nebraska corporation is not possible. To obtain the required form, contact the Nebraska Secretary Of State directly.

The following address is where you can file forms or request documents:

Nebraska Secretary of StateCorporate Department

1445 K Street, Suite 1301

PO Box 94608

Lincoln, NE 68509

You can reach the Secretary of State by calling

(402) 471-4079 or by fax at (402) 471-3666.

After completing the reinstatement forms, they can be sent in person or via mail. A cover letter with your contact information for reinstatement forms sent by mail should be attached.

You will need to complete and submit the Application for Reinstatement form in order to reinstate your Nebraska corporation fully.

Your reinstatement application will be processed in two to three working days. Nebraska does not offer expedited processing.

There is no limit to the time that you can reinstate a Nebraska corporation. You can request reinstatement at any time. You must still pay your LLC all taxes and fees before you can resume business operations.

After your corporation is dissolved, the name of your Nebraska LLC remains in reserve for one year. You can create a new corporation using the same name of your old LLC after this year without having to pay reinstatement fees.

You cannot change your address, directors or officers of the company, or your registered agent in your reinstatement documents. This information can be changed by submitting a Nebraska Change in Registered Agent or Office form.

What is a Corporation?

You can protect your personal assets when your company is sued. A corporation can protect you from being sued by employees or business partners. Creating an LLC can help you to save on taxes.

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