How Much Does It Cost to Form an LLC in Ohio

Forming an LLC (limited liability company) online in Ohio costs $99. When filing the LLC’s Certificate of Formation, this fee is paid to the Ohio Secretary of State.

There are many factors that affect the cost of an LLC being formed in Ohio. It is important to fully understand how to form an LLC in Ohio. It is important to be aware of the costs involved, as you will likely need to budget. This is what you should know before you start this process.

Ohio LLC Formation Costs

The Ohio Secretary of State is responsible for regulating the formation of business entities. This includes limited liability company (LLC). To form an LLC you will need to fill out paperwork by fax, mail or in person. You will also need to pay the fees. This option is available in Cleveland or Columbus if you intend to deliver your paperwork in person.

You can reserve your name before you file the paperwork to create your LLC. There is a $50 service fee for reserving up to three names. The names are then reserved for 180 days. To download the reservation form , please visit the state’s web page.

After you have created your LLC, you will need to create the Articles and Organization. You can find the form online at the state website. Once filed, you will be required to pay $125. There are three options available depending on your needs when filing.

  • Level 1 – You have two options to submit your form: in-person or by mail. Your paperwork will be processed in two business days, even though it will cost $100 for level one.
  • Level 2 – If you’re willing to pay $200 for your paperwork, it will be processed in one business day.
  • Level 3 – Submittal is required in person for level three. It costs $300 and takes less than 4 hours.

If you wish to use level three service, you must submit your paperwork by 1:00 PM on that day. Your paperwork will not be processed if you submit after this deadline.

Are there any legal requirements to form an Ohio LLC?

It is easy to form an LLC or other business entity. You will be considered an LLC under Ohio Law once you have submitted the Articles of Organization along with the fees.

While forming an LLC can be a crucial step towards achieving your business goals, it is only the beginning. You will also need to prepare important documentation such as your Operating agreement. This document can vary depending on many factors such as your industry and how many owners it contains. It is a good idea to retain legal counsel.

  • You can better manage the internal organization of your company.
  • Find out common myths about the personal liability of owners.
  • Learn more about tax-related consequences.
  • Learn the potential consequences of business investments.

This proactive step will greatly benefit your LLC over the long-term. While it is possible to form an LLC quickly, it might not be structured according to your professional and personal goals. It is important to do your research.

Steps to form an LLC in Ohio

Are you ready to start the process of forming a LLC? Here are some steps to remember once you have a better idea of what it costs to form an LLC in Ohio.

  • Be aware that the name must end in LLC/L.L.C.
  • Certain words, like Attorney or Bank, cannot be used.
  • For your LLC, you must nominate a Statutory Agency.
  • You will be considered a foreign LLC if you expand an existing LLC in the state of Ohio. To do this, please file Form 533B. You must file this via mail. The fee is $99.
  • While an operating agreement in Ohio is not mandatory, having one is strongly recommended for your LLC’s long-term protection.



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