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Name Ideas for a New Cleaning Business

Starting a cleaning business is a smart venture with endless opportunities. An important first step in establishing your brand is selecting the perfect name.

Whether you’re focusing on residential or commercial cleaning, the name should reflect your services, values, and appeal to your target market.

First, we organized the 420 cleaning business names into these 12 categories and we then listed the names under each category.

Commercial Cleaning Business. Three workers cleaning an office.
12 Categories
  1. Residential Cleaning
    • Focused on cleaning private homes and apartments.
  2. Commercial Cleaning
    • Targets businesses, offices, and commercial properties.
  3. Specialized Cleaning
    • Includes niche services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.
  4. Green Cleaning
    • Uses eco-friendly and non-toxic products and methods.
  5. Post-Construction Cleaning
    • Cleans up after construction or renovation projects.
  6. Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning
    • Prepares homes or apartments for new tenants or owners.
  7. Deep Cleaning
    • Provides thorough, detailed cleaning services, often on a less frequent basis.
  8. Event Cleaning
    • Handles cleaning before, during, and after events such as weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings.
  9. Hoarding Cleanup
    • Specializes in cleaning and organizing homes affected by hoarding.
  10. Vacation Rental Cleaning
    • Focuses on cleaning short-term rental properties like Airbnb and vacation homes.
  11. Industrial Cleanup
    • Specializes in cleaning factories and warehouse properties
  12. Medical Cleaning
    • Cleaing hospitals, clinics, medical research facilities and medical offices.

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Three female residential cleaning workers cleaning a room in a home.


Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning focuses on private homes and apartments, offering services such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms. These services help maintain a clean, healthy living environment for homeowners and tenants.

  1. Sparkle & Shine Homes
  2. Spotless Living
  3. Fresh Nest Cleaners
  4. HomeGlow Cleaning Services
  5. PureHome Clean
  6. Crisp & Clean Residential
  7. Family First Cleaning
  8. Perfectly Polished Homes
  9. HomeHaven Cleaners
  10. Serene Spaces Cleaning
  11. HomeFresh Cleaning
  12. Domestic Bliss Cleaners
  13. Cozy Clean Homes
  14. Home Sparkle Services
  15. DustBusters Residential
  16. Pristine Homes
  17. LivingSpace Clean
  18. Radiant Residence Clean
  19. Home Sweet Clean
  20. Pure Home Shine
  21. NeatNest Cleaners
  22. Sparkling Dwellings
  23. Sanitized Sanctuary
  24. Clean Comfort Homes
  25. Gleaming Abodes
  26. Household Heroes
  27. Shiny Home Solutions
  28. Residential Radiance
  29. Immaculate Homes
  30. Dazzling Domestic
  31. HomeSavers Clean
  32. Family Clean Sweep
  33. Flawless Dwellings
  34. Home Bright Clean
  35. Hygienic Homes

Cleaning Business Names. Cleaning equipment on the floor of a residential room.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning targets businesses, offices, and commercial properties, providing services like floor care, window cleaning, and restroom sanitation. These services ensure a professional and hygienic workspace for employees and clients.

  1. OfficeClean Pros
  2. Business Bright Cleaning
  3. Corporate Sparkle
  4. ProClean Office Services
  5. Commercial Clean Masters
  6. Clean Slate Office Solutions
  7. Elite Business Cleaners
  8. Workplace Gleam
  9. Professional Shine Commercial
  10. Executive Clean Services
  11. Office Shimmer Clean
  12. Corporate Clean Team
  13. Business Pure Clean
  14. Executive Sparkle
  15. Office Fresh Clean
  16. Professional Pristine
  17. Office Neat Solutions
  18. Commercial Shine
  19. Workplace Pure
  20. Elite Office Cleaners
  21. Corporate Gleam
  22. Office Bright Solutions
  23. Business Hygiene Pros
  24. CleanCorp Services
  25. Office Polished
  26. Commercial Fresh
  27. Biz Clean Pros
  28. Corporate Care Clean
  29. OfficeSanitize Pros
  30. Commercial Neatness
  31. Spotless Office
  32. Executive Clean Solutions
  33. Office Immaculate
  34. Workplace Pristine
  35. OfficeGleam Pros

Specialized Cleaning

Specialized cleaning includes niche services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and upholstery cleaning, addressing specific needs that regular cleaning might not cover. These services require specialized equipment and expertise to effectively clean and maintain specific surfaces and materials.

  1. Carpet Care Experts
  2. Crystal Clear Windows
  3. Upholstery Magic
  4. Tile & Grout ProClean
  5. Premium Floor Care
  6. Eco Green Carpet Clean
  7. Glass & Mirror Cleaners
  8. Spotless Rugs
  9. Sparkling Windows & More
  10. Ultimate Upholstery Care
  11. Crystal Carpet Clean
  12. Window Wonder Cleaners
  13. Upholstery Care Plus
  14. GrimeFree Tiles
  15. Premium Glass Clean
  16. Superb Floor Care
  17. Carpet Gleam Experts
  18. Window Bright Clean
  19. Sparkling Rugs
  20. Upholstery Purity
  21. Tile & Grout Glow
  22. ClearView Windows
  23. Pristine Upholstery
  24. Ultimate Carpet Clean
  25. Shiny Surfaces
  26. Glass Master Cleaners
  27. Rug Revive Clean
  28. Upholstery Excellence
  29. Tile Perfection Clean
  30. Spotless Glass
  31. Floor Fresh Clean
  32. Rug Radiance
  33. Ultimate Window Care
  34. Polished Upholstery
  35. Tile Bright Clean

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning uses eco-friendly and non-toxic products and methods to minimize environmental impact and improve indoor air quality. These services cater to clients who prioritize sustainability and health-conscious cleaning practices.

  1. EcoClean Solutions
  2. GreenEarth Cleaners
  3. Eco-Friendly Sparkle
  4. Nature’s Clean Team
  5. Pure Planet Cleaning
  6. Sustainable Shine
  7. Green Home Cleaning
  8. Eco Pure Clean
  9. Natural Gleam
  10. Green Leaf Cleaners
  11. EcoPure Clean
  12. GreenLife Cleaners
  13. Nature Clean Pros
  14. EcoFresh Services
  15. Sustainable Shine Clean
  16. Green Home Heroes
  17. Planet Clean Team
  18. EcoSparkle Solutions
  19. Pure Green Cleaners
  20. Earth-Friendly Clean
  21. Green Glow Clean
  22. EcoSafe Cleaners
  23. Sustainable Sanitize
  24. Green Bliss Clean
  25. Eco Hygiene Pros
  26. Nature Fresh Clean
  27. GreenClean Pros
  28. Eco-Friendly Shine
  29. Pure Nature Clean
  30. Eco Home Sparkle
  31. GreenLeaf Cleaners
  32. Eco Radiance Clean
  33. NaturePure Cleaning
  34. GreenSanitize Solutions
  35. Earth Clean Pros

Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning involves thorough cleaning after construction or renovation projects, removing dust, debris, and construction materials. These services prepare newly built or renovated spaces for occupancy, ensuring they are clean and safe.

  1. Builder’s Clean Pros
  2. Construction Shine
  3. RenoClean Solutions
  4. Post-Build Pristine
  5. Fresh Start Cleaning
  6. New Home Cleaners
  7. Debris Free Cleaners
  8. Polished Projects
  9. Clean Slate Builders
  10. Finish Line Cleaners
  11. Build Clean Experts
  12. NewBuild Sparkle
  13. RenoClean Pros
  14. Construct Clean Team
  15. FreshStart Builders
  16. Project Clean Services
  17. Post-Build Shine
  18. Renovation Clean Pros
  19. Site Clean Solutions
  20. New Project Cleaners
  21. Debris Free Clean
  22. Construction Gleam
  23. Pristine Post-Build
  24. Builder’s Shine
  25. RenoFresh Clean
  26. NewHome Cleaners
  27. Project Shine Clean
  28. Clean Slate Builders
  29. Builder’s Pure Clean
  30. Post-Reno Clean
  31. Project Sparkle
  32. Finish Line Clean
  33. NewSite Cleaners
  34. RenoFresh Services
  35. Construction Pure Clean

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Move-in/move-out cleaning prepares homes or apartments for new tenants or owners by performing a deep clean that includes all surfaces, appliances, and fixtures. These services ensure the property is spotless and ready for the next occupant.

  1. New Beginnings Cleaners
  2. Fresh Start Clean
  3. Moving Day Sparkle
  4. Next Home Cleaners
  5. Welcome Home Clean
  6. Transition Clean Pros
  7. Relocation Cleaners
  8. Move-In Magic Clean
  9. Exit Clean Solutions
  10. Happy Homecoming Clean
  11. Clean Move Pros
  12. NewHome Sparkle
  13. Relocation Cleaners
  14. MoveDay Clean
  15. Transition Shine
  16. NextStep Cleaners
  17. FreshMove Clean
  18. Happy Home Clean
  19. MoveOut Pristine
  20. Clean Move Solutions
  21. Fresh Start Clean
  22. Welcome Home Clean
  23. Move-In Gleam
  24. Happy Exit Clean
  25. NewPlace Cleaners
  26. Clean Nest Movers
  27. Fresh Begin Clean
  28. MoveDay Shine
  29. Exit Pristine Clean
  30. Move Ready Clean
  31. Spotless Move
  32. Homeward Cleaners
  33. Transition Fresh
  34. Clean Transition Pros
  35. New Arrival Clean

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning provides thorough, detailed cleaning services, often on a less frequent basis, focusing on areas that are not typically covered in regular cleaning. These services include cleaning behind appliances, scrubbing grout, and sanitizing high-touch areas.

  1. DeepClean Experts
  2. Thorough Touch Cleaning
  3. Complete Clean Co.
  4. Detail Clean Solutions
  5. Spotless Sweepers
  6. Perfectly Cleaned
  7. Deep Gleam Cleaners
  8. Total Clean Services
  9. Exquisite Deep Clean
  10. Ultimate Deep Clean
  11. DeepPure Cleaners
  12. Ultimate Clean Team
  13. Thorough Clean Pros
  14. Detail Shine Clean
  15. IntenseClean Solutions
  16. Pristine Deep Clean
  17. Total DeepClean
  18. Extreme Clean Services
  19. Spotless Deep Clean
  20. DeepSweep Pros
  21. Perfect Detail Clean
  22. Deep Gleam Services
  23. CompleteClean Pros
  24. Ultimate Shine Clean
  25. Thorough Care Clean
  26. DeepSanitize Cleaners
  27. Detail Gleam Clean
  28. Deep Hygiene Pros
  29. Complete Pristine Clean
  30. Perfect DeepClean
  31. Intense Hygiene Clean
  32. Total Shine Clean
  33. Ultimate Deep Gleam
  34. Detail Pure Clean
  35. Deep Perfection Clean

Event Cleaning

Event cleaning handles cleaning before, during, and after events such as weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings. These services ensure that venues are clean and presentable for guests and are promptly restored to their original state post-event.

  1. Event Sparkle Clean
  2. Party Clean Pros
  3. Occasion Cleaners
  4. Gala Gleam Clean
  5. Celebration Clean Solutions
  6. Event Bliss Cleaning
  7. Special Event Shine
  8. Post-Party Cleaners
  9. EventClean Experts
  10. Festival Fresh Clean
  11. EventShine Cleaners
  12. Party Pristine Clean
  13. Gala Clean Pros
  14. EventSparkle Services
  15. Celebration Clean Team
  16. Event Fresh Clean
  17. Festival Gleam Clean
  18. Occasion Clean Pros
  19. Party Clean Experts
  20. Event Neat Solutions
  21. Gala Gleam Clean
  22. Event Bliss Clean
  23. Party Shine Cleaners
  24. Celebration Pure Clean
  25. Festival Fresh Clean
  26. Event Hygiene Pros
  27. PartySanitize Clean
  28. EventCare Cleaners
  29. Occasion Sparkle
  30. PartyPure Clean
  31. Event Pristine Clean
  32. Festival Hygiene Clean
  33. Event Radiance Clean
  34. Party Fresh Clean
  35. Event Pure Solutions

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding cleanup specializes in cleaning and organizing homes affected by hoarding, which often involves removing large amounts of clutter and sanitizing heavily soiled areas. These services require sensitivity and expertise to handle the unique challenges posed by hoarding situations.

  1. Clutter Free Clean
  2. Hoarder Helpers
  3. Clean Sweep Hoarding
  4. New Leaf Cleaners
  5. Fresh Start Hoarding
  6. Crisis Cleaners
  7. Renewed Spaces Clean
  8. Organized & Clean
  9. Hoarding Clean Pros
  10. Serene Order Clean
  11. Hoarding Help Clean
  12. Clean Clutter Pros
  13. Order Restored Clean
  14. Fresh Start Hoarding
  15. HoardFree Clean
  16. New Leaf Hoarding
  17. Crisis Clean Team
  18. Hoard Help Solutions
  19. Clean Sweep Pros
  20. Renewed Spaces Clean
  21. Hoarding Fresh Clean
  22. Clutter Clear Clean
  23. HoardSanitize Clean
  24. Clean Order Hoarding
  25. New Dawn Cleaners
  26. Hoarding Pure Clean
  27. Organized Hoarding Clean
  28. FreshSpace Cleaners
  29. Crisis Clean Experts
  30. HoardFree Solutions
  31. Clear Out Clean
  32. New Start Hoarding
  33. HoardHelp Pros
  34. Hygienic Hoarding Clean
  35. CrisisPure Clean

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Vacation rental cleaning focuses on cleaning short-term rental properties like Airbnb and vacation homes, ensuring they are immaculate and guest-ready. These services include changing linens, restocking supplies, and maintaining a welcoming environment for guests.

  1. VacationClean Pros
  2. Rental Sparkle Clean
  3. Holiday Home Cleaners
  4. Guest Ready Clean
  5. Vacation Prep Clean
  6. Rental Retreat Cleaners
  7. Airbnb Clean Team
  8. Vacay Shine Clean
  9. Traveler’s Choice Clean
  10. Host’s Helper Cleaners
  11. VacationReady Clean
  12. Rental Shine Cleaners
  13. Holiday Home Clean
  14. Guest Gleam Clean
  15. Traveler’s Clean Pros
  16. Rental Fresh Clean
  17. Airbnb Sparkle
  18. VacayClean Experts
  19. Host Ready Clean
  20. Rental Bliss Clean
  21. Vacation Gleam Clean
  22. Holiday Sparkle Clean
  23. Guest Pure Clean
  24. Traveler Fresh Clean
  25. Rental Hygiene Pros
  26. Airbnb Clean Solutions
  27. Vacation Pure Clean
  28. Host Clean Experts
  29. Guest Sanitize Clean
  30. Holiday Hygiene Clean
  31. Vacation Rental Sparkle
  32. Guest Ready Clean
  33. TravelFresh Clean
  34. Rental Radiance Clean
  35. Vacation Pure Solutions

Industrial Cleaning

  1. Factory Clean Pros
  2. Industrial Sparkle Clean
  3. Warehouse Hygiene Solutions
  4. Manufacturing Clean Team
  5. Heavy Duty Cleaners
  6. Industrial Shine Clean
  7. Factory Fresh Clean
  8. Warehouse Pure Clean
  9. Industrial Hygiene Experts
  10. Plant Clean Services
  11. Heavy Machinery Cleaners
  12. Industrial Gleam Solutions
  13. FactorySanitize Clean
  14. Warehouse Neatness
  15. Industrial Care Clean
  16. PlantSparkle Clean
  17. Factory Hygiene Pros
  18. Warehouse Pure Solutions
  19. Industrial Shine Experts
  20. Heavy Industry Clean
  21. Manufacturing Hygiene Clean
  22. Industrial Sanitize Pros
  23. Factory Fresh Solutions
  24. Warehouse Clean Experts
  25. Industrial Pure Cleaners
  26. Factory Fresh Solutions
  27. Industrial Gleam Pros
  28. Heavy Duty Cleaners
  29. Plant Pure Clean
  30. Warehouse Shine
  31. Industrial Hygiene Experts
  32. Factory Sparkle Clean
  33. Heavy Machinery Clean
  34. Industrial Sanitize Pros
  35. Manufacturing Clean Experts

Medical Cleaning

  1. Clinic Clean Pros
  2. Medical Sparkle Clean
  3. Hospital Hygiene Solutions
  4. Healthcare Clean Team
  5. Sterile Space Cleaners
  6. Medical Shine Clean
  7. Clinic Fresh Clean
  8. Hospital Pure Clean
  9. Medical Hygiene Experts
  10. Healthcare Sanitize Clean
  11. SterileCare Cleaners
  12. Medical Gleam Solutions
  13. ClinicSanitize Clean
  14. Hospital Neatness
  15. Medical Care Clean
  16. ClinicSparkle Clean
  17. Healthcare Hygiene Pros
  18. Medical Pure Solutions
  19. Hospital Shine Experts
  20. Sterile Hygiene Clean
  21. Healthcare Sanitize Pros
  22. Medical Fresh Solutions
  23. Clinic Clean Experts
  24. Hospital Pure Cleaners
  25. Medical Hygiene Cleaners
  26. Sterile Shine Cleaners
  27. ClinicCare Clean
  28. Hospital Gleam Services
  29. MedicalSanitize Pros
  30. Healthcare Hygiene Clean
  31. Clinic Sparkle Cleaners
  32. MedClean Experts
  33. Sterile Environment Cleaners
  34. Healthcare Fresh Clean
  35. Medical Pristine Cleaners

Industrial cleaning targets factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, providing heavy-duty cleaning services that address industrial grime, spills, and hazardous materials. These services ensure compliance with safety standards and improve the operational efficiency of industrial facilities.


ISSA Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association

International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association


Choosing the right name for your cleaning business is crucial for branding and marketing. Make sure the name is easy to remember, reflects your services, and conveys professionalism.

Happy naming!

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  1. Fantastic article! The variety of names and ideas here is impressive. It really opened my eyes to how a good name can set the tone for a business. “Bright and Breezy Cleaning” is my favorite so far. Great work on this comprehensive guide!

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  4. I never realized how important a good business name is until I read this. The breakdown of different types of names was super helpful. I’m leaning towards something modern and fresh, like “Pure Clean Pros.” Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  5. I’ve been struggling to come up with a catchy name for my new cleaning company, but this article has so many great suggestions. “Sparkle and Shine” really stands out to me. Can’t wait to see my business grow with a memorable name like that!

  6. Wow, this article is a goldmine for anyone starting a cleaning business! I love the creativity behind the names and the tips on choosing the right one. I think I’ve found the perfect name for my eco-friendly cleaning service. Thanks for the inspiration!

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