Georgia state seal. Best Places to Live in Georgia

You could bet your house that Georgia would be on the list of most loved states if it were drawn.

The Peach State is a state that many love.

Perhaps it’s the rich history. You could also be drawn to the stunning natural beauty of its landscapes, which include mountains, farms, dense forests, and beaches. It is known for its southern hospitality and accents. It is also home to a host of friendly people.

Georgia is known for its syrupy drinks, and many others love it. Brunswick soup. Being the largest producer of peaches. Peanuts. Pecans. For the fried fish, you can also use pecans.

Augusta Masters tournament. The football. Famous BBQs. We could go on.

This state in the Deep South is affordable for those with tight budgets, as it has a population of 10.3 million. You get more bang for your dollar for everything, from housing to fresh produce from farmer’s markets.

Georgia has a high standard of living. There are 18 Fortune 500 companies and 33 Fortune 1000 companies in Georgia. All kinds of businesses are attracted to Georgia by the generous tax incentives, including the film- and television industry, which has boomed.

Most cities in Georgia can be considered safe, and there is a large diversity of people everywhere.

Peach State boasts a diverse topography that offers a unique lifestyle. The combination of country and city life appeals to many. There is something for everyone, no matter their age.

These are the top 10 places to live in Georgia if you are considering moving to Georgia.

1. John’s Creek

John’s Creek is a suburb 30 miles northeast from Atlanta in Fulton County. It is home to over 82,200 people enjoying a high quality of living.

This area has some of the most prestigious schools in the state. The high school graduation rate is close to 100%, surpassing the state’s and national averages.

John’s Creek has a low crime rate. The property crime rate in John’s Creek is 75% lower than the national average. However, the violent crime rate is welcome at 90%.

Residents have many amenities, including entertainment, shopping, and recreational options. Its proximity to major cities only enhances its appeal for leisure activities.

Despite all the benefits, you will need to pay a bit more to live in John’s Creek. This area has a median home value of $333,300.

2. Alpharetta

Alpharetta, which is located near Atlanta, is also in Fulton County. This region boasts many places that are often considered the best in the Empire State of the South.

The area has 62,000 residents who live in a high-quality life. This is due to the high quality of life in the area, as well as the fact that each household earns an average income of $92,839 each year.

The crime rate is lower than the rest of the state and the unemployment rate is also lower.

Alpharetta’s education system is perfect for young families. It has the best schools in the state.

You will pay more for a home than you would elsewhere in Georgia. You still get great value, as a three-bedroom, two-bath single-family home will earn back $327,000.

Nevertheless, most residents have very good salaries at around $92,839 per family.

3. Athens

Although the Athens version is not as popular for families, it’s a proud place to call your home.

Athens may not be the right place for you if you’re looking for excellent schools and a mature community. This is a great college town for young people.

Because you don’t have to be young to enjoy the many benefits of living in Athens, like most college towns worth their salt, we say “young at heart”.

College towns are affordable. This is what Clarke County’s 120,000 residents get. The median home value in Clarke County is $150,000. Rents average $789.

College towns are more than just bike-friendly. They also have great public transport, as can be seen in Athens.

You can also enjoy a variety of entertainment, dining, and shopping options at a fraction of the cost in this wonderful town.

4. Roswell

Roswell, a town in Fulton County, is also home to nearly 94,000 people.

For many reasons, it makes our list of the best places to live and work in Georgia.

Roswell is home to some of the best schools in the state and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the Peach State.

The crime rate is lower than the state average. Another perk? It’s a bit cheaper than other areas of Fulton County.

The average cost of a single-family home is $297,000. However, the residents here earn an average salary of $82,150.

Roswell has 18 parks that offer children ample space for play and learning.

5. Decatur

Decatur, a small community with nearly 21,000 residents, was named by Niche the best place in Georgia to live in 2017.

The city is nestled in DeKalb County. Its motto is “Everything Is Greater in Decatur,” which seems to live up to its hype in all aspects.

These schools are among the most prestigious in Georgia. Students spend the second-highest amount in Georgia. However, they also get lots of individual attention.

Decatur’s home prices are higher than average at $365,900. However, anyone interested in renting would be relieved that the monthly rental rate of $887 is lower than the national median.

This beautiful suburb is safe and secure.

Decatur offers a wide range of dining options, including fine dining, soul food, and BBQ, as well as fusion restaurants.

6. Suwanee

Next on our list is a small city with just over 17,000 inhabitants that has been featured in numerous publications, such as Family Circle, Money Magazine, and Kiplinger.

Yes, and for all the right reasons.

Suwanee is a great place to call home, whether you’re looking for single professionals, families, or retired people.

The public schools rank among the best in the country, and the cost of living is very affordable in this area. A decent four-bedroom, two-bath single-family home can be purchased for $239,000.

Residents have excellent jobs that earn an average of $82,440 per year. There is also a low crime rate.

7. Marietta

Marrieta, a small town near Atlanta, is found in Cobb County.

Many schools are well-respected and have a 9/10 rating on Lassiter High School was ranked seventh in the state by U.S. News & World Report.

Marietta’s cost of living is very affordable. The average monthly rent in Marietta is $900. This is lower than the national average. Nice single-family home with two bedrooms and a bath is available for purchase at $211,500.

Marietta is home to more attractions than it can handle, with 58,900 residents. There are 18 parks, theatres, and museums.

The area’s Civil War museum and war-reenactments will appeal to history buffs, while outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the 18-mile trail network in the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.

Kennesaw, Kennesaw!

8. Kennesaw

Kennesaw, a rapidly growing community in Cobb County, is home to 32.200 people.

According to U.S. News & World Report 2016, mass migrations are occurring to Georgia because of its livability. Kennesaw seems to be getting quite the attention.

Warum, you might ask?

The area is very affordable for first-time residents.

You can search the state for houses that cost $151,800, but this is an average price.

Kennesaw is also a desirable area for families because of its high-performing schools. This small community is also known for its low crime rates. There are many incidents each year, but the area is given an “A+” rating on for “desirability to families”.

You can also find a historic town nearby, which is walkable. You’ll find brick walkways, museums, specialty shops, restaurants, and parks here.

The Kennesaw State University’s presence gives the town a college vibe and vibrancy, but it is not enough to dominate the general vibe of the area.

9. Mountain Park

The name alone is enough to tell you what to expect from this suburban Gwinnett County, home to 12700 people.

Right here, you will find the huge stone monolith that is a gateway to Stone Mountain Park, the largest tourist attraction in Georgia.

Mountain Park is a long distance from Atlanta, so it would not be an ideal location for those who work in the city. However, this area is affordable enough to be attractive to young families who are just starting out.

Mountain Park’s median home value is $168,500. If you want tranquility, peace, and community, you should move there before prices increase.

The nearby Stone Mountain Park has a number of attractions and a theme park. This will make it easy for the children to remember.

10. Peachtree City

Peachtree City, home to 34,900 people, is considered one of America’s best places to live by many prominent entities such as CNN and TIME Magazine.

You will find the lush suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, hidden somewhere in Fayette county. Here, you’ll find people of all ages zipping around neighborhoods in their golf carts, whether teens or seniors.

This picturesque town has 10,000 golf carts. It also boasts 90 miles of trails that weave through beautiful lakes, a bike park, baseball fields, an amphitheater, and more.

Peachtree City homes are valued at $274,600, and rent prices in Georgia average around $2,000 per month.

The high-salaried households whose members work for TDK and Panasonic are protected from high living costs by their $85,420 annual salaries.

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