Connecticut is one of the most charming states in America. This area of New England has a wonderful mix of rural and coastal havens. Connecticut can access the coast, unlike many other US states. This is great news for surfers, beach lovers, and beach bums. Although the Atlantic Coast can sometimes be quite harsh, the sun always shines over Connecticut.

There is always something new in Connecticut, from New Haven to Mystic. Mystic is known for its Seaport museum, which preserves ancient sailing vessels, and the Mystic Aquarium, which contains the Beluga Whales.

Does Connecticut sound appealing to you?

No matter where you go, there are some basic requirements your new homestead needs to meet. There are many things to consider, including access to quality public schools for children with small children and easy access to commuter routes for those who need to travel to work.

We don’t want to overwhelm anyone, so we created this list of 1o top places to live in Connecticut. It will give you an idea about the options available in this great American state.

1. Simsbury

Simsbury is located in the Connecticut state capital, Hartford. It is not unusual to see a suburb of Hartford as the first place. Simsbury is home to 23844 residents.

Although the home value is higher than in other parts of Connecticut, it sets the standard for Connecticut. An average Simsbury house costs $328,600. This area is home to many classic New England-style homes. It’s worth looking around, especially considering the high investment.

The average household earning more than $100,000 per year is no reason to be concerned about the rising cost of housing and living costs.

2. New Canaan

New Canaan is considered one of the best places to live in Connecticut. Despite being located within Connecticut’s state boundaries, New Canaan is considered a suburb of New York City.

New Canaan is not a place that rolls in. This is due to the seven-figure cost of nearly all homes. New Canaan’s average house costs $1,332,000 to buy. Smaller, more modest homes can be renovated and sold for less than $800,000. This is a very exclusive area.

All schools are excellent, and all residents have a good income.

3. Old Greenwich

This area requires a substantial investment if you want to purchase property in Connecticut and New England. Old Greenwich, a wealthy area, is worth mentioning. The average family brings in around $207,000 annually to their $1,400,000.900 home.

Old Greenwich is great for raising a family in a safe, secure, and well-maintained neighborhood. The area is described as quiet and peaceful, close to the beach.

Old Greenwich is the best suburb for those looking to rent a flash pad. The median monthly rent for a condo with a coast view is $2,477.


4. Weatogue

Weatogue is a small suburb of Hartford that only has around 3,000 residents. It feels like a small village. Weatogue has a more accessible area than prestigious, meaning the house prices are much lower. The average house price here is $324,600. This makes it more affordable for the average American working person.

It will not surprise you that Weatogue is the best place to buy a home in Connecticut.

The area has low crime rates, possibly due to its small population and the neighborly nature of the residents. All are welcome here, including retirees and families.

5. Weston

Weston, Connecticut, is another great place to live. It is considered a suburb of New York City and is an ideal commuter area. It is home to 10373 residents, and many commute daily to the city. Locals say there are plenty of job opportunities within the immediate area.

Weston is home to crime every once in a while. This is one of Connecticut’s safest neighborhoods.

There are many residents from this area, and they all have high incomes. The average family earns $217,171 annually. Despite this, house prices are currently below one million dollars.

6. Avon

Avon is considered one of Connecticut’s most desirable places to purchase a home. It is easy to see why, as it is comparable with Weatogue. Even though average house prices are $376,500, you will need $400,000 to look at homes.

You can see why only 14% live in rented accommodation with a median rent of $1,234 per month.

Avon offers exceptional value for money. A 4-bedroom, 2-story home with three bathrooms and an expansive garden can be purchased for $479,000.

Connecticut has a low crime rate. Avon is no different. It is rare for crime to occur, and it is not of great significance.

7. Glastonbury

Glastonbury, another suburb of Hartford, is another one that we consider a great all-rounder. Glastonbury’s western border flows alongside the Connecticut River.

Although the area was established in 1693, the history books indicate that the first settlers arrived in 1636. Glastonbury houses are in the New England style. You get great value for your money, like in Weatogue and Avon.

Parents who want their children to attend top-rated public schools should consider moving here. You can’t go wrong with this district, one of the largest in Connecticut. There are 46 exceptional schools available.

8. Ridgefield

Fairfield County is home to Ridgefield, which is home to 25137 people. Ridgefield has a suburban feel but retains a rural vibe.

Nearly all the homes are detached and scattered around the town quite sparsely. Many homes that are on the market have large gardens. It is possible to imagine living in more rural surroundings. Some may argue that this is the best of both worlds.

Connecticut is one of the most secure states in the USA. This is a great reassurance to any potential newcomer that no crime or nastiness will be far from you.

9. Greenwich

The suburb of Greenwich is located just south of Stamford. However, it is home to 62.400 people from other parts of the globe and would still be considered a city.

We are back in the exclusive New England Connecticut area we explored earlier. The house prices are the most expensive here, at an average of $1,169,000.900. The average rent here is $1,800 per month, but there are still 33% of residents who rent.

It’s easy to assume that the suburb of New York City is home to many high-ranking city workers. We find that the average annual income here is $128,153. It’s no hassle to pay nearly $2000 monthly rent when you have that much money.

10. Woodbridge

Woodbridge is a far cry from Greenwich when it comes to house prices. Woodbridge, a suburb in New Haven County, has a New England-style feel despite its low price.

Woodbridge is slightly closer to the national average in terms of median household income and median home value. Woodbridge’s house prices are around $474,500, and the household income is $133 4,122. This is triple the national average, so we’re still in Connecticut.

Residents love the community’s family-oriented nature and low crime rates. This is mainly due to the quality of schools and other facilities that young people have access to, which keeps them off the streets.

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