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Starting an auto repair business is an exciting journey that requires not only technical expertise but also a strong brand identity to attract and retain customers.

One of the first and most important steps in building this identity is choosing the right name for your business.

In this article, we present 350 names and ideas for your new auto repair business, covering a wide range of themes and styles to suit different niches within the industry.

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Categories for Auto Repair Business Names

  1. General Auto Repair
    • Offers a wide range of repair services for various types of vehicles.
  2. Specialized Auto Repair
    • Focuses on specific areas like transmissions, brakes, or engines.
  3. Mobile Auto Repair
    • Provides on-site repair services at the customer’s location.
  4. Luxury Auto Repair
    • Caters to high-end and luxury vehicles with specialized equipment and expertise.
  5. Collision Repair
    • Specializes in repairing and restoring vehicles after accidents.
  6. Electric Vehicle Repair
    • Focuses on servicing and repairing electric and hybrid vehicles.
  7. Tire and Wheel Services
    • Provides tire installation, balancing, alignment, and wheel repair services.
  8. Performance and Customization
    • Offers performance upgrades, custom modifications, and tuning services.
  9. Diesel Engine Repair
    • Specializes in repairing and maintaining diesel engines for cars and trucks.
  10. Fleet Services
    • Provides maintenance and repair services for commercial vehicle fleets

General Auto Repair

General auto repair businesses offer a wide range of services, including routine maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs for various types of vehicles.

These businesses serve as a one-stop shop for most automotive needs, ensuring that customers can address multiple issues in a single visit.

  1. AutoFix Pros
  2. CarCare Solutions
  3. Total Auto Repair
  4. Prime Auto Service
  5. AllStar Auto Repair
  6. Complete Car Care
  7. Trusted Auto Repairs
  8. Revive Auto Solutions
  9. Ultimate Auto Fix
  10. Reliable Auto Service
  11. Total Car Care
  12. Driveway Auto Service
  13. FirstChoice Auto Repair
  14. ProTech Auto Fix
  15. AutoPro Mechanics
  16. Master Auto Repair
  17. Quality Car Service
  18. Prime Auto Fix
  19. Reliable Repair Pros
  20. Complete Car Service
  21. FastFix Auto
  22. Expert Auto Repair
  23. All-In-One Auto Care
  24. Total Auto Solutions
  25. Pro Auto Service
  26. AllCar Repair
  27. Precision Auto Fix
  28. Ultimate Car Service
  29. Swift Auto Repair
  30. FirstClass Auto Care
  31. TopNotch Auto Repair
  32. Reliable Auto Solutions
  33. QuickFix Auto
  34. Trusted Auto Experts
  35. Premier Auto Repair

Specialized Auto Repair

Specialized auto repair businesses focus on specific components or systems, such as transmissions, brakes, or engines.

These businesses provide expert services and in-depth knowledge for particular automotive issues, offering targeted solutions that general repair shops might not cover.

  1. Transmission Masters
  2. Brake Pro Repair
  3. Engine Experts
  4. Precision Auto Solutions
  5. Specialty Auto Fix
  6. Brake & Gear Clinic
  7. Transmission Techs
  8. EnginePro Repairs
  9. Precision Brake Service
  10. Transmission Wizards
  11. Engine Precision
  12. BrakeMaster Repair
  13. Transmission Plus
  14. Engine Experts
  15. GearFix Pro
  16. BrakePro Mechanics
  17. Engine Solutions
  18. Transmission Masters
  19. Precision Gear
  20. Engine & Brake Clinic
  21. Transmission Fixers
  22. EngineCare Experts
  23. Specialized Auto Fix
  24. Brake & Engine Pro
  25. GearTech Auto
  26. Transmission Repair Pros
  27. EngineFix Clinic
  28. Brake Specialists
  29. Transmission Experts
  30. EnginePro Auto
  31. GearMasters
  32. BrakeCare Experts
  33. Engine Precision
  34. Transmission Tech
  35. Brake & Gear Fix

Mobile Auto Repair

Mobile auto repair businesses provide on-site repair and maintenance services at the customer’s location, offering convenience and flexibility.

These businesses eliminate the need for customers to visit a repair shop, making it easier to address vehicle issues at home, work, or on the road.

  1. Mobile Mechanics
  2. On-The-Go Auto Repair
  3. Driveway Auto Fix
  4. Roadside Auto Service
  5. Mobile Car Care
  6. AutoFix Mobile
  7. Convenient Car Repair
  8. On-Demand Auto Service
  9. Mobile Repair Pros
  10. Roadside Mechanics
  11. Mobile Auto Care
  12. Roadside Repair Pros
  13. OnSite Auto Fix
  14. Driveway Mechanics
  15. Mobile Repair Experts
  16. AutoFix On The Go
  17. Mobile Car Service
  18. Roadside Mechanics
  19. Mobile Vehicle Care
  20. On-The-Spot Auto Repair
  21. Mobile Auto Solutions
  22. Driveway Auto Fix
  23. On-Demand Mechanics
  24. Mobile Repair Services
  25. Roadside Auto Fix
  26. Mobile Car Mechanics
  27. AutoCare Anywhere
  28. Convenient Car Repair
  29. Mobile Fix Pros
  30. Traveling Mechanics
  31. On-The-Go Auto Repair
  32. Driveway Car Fix
  33. Mobile Auto Masters
  34. OnSite Car Care
  35. Mobile Auto Pros

Luxury Auto Repair

Luxury auto repair businesses cater to high-end and luxury vehicles, providing specialized equipment and expertise to maintain and repair premium cars.

These businesses offer personalized services and high-quality workmanship to meet the specific needs of luxury vehicle owners.

  1. Elite Auto Care
  2. Luxury Car Clinic
  3. HighEnd Auto Repairs
  4. Prestige Auto Service
  5. Luxury Wheels Repair
  6. Exquisite Auto Solutions
  7. Premium Car Care
  8. Luxury Auto Experts
  9. Elite Vehicle Service
  10. HighEnd Car Care
  11. Prestige Auto Care
  12. Elite Vehicle Service
  13. HighEnd Car Repair
  14. Luxury Auto Fix
  15. Exquisite Car Care
  16. Premier Luxury Auto
  17. Luxury Wheels Repair
  18. Elite Car Care
  19. Luxury Auto Clinic
  20. Prestige Car Service
  21. Luxury Vehicle Experts
  22. HighEnd Auto Solutions
  23. Luxury Auto Masters
  24. Exclusive Car Care
  25. Premier Car Clinic
  26. Luxury Car Fix
  27. Elite Auto Repair
  28. HighEnd Auto Service
  29. Luxury Ride Care
  30. Prestige Vehicle Repair
  31. Elite Auto Solutions
  32. Luxury Fix Pros
  33. HighEnd Auto Clinic
  34. Prestige Auto Masters
  35. Luxury Care Experts

Collision Repair

Collision repair businesses specialize in repairing and restoring vehicles after accidents, addressing bodywork, paint, and structural damage.

These businesses work closely with insurance companies to ensure that vehicles are returned to their pre-accident condition efficiently and effectively.

  1. CollisionFix
  2. CrashMasters
  3. Impact Auto Repair
  4. AccidentPro Solutions
  5. Restore Auto Service
  6. Collision Care
  7. Crash Repair Experts
  8. Impact Auto Service
  9. AccidentFix
  10. Restore Collision Repair
  11. Impact Auto Solutions
  12. Restore Collision Clinic
  13. CrashFix Pros
  14. Accident Auto Repair
  15. Collision Repair Masters
  16. Impact Car Service
  17. Restore Auto Fix
  18. Crash Care Experts
  19. Collision Repair Clinic
  20. Accident Fix Pros
  21. Crash Masters
  22. Impact Auto Repair
  23. Restore Collision Repair
  24. Collision Care Pros
  25. CrashFix Auto
  26. Impact Vehicle Repair
  27. Restore Car Service
  28. Accident Repair Clinic
  29. CollisionFix Pros
  30. Impact Repair Experts
  31. Crash Auto Solutions
  32. Restore Auto Repair
  33. Accident Car Care
  34. Collision Masters
  35. CrashFix Clinic

Electric Vehicle Repair

Electric vehicle (EV) repair businesses focus on servicing and repairing electric and hybrid vehicles, addressing the unique components and systems of these cars.

These businesses require specialized knowledge and equipment to handle battery management, electric drivetrains, and other EV-specific issues.

  1. EV Auto Service
  2. Green Car Repairs
  3. Eco Auto Fix
  4. Electric Car Clinic
  5. EV Repair Pros
  6. HybridFix
  7. Electric Vehicle Solutions
  8. Eco Car Care
  9. EV Specialist
  10. GreenTech Auto Repair
  11. EV Car Care
  12. EcoAuto Repair
  13. Electric Vehicle Fix
  14. Green Car Solutions
  15. EV Tech Pros
  16. HybridFix Auto
  17. Eco Car Repair
  18. Electric Auto Care
  19. EV Repair Experts
  20. Green Vehicle Clinic
  21. Electric Car Pros
  22. EV Service Masters
  23. Hybrid Auto Solutions
  24. EcoAuto Fix
  25. Electric Vehicle Repair Pros
  26. GreenTech Auto Care
  27. EV Repair Clinic
  28. Eco Car Fix
  29. Electric Car Service
  30. Hybrid Vehicle Repair
  31. Eco Auto Masters
  32. EV Tech Repair
  33. GreenAuto Solutions
  34. Electric Vehicle Experts
  35. Eco Vehicle Care

Tire and Wheel Services

Tire and wheel service businesses provide tire installation, balancing, alignment, and wheel repair services.

These businesses ensure that vehicles maintain proper tire health and performance, contributing to overall safety and handling.

  1. TireFix Pros
  2. Wheel Masters
  3. Tire & Wheel Clinic
  4. PerfectTread
  5. Tire Care Solutions
  6. WheelWorks
  7. Tire & Wheel Experts
  8. TreadTech
  9. WheelFix Pros
  10. TireMaster Service
  11. TreadMasters
  12. WheelFix Pros
  13. Tire Care Clinic
  14. PerfectTread Solutions
  15. WheelWorks Repair
  16. Tire & Wheel Experts
  17. TireTech Auto
  18. Wheel Repair Pros
  19. TreadFix Clinic
  20. TirePro Service
  21. Wheel Masters
  22. Tire & Wheel Shop
  23. TreadCare Experts
  24. WheelTech Solutions
  25. Tire & Wheel Masters
  26. Tread Solutions
  27. WheelFix Auto
  28. Tire Clinic Pros
  29. WheelCare Experts
  30. Tire Masters
  31. WheelFix Service
  32. TireCare Solutions
  33. Wheel Repair Clinic
  34. Tire & Wheel Fixers
  35. TreadTech Service

Performance and Customization

Performance and customization businesses offer performance upgrades, custom modifications, and tuning services to enhance vehicle performance and aesthetics.

These businesses cater to car enthusiasts who seek to personalize and optimize their vehicles beyond factory specifications.

  1. Performance Auto Clinic
  2. Custom Car Solutions
  3. SpeedPro Auto
  4. AutoMods
  5. Custom Performance
  6. Tuned Auto Service
  7. Performance Car Care
  8. Auto Custom Clinic
  9. SpeedTech Auto
  10. Custom Ride Fix
  11. Custom Car Clinic
  12. Performance Auto Fix
  13. SpeedPro Auto
  14. AutoMods
  15. Custom Performance Solutions
  16. Tuned Auto Repair
  17. Performance Car Clinic
  18. Auto Custom Fix
  19. SpeedTech Auto
  20. Custom Ride Service
  21. Performance Car Care
  22. AutoMod Experts
  23. SpeedFix Auto
  24. Custom Car Solutions
  25. Performance Auto Masters
  26. Custom Car Experts
  27. SpeedPro Service
  28. AutoMods Clinic
  29. Performance Fix Pros
  30. Custom Ride Clinic
  31. Performance Tech Auto
  32. Custom Car Care
  33. SpeedTech Solutions
  34. AutoMods Masters
  35. Performance Auto Shop

Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel engine repair businesses specialize in repairing and maintaining diesel engines for cars, trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

These businesses provide expertise in diesel technology, ensuring that diesel-powered vehicles operate efficiently and reliably.

  1. DieselFix Pros
  2. HeavyDuty Auto Service
  3. Diesel Engine Clinic
  4. Truck & Diesel Repair
  5. DieselTech
  6. Diesel Masters
  7. DieselPro Solutions
  8. Heavy Vehicle Care
  9. Diesel Engine Experts
  10. DieselFix Clinic
  11. DieselFix Auto
  12. HeavyDuty Car Care
  13. Diesel Repair Pros
  14. Truck & Diesel Solutions
  15. Diesel Engine Clinic
  16. Heavy Vehicle Repair
  17. Diesel Masters
  18. DieselPro Service
  19. Heavy Duty Fix
  20. Diesel Care Experts
  21. Truck & Diesel Clinic
  22. Diesel Engine Masters
  23. HeavyDuty Auto Repair
  24. Diesel Solutions Pros
  25. DieselTech Service
  26. Heavy Vehicle Clinic
  27. Diesel Repair Masters
  28. Truck & Diesel Fix
  29. Diesel Engine Pros
  30. HeavyDuty Repair Experts
  31. DieselTech Auto
  32. Truck & Diesel Masters
  33. HeavyDuty Care Clinic
  34. Diesel Repair Clinic
  35. DieselFix Experts

Fleet Services

Fleet service businesses provide maintenance and repair services for commercial vehicle fleets, ensuring that business operations run smoothly.

These businesses offer scheduled maintenance, repairs, and inspections to keep fleet vehicles in top condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

  1. FleetFix
  2. FleetPro Repair
  3. Commercial Auto Service
  4. Fleet Maintenance Solutions
  5. Fleet Care Clinic
  6. Business Fleet Service
  7. Fleet Maintenance Experts
  8. Fleet Vehicle Solutions
  9. ProFleet Repair
  10. FleetTech Auto Service
  11. FleetCare Pros
  12. FleetFix Solutions
  13. Commercial Vehicle Service
  14. Fleet Maintenance Clinic
  15. FleetPro Repair
  16. Business Fleet Care
  17. Fleet Vehicle Solutions
  18. ProFleet Auto Repair
  19. FleetFix Service
  20. FleetTech Auto
  21. FleetMasters
  22. Commercial Fleet Care
  23. Fleet Maintenance Experts
  24. FleetPro Service
  25. Fleet Auto Care
  26. Business Fleet Fix
  27. Fleet Vehicle Repair
  28. ProFleet Solutions
  29. FleetFix Clinic
  30. FleetTech Service
  31. Commercial Fleet Solutions
  32. Fleet Repair Masters
  33. Fleet Maintenance Pros
  34. FleetPro Auto Care
  35. Business Fleet Service


Choosing the right name for your auto repair business is essential for establishing your brand and attracting clients. Make sure the name is easy to remember, reflects your services, and conveys professionalism. Happy naming!

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  1. Great insights! I particularly liked the suggestion to incorporate terms that convey trust and reliability—crucial in the auto repair industry. Additionally, testing the name with potential customers, as mentioned, is a fantastic way to ensure it resonates with your target audience.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this on auto repair names! The tip about checking for trademark conflicts is so important and often overlooked. It can save new business owners a lot of trouble down the line. Thanks for the great advice on crafting a memorable and professional name.

  3. Excellent article! The idea of using descriptive words that highlight your auto repair services and expertise is spot on. For those just starting out, it’s also helpful to think about future expansion and picking a name that won’t limit your business growth.

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