Texas is one of the most stereotyped places in America and the world. The name conjures up certain images of the area when it is mentioned.

Country music. Western hats. They have a distinctive drawl and twang. Barbecues. Rodeos, ranches. Pickup trucks for heavy duty. Horseback riding cowboys roping cattle. The American flag is displayed on the front porch. Starry night skies The Dallas Cowboys are also there.

The Lone Star State is all of that and more. There is much more. You might be interested in many other things if you’re looking to move here.

Texas has been a popular state because of its great climate, low state taxes, and affordable housing. There are also many exciting cities and lots to do. As if that wasn’t enough, Texas has been ranked second in livability in the Best Countries to Live in America rankings, behind California.

Niche.com ranked schools based on quality, job statistics, housing trends, and crime rates.

Based on these hard data, we also considered the opinions of locals. Here are the 12 best places in Texas to live: these are the suburbs, cities, and towns that made it onto our list.

Note: The inner cities are home to the majority of crime and the most decaying infrastructure, just like most major American cities. The best schools and parks are usually further away.

Some cities have the best parts in the northern suburbs, while others are further out in the southern suburbs. This is something you should consider.

Ok, here are our 10 top places to live in Texas.

1. The Woodlands

The Woodlands was named America’s sixth most desirable place to live.

It’s not surprising because anyone who’s ever spent time in Houston’s most prestigious suburbs will undoubtedly agree that the area is in a class all its own.

This small community of 105,000 people has enough high-end restaurants, shopping, concerts, and other events to make it a popular destination. The landscape is characterized by lush greens, wooded areas, and beautiful views.

You know why they call it The Woodlands.

The crime rate is extremely low. In case you are worried about the bad guys lurking in the bush, there is only one case of burglary per 100,000. Although the cost of living may seem high, many people consider the median home worth at $311,300 an incredible value.

2. Plano

The latest data also placed Plano in seventh place in America, ranking it very favorably.

Plano, Texas, has a population of approximately 275,645. It also has some of the lowest taxes and crime rates in Texas. It is known for being a ‘great place to do business, and it lives up to this reputation.

Its Texan sky is dotted with a multitude of office buildings. Every business seems to be moving operations here – JP Morgan Chase and Dean & Delucca, as well as Barnes & Noble, Shake Shack, Barnes & Noble, Barnes & Noble, and Barnes & Noble. It also serves as the regional headquarters of giants like PepsiCo and Bank of America, Intel, Cigna, and Intel.

The median home value will not remain at $329,100 due to its phenomenal growth rate. It was $301,848 in 2016 and $231,600 (2011).

Plano is a diverse community with over 80 languages spoken at its top-rated schools. The community’s great camaraderie will make new residents feel at home quickly.

3. Euless

Euless considers itself a small-town city but a mid-sized one. We aren’t sure if a city of 53,000 people is enough to make it a mid-size one.

It is known that this town, located between Dallas and Fort Worth, is one of the most desirable places in Texas. Euless, like many other areas of Texas, is diverse. There are many Hispanics and Asians.

This is Texas’ most diverse public high school. Name’s Trinity High School is a highly ranked institution in all aspects – academic, athletic (the Trojans won the 2015 district championship), and even specialized classes such as robotics and cosmetology.

Euless boasts an 18-hole championship golf course. This will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. There is also an aqua park for kids to enjoy and 300 acres of parkland.

The unemployment rate is at an alarming 4.1%. Dallas is just 30 minutes away, a great perk for a state that places long distances as the norm.

The average home in Euless is $200,000.

4. Round Rock

Round Rock has been a constant presence in the top places to live across the country over the years. 2017 saw Round Rock, a small suburban paradise of approximately 110,000 people, check in at No.16.

Here’s why.

Round Rock is located close to all the excitement and culture of Austin. Dallas is also within three hours. It is very low and almost everyone you meet seems to be an engineer.

This is likely because Dell has made this their home, and other tech giants such as Samsung and IBM also claim these coveted lands far away from Silicon Valley’s buzz and exorbitant prices.

The majority of Round Rock residents live in their homes. However, if you’re looking to rent, the current rate is $1,000.

Excellent schools score high, and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. For those who enjoy the outdoors, there are many activities available. There are endless parks and running trails.

5. Austin

It’s not often that we see big cities on the list of top places to live. We rely only on the suburbs to get the glory. Austin was a remarkable No. In 2017, Austin ranked 22. 22 in 2017.

U.S. News and World Report had been less conservative in its earlier rankings of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in America. In an annual report, Austin was ranked as the best place in America to live.

Denver was knocked off its perch. It was partly due to Denver’s high desire level. The favorable ranking was also helped by a rise in the capital’s median income of $57,689 and the low unemployment rate, which hovered at around three percent over the past year.

Austin is home to a large number of young people. Millennials are attracted to it like a moth and flame. It follows that nightlife must be lively, which is exactly what you get.

Austin’s population is currently at 947,890, which is amazing considering it has remained below 1 million. It’s only a matter of time before this barrier is broken, especially considering that houses sell for an average of $325,700.

6. College Station

College Station is located in central Texas, about 100 miles from Houston (to its northwest) or Austin (to its northeast), and 200 miles north of Dallas.

This city of 101,000 got its name because it is home to Texas A&M University. It is one of America’s most prestigious public universities. Although it has been accused of being small-town-like, the exact feeling that made it to number 28 on Best Cities to Live in America’s list of Best Cities to Live in America is what it has.

It is expectedly diverse and has a reasonable cost of living.

Texas is generally very affordable. That’s for sure. College Station is a great place to live if you want to save money and retain a small-town feel. An average house costs just under $200,000

The convenient Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Greenways Plan are available to residents. It considers everyone’s best interest.

The result is a happy community.

7. Houston

Houston is well-known for its space shuttle launch center (and possibly oil refineries), but there’s more to the Bayou City.

It was ranked #57 in America’s Best Cities to Live in America. This economic powerhouse has been regarded as the largest job creator in America for many years. The city is home to 26 Fortune 500 companies.

Houston’s most striking feature is its affordability. A paycheck in Houston, home to 2.3 million people, is more than anywhere else in the country.

Houston healthcare is big business in every sense of the word. The city boasts a larger medical center than downtown Dallas.

Houston is a vibrant city with a strong cultural and restaurant scene. Houston has a median home value of $312,000.900 and easily qualifies as one of America’s best cities.

8. Denton

Denton is the best place to start your search if you want to move to Dallas. Denton is a county. However, the main city goes by the same name.

Texas seems to be a hot spot for education right now, and Denton wants to ensure it is not forgotten. This city of 125,000.734 residents is home to both the University of Texas (UT) and Texas Woman’s University (TWU). It’s essentially a university town.

Denton is much more than this, even though it’s sometimes called “little d” by its residents, in contrast to nearby Dallas. It is one of Texas’s most progressive, diverse, and culturally rich communities.

The majority of residents are entrepreneurs or work in the tech industry. It is a highly livable city, with a median home price of $265,000 and a high-quality housing market.

The city has a vibrant art and culture scene. There are, on average 20 major festivals and fairs every year. From music to air shows, Cinco de Mayo even.

Did we mention it was ranked No. 64 on America’s Best Cities to Live? That’s right!

9. Frisco

Frisco, a Dallas suburb, is a highly-rated area with affordable housing, excellent public schools, and a wide range of recreational activities.

This suburb of San Francisco, with 277,600 residents, has been called a “shopper’s paradise” due to the nine million square feet of retail space and restaurants that still maintain the ‘big factor of the Lone Star State.

The market expects to remain bullish as house prices have risen from $277,600 in 2011 down to $393,500 today. It would be now if there were ever a better time to buy.

Frisco is the ideal place for sports fans. You will find every team there, and Frisco is a great place to work. Healthcare is also a big employer.

10. Cedar Park

Although it didn’t make the Best Cities list Cedar Park is undoubtedly one of the most desirable places to raise a family.

It is a popular suburb in Austin, with a population that exceeds 60,000. It is located 20 minutes from downtown and is well-respected for its public schools, performance, desirability for families, diversity, and nightlife.

Cedar Park is great for outdoor enthusiasts, as it has nearby attractions like the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge or Lake Travis.

There are many dining options available, including the famous family-owned Texas steakhouses.

Lakeline Mall may be Cedar Park’s worst mistake for those who love shopping. Here, you’ll find everything you need and nothing you don’t.

11. Spicewood

You will find one of the most beautiful suburbs in Texas, located further away from Austin. Spicewood is located in Burnet County, near northern Lake Travis.

These homes house just over 10,000 people. Most of them are within the seven-figure range. It all depends on the property’s exact location, but the average is around $600,000.

This great community provides something rare these days: solitude. It is hard is it not just for retirees. If you have children, Austin has a wonderful elementary school.

If they feel bored by the tranquility of their surroundings and need a little bit of city madness, it is only 45 minutes from downtown.

12. Lewisville

Lewisville, a suburb of Dallas in Denton County, is home to 101,000 people.

The average housing price in Spicewood is 156,800, which is lower than the national average. This is modest for a small community just a few minutes from Dallas and Fort Worth.

It isn’t like this town is for the poor. Lewisville is a great place to visit, offering various activities and value. These include various outdoor recreation activities around Lewisville Lake and Old Town Lewisville.

Family desirability is high due to outstanding rankings in the main suspects – public school, health and fitness, jobs and livability, diversity, and commute (all ranked by Niche.com and many other factors).

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