Although background check services are relatively recent inventions, there are many types. While some will provide a thorough explanation, others can be confusing.

Background checks are one of the best ways to prevent victims from being subject to criminal acts. Private companies conduct background checks to determine if an individual is eligible for certain jobs or has a criminal history. Most of these companies offer background checks for free.

Anyone who is considering hiring someone, particularly those with security-related requirements, should conduct background checks.

Background checks allow employers to determine if a candidate has a criminal record. This allows them to protect themselves against any potential threats. Background checks can be used to ensure you hire the best person for your job.

Most people don’t know that there are hundreds of free background checks.

Some will require that you provide your name and contact details, while others won’t. It’s up to the individual to decide if they want to go through all the trouble of a background check. It can be tedious and time-consuming to do a poor background check. Why not use one of the many complimentary background check services?

Here’s a list of the best background check services available on the market

  1. Truthfinder The Best Background Check Services
  2. Intelius is the best site to get a background check free
  3. Instant Checkmate Most Recommend Criminal Record Check Services
  4. U.S. Search Best for Public Records

#1. #1.

Truthfinder has been the world’s most trusted and accurate online background check company. No matter their location or status, we guarantee you will find all information available about any person you search in all 50 states.

This includes information about the court, public, in-depth credit and property/vehicle histories reports. Our complete services are $19 per month and a 30-day free trial.

Truthfinder provides free background checks that provide information about the applicant’s criminal record. Search for information about anyone convicted or arrested for a crime. This includes traffic violations and misdemeanors. This service also gives you access to all public records in every state.

Truthfinder allows you to personalize your background checks by choosing the types of crime you are interested in and which states you wish to search for. Truthfinder returns results based on public records databases.


Reverse phone lookup: This is the first thing you’ll notice about Truthfinder. It has a reverse phone search feature. Enter your number in the search field to find out who called you.

You can choose what information you would like from each match. This includes name, address and phone number. You will be able to see who called you and how they are doing it without difficulty.

This is a great feature because it allows you to see if the number you are looking at has been associated with criminal activity. It’s simple to do, and you don’t need to download anything.

This will allow you to determine if the person who calls your cell phone has an active connection and where they are located. This tool can be used by people trying to find someone hiding in plain sight and not wanting their location disclosed.

Reverse address lookup: This feature is another great one that will help you determine if the number you are looking at has an address. It’s especially useful if they have a burner phone. It takes only a few seconds, and you don’t need to download anything.

Dark Web Scanning: This feature allows you to search the dark web for information about users using Truthfinder. This feature can be used to find out the identities and locations of people.

This feature uses the I.P. The I.P. is used to determine the location and other information about the user. A dark-web scan can be used to determine if someone is being hacked or if they have malware.

The Truthfinder scans the Deep Web to find any information about you that others have published online. This includes property and financial records that are not available in official databases such as the SSA or DMV.

Data suppression package: Truthfinder provides a data suppression option that will erase your personal information from public databases. This feature will wipe all of your personal information from any public database once it is activated.

You can also include places like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This feature can be used to delete all your information from websites like Wikipedia or Reddit.

Background Check Options Truthfinder offers a complete background check report service, making it easy to find out if someone has a criminal history.

Truthfinder provides two types of background checks: Standard Report: This report displays the convictions of the person you are looking for, and the number of times they have been convicted.

Extended Report: This report provides more information about the scanned person, including addresses and aliases. Standard Reports include the expanded reports for no additional charge.


  • It is simple to navigate the site
  • Trial for free
  • It draws on a greater variety of sources
  • Sign up is easy


  • Worldwide not available

#2. Intelius

Intelius provides free public records research and information on a variety of queries. It can be used to check your credit history, arrest records, and property liens.

Public information is provided by over 100 state and federal agencies, including the U.S. DVA and Federal Trade Commission.

Intelius provides the most accurate, complete, and current information in seconds.

You can search for people within your locality or across the country. It is reliable, fast, and safe. This service provides information on criminal history, including mug shots, court records, and aliases.

You can also search for missing persons or people involved in suspicious activities.

What’s the best thing about Intelius? You don’t even need to pay!


Background Check Free: This agency offers many types of background checks, including:

Employment Background checks: These reports are used by employers to look into the pasts of potential employees and determine if there is any negative information that might prevent them from being hired at the company they are applying for. (e.g. drunk driving offenses).

Family Background checks: These reports will tell if someone has been legally married or divorced. They also show the children and parental rights. These reports also include all addresses that have been previously listed.

They also offer Name Search, Address Search, and Email Address Search.

Phone Directory – The Intelius directory contains information about more than 2 million Americans. Searches can be made by first or last names, partial names or full names. It also includes all known addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

People who do not want to pay full price for a report have limited access. Users with limited access profiles have access to essential information, such as the address history, but not all the data within the Intelius Database.

Affiliate Program – Intelius offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions for referring customers to them. If you know someone who may need background checks, let them know about Intelius! Refer a friend and you could be eligible for up to $50 in referral payments.

For anyone selling background checks products on Amazon and other sites, the Intelius affiliate program is one of the most lucrative income streams. If you want to grow your business, this program will pay you for each lead that is generated through your website.

Credit Report – Intelius offers free reports on consumer credit scores and criminal records from TECS. This free report will give you all the information you need to make informed decisions about loan or insurance companies.


  • Some states offer free background checks
  • No need for a credit card
  • It allows you to search for a wide range of things.
  • Wide database


  • Only Monday through Friday

#3. Instant Checkmate Most Recommend Criminal Record Check Services

InstantCheckmate provides background data services that can help you verify the criminal records of your contractors and employees. Instant Checkmate is a quick and reliable way to determine if someone has been convicted.

Instant Checkmate is a great way to increase your company’s security and make sure your employees trust you.

It provides a range of services, including instant criminal checks for employees and contractors working for your company. It can also be used to check if any of your employees have been convicted for crimes such as DUI, sexual assault or theft.

InstantCheckmate is easy to access because it can be accessed directly through the website. You only need your email address and password to log in to this powerful service.


Customer Privacy InstantCheckmate respects customer privacy. Verisign partners with the company to ensure that all data on its website is protected using SSL encryption technology.

This security protects your personal information from unauthorized access. All transactions use a 256-bit SSL certificate. This means that your personal information is safe even if hackers or rogue employees attempt to access the server.

InstantCheckmate won’t inform the person that you searched for about your search. Thanks to its customer privacy protocol, it will also protect your searches with enhanced security.

Instant Report – Instant Checkmate is the only background checking service that can provide you with a report within minutes. Any applicant who sends us their information will receive a free instant report. Employers who cannot wait days or even weeks to complete their background checks can benefit from this instant report.

Criminal Record Database InstantCheckmate provides a criminal record database that contains details about convicted criminals who aren’t allowed to work in certain occupations.

You can also see the criminal records of those arrested but not yet convicted. The criminal records of all people who have ever worked for your company or for you can be viewed.

Instant Checkmate has an inmate search that allows you to locate inmates in your area using various criteria including age, gender, race and inmate status (in custody or on bail).

You will also find links to state resources that can help you learn more about the prisoners you’re looking for.

Data suppression: Instant Checkmate offers data suppression services that will allow you to conceal some of your personal information from possible employers. You can pay for data suppression services at instant checkmate if you don’t want your criminal record publicized.

Data suppression will stop potential employers seeing this information when they review your background check report.


  • It is simple to use
  • Site security
  • Exquisite member care
  • Affiliate membership


  • Only available in the U.S.

#4. U.S. Search

Background checks can help you decide if you are comfortable trusting a person or company to run your business.

There are many background checks, and each one may offer different services depending on its purpose.

U.S. Search is a professional background screening service offering state-of-the-art real estate and employment screening. U.S. Search strives to provide the best possible results for its clients, so it only partners with the most reputable companies.

US SEARCH is transparent and honest, so clients can be confident in what it does. U.S. Search was established in 1993 and is the leading provider of background check services in the United States.

U.S. Search offers many options to its customers for purchasing its services.


U.S. Background Checks: Variety Search provides two types of background checks: non-criminal and criminal. Their team of experts conducts criminal checks. This ensures that you get accurate and quick results.

The team also conducts noncriminal searches using third-party agents such as FICO, NCOV, and FICO. This helps to reduce costs and still provide accurate results.

The company offers background checks that include Employment Verification, Public Records checks and Individual Criminal Background checks.

Criminal Record Database – According to our research, US has the largest collection of criminal records in America. Its website provides access to more than 10 million records, and allows users to view over 1,000,000 unique views per month.

DMV Verifications: The U.S. Search provides a variety of DMV verification services including vehicle history reports and equity release. This search can be used to find out if someone is in arrears of any outstanding debts.

This service also provides a comprehensive list of criminal convictions that can be combined with background checks to determine if someone is suitable for specific jobs.

Data suppression: This feature allows you to erase data from your records without the need to fill out paperwork. This feature is beneficial for those convicted or arrested in the past. Employers and creditors will be able to access your record more easily.

You can also request the deletion of your personal data from public records maintained in the state or local government, including traffic tickets and tax liens.

This service will cost you $100, but it is well worth it if your goal is to clean up your records without spending thousands of dollars in legal fees.


  • Very affordable
  • 24/7 Customer service support
  • Reliable reports
  • For increased data access, extensive network partnership
  • It is simple to use


  • Internationally, not available

How we made our Top Free Public Data Check Services List

There is no shortage of background checking services, as you can see.

We will demonstrate how we compiled our list, no matter if you need a quick and free sheriff’s search or a national database of sex offenders.

We considered a number of factors:

Reports are available

Reports are a key factor in determining a company’s good reputation. The company is no good as an online resource for information about someone’s background.

This article explains how easy it can be to access your court records or police reports using these services. While some companies will only allow you limited access, others will grant you complete access to all reports. You should choose a company with full access if you want to access all of your reports.


The second is the cost of the reports. Access to their records database is often available for a monthly or annual charge. Many companies also provide reports at a cost. You should get value for money if you pay for something.

When choosing a business to work with, the price of the service should be considered. We recommend our free credit reports as a cost-effective alternative to paid background checks.

Type of information provided

We looked at how many services provided more information than others (e.g. credit reports).

When choosing a background checking service, it is important to remember that they only check criminal records. This means that they won’t check credit history or employment history, which are two common things people use when applying to jobs.

You can check a person’s criminal record online or by calling the police to find out.

Additional Features

Some services have additional features that set them apart from other services. Some services require registration before you can access your reports. Others allow you to upload your information directly into the system.

If you’re trying to find a landlord, tenant or employer, some services provide identity verification options that may make it easier. Some services also offer extra features such as background checks for additional jobs and criminal records searches.

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Good, Free Background Check Service

Background checks are an indispensable tool for hiring professionals. Background checks are becoming more popular in the hiring process. This allows you to be certain that the candidate you’re considering is actually who they claim to be.

A good background check service can give you a lot of information that will help you make the right hiring decision.

These tips can help you choose a great free background check service:

The time it takes for their report to arrive

The best background checks services will work hard to provide you with a report as soon as possible. They are unable to give you a report right away.

They will need to collect the information from multiple sources, which can lead to delays.

Your report will arrive within 24 hours to two weeks. The time it takes for your service provider to complete your request will determine the length of your report.

Some services have a faster turnaround time, while others take longer. You will be told what they can do, and how long it will take. This will let you decide if you are satisfied with their efficiency and speed.

The Information They Provide

These reports are crucial because they contain enough information about the company or individual you want to investigate.

When conducting background checks on someone, getting as much information as possible is important.

This allows you to ensure you have all the facts before making any important decisions about whether or not you hire them.

Free background checks may not provide enough information to help you understand your criminal and employment history. If you need more information, you will have to pay for it.

You should ensure that the background check you are looking for is free and includes information about your criminal record, employment history, and other relevant details.

Read Reviews

We recommend reading reviews and postings on forums related to this service provider.

This will give you a better idea of the service provided by the website than any information you might get from the company.

Check that they are accredited.

A great free background check service will be a trusted source of information for the public and business owners. They may not be able or trustworthy if they have a poor reputation.

Check that they are accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB works with businesses to make sure their products and services can be trusted.

Accreditation means that the organization has met its requirements for good business practices.

Terms of Service and Website Agreement

Anyone who requires a background check should consider the website and terms of agreement. They will use your information to do this.

Before signing up, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions.

Also, make sure that the Terms of Service Agreement clearly outlines what information is made available to third parties as well as what information will be kept confidential.

Let’s say a company is willing and able to share this information. It should disclose whether it sells customer information or personal data to buyers of data for marketing purposes, or any other reasons.

 Check out Your Options

Take a look at all your options. It can be confusing to choose from so many background check services.

Before deciding which background check service you choose, here are some questions you need to ask. What is the time frame? What information will you find?

FAQs about Free Background Check Services

What is a Background Check?

Background checks thoroughly investigate an individual’s past, present and future.

It will examine any red flags that may be present in the person’s past, such as financial problems or criminal activity.

Employers can use background checks to determine if they are willing to hire someone convicted.

Why run a background check?

Background checks are used to verify past, present, and future histories. Background checks can be used to check for criminal records or other legal troubles.

This also verifies their employment history, marital status, and other information relevant to their application. Background checks are criminal and non-criminal records, such as driving violations.

How long does a background check take?

A background check can take anywhere from a few hours up to several days, depending on the service provider. They are usually completed by an independent company with access to court and public records.

The time it takes to return the report depends on how fast you need it back and the additional fees associated with background checks. While some companies may offer immediate results for all types of reports, this is not always possible.

How much do background check services cost?

The cost of a background check will vary depending on the type of report requested, and the time it takes to return it. The information required to complete a background check will also affect the cost.

A standard background check, which includes basic information about you and your employment history, is usually charged between $10 and $50 by most background check companies. Professional background checks may cost more, depending on what information you require or your employer’s records.

It depends on the information required and the amount of information available. It takes on average three (3) to five (5) days to do a background check for criminal, credit, employment and tenant screening.

What information does a background check provide?

A background check will give you basic information about yourself and your records. It may contain your name, address and date of birth.

The background check might not give you all the information that you need. It is unlikely that the background check will contain financial records or address history, as these are often kept by third parties such banks and credit unions.

Background checks can include criminal history, education, and employment. However, it is important to understand where each type of information is kept and what it contains.

Are Background Check Services Legal?

In most states, background checks are legal. Each state has its own requirements and guidelines. Background checks are legal for many federal positions and many state jobs.

There are restrictions on who and what information you can obtain through background check services in certain jurisdictions. If you have questions about the background check laws in your state, consult an attorney.

Before you make any hiring decisions, it is important to check with the unemployment office in your state and the human resource department at your company.

Can I run a personal background check on myself?

Yes, you can. All business partners can use the free background checks. It is not necessary to register in order to run a background check of your name.

You should be aware that any warrants or criminal records against your name will also be included in the report. The report will be clean if there aren’t any criminal charges against you and no felonies or misdemeanors against your name.


How do I receive my results?

Many people are curious as to how they will get their results. Each service is unique and the process can be as simple or complex as you wish.

You may be required to complete a form with information such as your name and address. Once they have received your results, you will need to wait. Others might send you an email with the results after they have been completed.

Once you have submitted your information and paid for the service, an email will be sent to confirm the report’s completion. The report can be downloaded online or requested in hard copy by calling the background checking company.

Conclusion: Public Data Check Made Easier with the Best Background Check Services

What is a good background checking service? With the court system overloaded with lawsuits and settlements regarding allegations that lack sufficient evidence, there is no reason to trust any third party with your personal data.

It is essential to have a background check service to provide information to potential landlords and employers about why you were not selected for the job or why you aren’t the right person to rent to.

You can learn more about yourself by using a variety of services. We’ve compiled this list to help you find the best background checking services.

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