How to Do a Business Name Search in Louisiana

The first step to forming an LLC in Louisiana is to search for your preferred name and ensure it is available.

Louisiana LLC names must be unique and meet certain state requirements.

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Louisiana LLC Name Requirements

There are some requirements that you must know before searching for your Louisiana LLC name:

1. The abbreviations “LLC” and “L.L.C. must appear at the end of your Louisiana LLC name. The most commonly used abbreviation is “LLC”.

2. An LLC in Louisiana is not a Corporation. Your desired LLC name can’t use the words “Corporation”, “Incorporated” or their abbreviations (“Corp.” and “Inc .”).).

3. The name of your LLC must be distinctive. It must be distinct from all other Louisiana businesses.

Differentiability is not created by differences in designators (identifiers at end of business names) or in grammar.

  • LLC, L.L.C, Inc., Corp.
  • Single, plural, and possessive
  • A, An, The
  • and, or, &
  • hyphens, slashes, periods, commas

Louisiana Name Database Search

1. Visit the Database

Visit the Louisiana Business Filings Search Page:

2. Find your LLC

In the search box ” Name“, enter your desired LLC name.

You can leave out the “LLC” ending and punctuation.

It doesn’t matter if capitalization is used, but the state requires that the search box be in all uppercase

To ensure that you are thorough, enter only the first or two words of your LLC name. This will allow you to see all information that could be similar.

You can be more specific by entering a portion of the first word. Ex: If your Louisiana LLC name is Printing Solutions LLC, enter “print”.

3. Check out the Results

To browse the current list of Louisiana businesses, click the ” search” button.

If the message ” Total results: 0” appears in the Louisiana database, your chosen LLC name is unique.

If yours and ‘s names are not too similar (meaning that yours is distinctive), your Louisiana LLC name can be used.

Your desired LLC name search result appears in the list exactly as you entered it, the name won’t be available for use. It is possible to come up with unique names or creative variations.

Your desired Louisiana LLC name cannot be used if the results show a similar name. It is possible to come up with unique names or creative variations.

Tip Don’t worry if your chosen Louisiana LLC name isn’t distinguishable. Just file your paperwork with state. The state of Louisiana will return your filing if your name isn’t available and inform you that it needs to change.

Next Step

After you have chosen a Louisiana LLC name that is distinctive and unique, you can now choose your LLC’s Registered Agent

Contact Information for the Louisiana Secretary of State

You can reach the Louisiana Secretary Of State at 225-925-4704 if you have any questions.

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