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Choosing the perfect name for your new Mexican restaurant is a crucial step in creating a memorable brand and attracting customers. A well-crafted name should reflect the vibrant flavors, cultural richness, and unique dining experience you offer.

Whether you’re opening a cozy taqueria, a lively cantina, or a sophisticated Mexican fine dining establishment, the right name can set you apart in a competitive market.

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In this article, we’ve compiled 350 creative and inspiring name ideas across various types of Mexican restaurants to help you find the perfect name for your culinary venture.


A taqueria is a casual restaurant specializing in tacos, often offering a variety of fillings such as carne asada, al pastor, and carnitas.

These establishments typically feature quick service and a vibrant, informal atmosphere, making them popular for both dine-in and takeout.

  1. Taqueria El Sol
  2. Taco Fiesta
  3. Taqueria La Vida
  4. Tacos El Rey
  5. La Taqueria Bonita
  6. Taqueria Del Mar
  7. Viva Tacos
  8. Taqueria Los Amigos
  9. Tacos y M谩s
  10. El Taquito Feliz
  11. Taqueria El Camino
  12. Tacos El Coraz贸n
  13. Taqueria Del Sol
  14. Los Tacos Locos
  15. La Vida Taqueria
  16. Tacos y Salsa
  17. Taqueria El Toro
  18. Tacos La Paloma
  19. Taqueria El Poblano
  20. Tacos y Cerveza
  21. La Taqueria Alegre
  22. Taqueria El Ranchero
  23. Tacos y Tequila
  24. Taqueria El Jardin
  25. Tacos El Patr贸n
  26. Taqueria La Familia
  27. Tacos El Sabroso
  28. La Taqueria Feliz
  29. Taqueria Delicias
  30. Tacos y Amigos
  31. Taqueria La Estrella
  32. Tacos El Gallo
  33. Taqueria El Sol
  34. Tacos y Sonrisas
  35. La Taqueria Hermosa


Cantinas are lively establishments that combine dining with a bar-like atmosphere, offering a wide selection of Mexican dishes alongside an extensive drink menu, including margaritas and tequila.

They often feature live music or entertainment, creating a festive environment ideal for social gatherings and nightlife.

  1. Cantina Del Sol
  2. La Cantina Alegre
  3. Cantina Mexicana
  4. El Coraz贸n Cantina
  5. Viva Cantina
  6. Cantina y Tequila
  7. La Vida Cantina
  8. Cantina El Rey
  9. Los Amigos Cantina
  10. Cantina El Ranchero
  11. Fiesta Cantina
  12. Cantina El Camino
  13. El Jardin Cantina
  14. Cantina Bonita
  15. La Cantina Del Mar
  16. Cantina El Toro
  17. Cantina La Paloma
  18. El Patr贸n Cantina
  19. Cantina y Salsa
  20. Cantina Delicias
  21. La Cantina Hermosa
  22. Cantina Los Tacos
  23. Cantina El Sabroso
  24. La Cantina Estrella
  25. El Gallo Cantina
  26. Cantina La Familia
  27. Cantina y Cerveza
  28. El Sol Cantina
  29. Cantina Alegre
  30. La Cantina Feliz
  31. Cantina y Amigos
  32. Cantina El Coraz贸n
  33. Viva La Cantina
  34. Cantina El Gusto
  35. Cantina Los Sue帽os

Mexican Grill

Mexican grills focus on grilled meats and vegetables, often featuring dishes like fajitas, carne asada, and grilled seafood.

These restaurants typically offer a casual dining experience with an emphasis on fresh, flavorful ingredients cooked over an open flame.

  1. El Fuego Grill
  2. Viva Mex Grill
  3. Grill El Camino
  4. Mexicali Grill
  5. La Parrilla Mexicana
  6. El Toro Grill
  7. Los Amigos Grill
  8. Grill y Salsa
  9. El Patr贸n Grill
  10. Tacos & Grill
  11. Grill El Rancho
  12. Fiesta Mex Grill
  13. La Vida Grill
  14. Grill Del Sol
  15. El Coraz贸n Grill
  16. Grill El Sabroso
  17. La Estrella Grill
  18. El Gallo Grill
  19. Grill y Tequila
  20. La Parrilla Alegre
  21. Grill El Jard铆n
  22. El Ranchero Grill
  23. Grill y Cerveza
  24. La Familia Grill
  25. Grill y Tacos
  26. Viva La Parrilla
  27. El Camino Grill
  28. La Vida Mex Grill
  29. Grill Los Sue帽os
  30. El Sol Grill
  31. Grill Los Amigos
  32. El Rey Grill
  33. Grill y Amigos
  34. La Parrilla Feliz
  35. Mex Grill Del Mar

Mexican Fine Dining

Mexican fine dining restaurants offer an upscale experience, showcasing sophisticated and innovative takes on traditional Mexican cuisine.

These establishments emphasize high-quality ingredients, exquisite presentation, and exceptional service, providing a luxurious and memorable dining experience.

  1. El Elegante
  2. La Vida Fina
  3. Sabor Mexicano
  4. El Encanto
  5. La Cocina Real
  6. El Patron de Lujo
  7. La Mesa Mexicana
  8. El Cielo
  9. Estrella de M茅xico
  10. El Jardin Secreto
  11. La Casa del Sabor
  12. El Palacio Mexicano
  13. La Vida Exquisita
  14. El Rey de M茅xico
  15. La Estrella Fina
  16. El Gourmet Mexicano
  17. La Mesa de Lujo
  18. El Encanto Mexicano
  19. La Cocina Fina
  20. El Sol Dorado
  21. La Casa Real
  22. El Para铆so Mexicano
  23. La Mesa Encantada
  24. El Gran Sabor
  25. La Vida Lujo
  26. El Cielo de M茅xico
  27. La Estrella Dorada
  28. El Encanto Fino
  29. La Cocina Suprema
  30. El Sol Encantado
  31. La Casa Fina
  32. El Palacio Dorado
  33. La Mesa Exquisita
  34. El Gourmet de Lujo
  35. La Cocina Elegante

Tex-Mex Restaurant

Tex-Mex restaurants blend traditional Mexican flavors with American influences, creating a unique fusion cuisine.

Common dishes include enchiladas, nachos, and chili con carne, often featuring generous portions of cheese and beans, catering to a wide range of tastes in a casual dining setting.

  1. Tex-Mex Fiesta
  2. El Rodeo Tex-Mex
  3. Tex-Mex Del Sol
  4. El Camino Tex-Mex
  5. Viva Tex-Mex
  6. Los Amigos Tex-Mex
  7. Tex-Mex y Salsa
  8. La Vida Tex-Mex
  9. El Patr贸n Tex-Mex
  10. Tex-Mex Cantina
  11. El Ranchero Tex-Mex
  12. La Parrilla Tex-Mex
  13. Tex-Mex Alegre
  14. El Gallo Tex-Mex
  15. Tex-Mex y Tequila
  16. La Estrella Tex-Mex
  17. El Sol Tex-Mex
  18. Tex-Mex Bonito
  19. El Sabroso Tex-Mex
  20. Tex-Mex y Amigos
  21. La Familia Tex-Mex
  22. Tex-Mex Grill
  23. El Toro Tex-Mex
  24. Tex-Mex Delicias
  25. El Coraz贸n Tex-Mex
  26. Tex-Mex y Cerveza
  27. La Cantina Tex-Mex
  28. El Jardin Tex-Mex
  29. Tex-Mex Fiesta
  30. El Camino Real Tex-Mex
  31. Viva La Tex-Mex
  32. Los Sue帽os Tex-Mex
  33. Tex-Mex Del Mar
  34. El Rey Tex-Mex
  35. La Cocina Tex-Mex

Burrito Bar

Burrito bars specialize in customizable burritos, allowing customers to choose from a variety of fillings, toppings, and salsas.

These establishments emphasize convenience and variety, offering quick service for on-the-go dining.

  1. Burrito Bonanza
  2. Burrito Fiesta
  3. Big Burrito Bar
  4. Burrito Heaven
  5. Burrito Del Sol
  6. Viva Burritos
  7. El Grande Burrito
  8. La Vida Burrito
  9. Burrito Supreme
  10. El Rey Burrito
  11. Burrito Express
  12. Burrito Delight
  13. Burrito Junction
  14. Burrito Corner
  15. Burrito Haven
  16. El Sabroso Burrito
  17. La Fiesta Burrito
  18. Burrito Amigos
  19. Burrito Bliss
  20. El Camino Burrito
  21. Burrito Garden
  22. Burrito Grill
  23. Burrito Alegre
  24. La Cocina Burrito
  25. Burrito Wave
  26. Burrito Gourmet
  27. Burrito King
  28. Burrito House
  29. Burrito Palace
  30. Burrito Dream
  31. Burrito Galore
  32. Burrito Sensation
  33. Burrito Maestro
  34. Burrito Fiesta
  35. Burrito Fiesta

Taco Truck

Taco trucks are mobile eateries serving a variety of tacos, often parked in busy urban areas, at events, or in food truck parks.

They offer a convenient and casual dining experience, with a focus on authentic, street-style tacos and other Mexican street foods.

  1. Tacos on Wheels
  2. Taco Mobile
  3. The Rolling Taco
  4. Taco Fiesta Truck
  5. Taco Time Truck
  6. Tacos Del Sol
  7. Taco Express
  8. Tacos y M谩s
  9. Taco Journey
  10. The Taco Wagon
  11. El Camino Taco
  12. Taco Amigos
  13. Tacos El Rey
  14. Taco Roadtrip
  15. Taco Traveler
  16. Taco Truck Delight
  17. Taco Trek
  18. Viva Taco Truck
  19. The Taco Stop
  20. El Sabroso Taco Truck
  21. Tacos y Tequila Truck
  22. Taco Nomad
  23. Taco Fiesta Mobile
  24. The Taco Ride
  25. Taco Truck Fiesta
  26. Tacos On The Go
  27. El Gallo Taco Truck
  28. Tacos To Go
  29. The Taco Caravan
  30. Taco Adventure
  31. Tacos & Wheels
  32. Taco Truck Fest
  33. Taco Express Mobile
  34. Taco Street Truck
  35. El Sol Taco Truck

Mexican Street Food

Mexican street food restaurants offer a variety of traditional street foods such as tacos, elotes, tamales, and churros.

These establishments aim to recreate the vibrant and diverse flavors of Mexico’s street food scene in a casual, accessible setting.

  1. Street Tacos Fiesta
  2. Urban Mex Eats
  3. Street Flavor
  4. Viva La Street
  5. Street Taco Delights
  6. El Camino Street Food
  7. Mex Street Eats
  8. The Street Taco Spot
  9. Urban Tacos
  10. Street Food Sensation
  11. Street Taco Paradise
  12. El Sabroso Street
  13. Street Food Fiesta
  14. Viva Street Eats
  15. Urban Mex Flavor
  16. The Street Food Truck
  17. Mex Street Fest
  18. El Gusto Callejero
  19. Street Food Adventure
  20. Street Taco Dreams
  21. Street Food Fiesta
  22. Street Taco Bliss
  23. The Urban Taco
  24. El Coraz贸n Callejero
  25. Street Food Haven
  26. The Taco Street
  27. Urban Mex Truck
  28. The Street Feast
  29. El Sabroso Calle
  30. Mex Street Delights
  31. The Street Taco
  32. Urban Street Eats
  33. Street Food Fiesta
  34. The Street Taco Spot
  35. Viva Mex Street

Mexican Seafood (Mariscos)

Mexican seafood restaurants, or mariscos, specialize in dishes featuring fresh seafood prepared with Mexican flavors.

Common offerings include ceviche, shrimp cocktails, and fish tacos, often highlighting regional coastal recipes and ingredients.

  1. Mariscos Del Mar
  2. Viva Mariscos
  3. El Mar Sabroso
  4. Mariscos Fiesta
  5. Mariscos El Rey
  6. La Vida Mariscos
  7. Mariscos Del Sol
  8. El Camino Mariscos
  9. Mariscos Delicias
  10. Mariscos y M谩s
  11. El Gallo Mariscos
  12. Mariscos Bonito
  13. Mariscos El Jardin
  14. Viva Mariscos
  15. Mariscos Del Mar
  16. La Cocina Mariscos
  17. Mariscos Alegre
  18. Mariscos Del Mar
  19. El Coraz贸n Mariscos
  20. Mariscos Del Mar
  21. La Vida Mariscos
  22. El Mar Sabroso
  23. Viva Mariscos
  24. Mariscos y Cerveza
  25. El Rey Mariscos
  26. La Vida Mariscos
  27. El Camino Mariscos
  28. Mariscos Del Sol
  29. El Mar Delicioso
  30. Viva Mariscos
  31. Mariscos Delicias
  32. Mariscos Fiesta
  33. El Sabroso Mariscos
  34. Mariscos Alegre
  35. Mariscos Del Mar

Mexican Fusion

Mexican fusion restaurants blend traditional Mexican cuisine with elements from other culinary traditions, creating innovative and unique dishes.

These establishments offer a creative dining experience, often featuring bold flavors and unexpected combinations that appeal to adventurous eaters.

  1. Mexi-Fusion
  2. Fusion Fiesta
  3. El Fusion Mex
  4. MexiBliss
  5. Viva Fusion
  6. Fusion Del Sol
  7. Fusion Mexicana
  8. The Fusion Spot
  9. Fusion Delicias
  10. Mexi-Blend
  11. Fusion Delicioso
  12. La Fusion Bonita
  13. Mexi-Mix
  14. Fusion Feast
  15. Fusion Dreams
  16. Viva Fusion Mex
  17. Mexi-Flavor Fusion
  18. Fusion Fiesta Mex
  19. El Fusion Del Mar
  20. Fusion Amigos
  21. Mexi-Twist
  22. Fusion y M谩s
  23. Mexi-Fusion Delicias
  24. Fusion Delight
  25. Fusion Mexi-Blend
  26. Mexi-Fusion Fest
  27. Viva Fusion Mex
  28. Fusion Del Coraz贸n
  29. Mexi-Fusion Fiesta
  30. El Fusion Alegre
  31. Fusion Mexicana
  32. Mexi-Mix Fiesta
  33. Fusion Dreams
  34. Fusion Mex Del Sol
  35. Fusion Mexicana


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Selecting the right name for your Mexican restaurant is a pivotal step in establishing a strong and appealing brand.

The 350 name ideas provided in this article span a wide range of Mexican restaurant types, ensuring there’s something for every culinary vision.

By choosing a name that reflects the vibrant and flavorful essence of your offerings, you can attract customers and build a loyal clientele.

Use these ideas as inspiration to find the perfect name that will set your Mexican restaurant apart and help you achieve lasting success in the competitive food industry.

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  1. What a fantastic resource! The variety in this list is amazing, from traditional to modern names. I鈥檓 leaning towards “La Cocina de Abuela” for a cozy, authentic feel. Thanks for making the naming process so much easier and fun!

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    I鈥檓 in the process of opening my own Mexican restaurant, and coming up with a name has been one of the toughest parts. This article gave me so many great options. “El Rancho Alegre” really speaks to me and the atmosphere I want to create. Much appreciated!

  3. This article is exactly what I needed! The list of 350 Mexican restaurant names is so diverse and creative. I’ve been looking for a name that captures the vibrant spirit of Mexican cuisine, and “Casa del Sabor” is just perfect. Thank you for the inspiration!

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