We give an overview of SunDoc Filings, a business formation company that primarily assists individuals and businesses in the process of forming various types of legal entities, such as corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and nonprofit organizations.

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Who Uses Sun Doc Filings

While the exact customer base may vary, the typical customers who utilize the services of SunDoc Filings can be described as follows:

1. Entrepreneurs and Startups: SunDoc Filings caters to entrepreneurs and startup ventures that are looking to establish a formal legal structure for their business. These individuals may have innovative business ideas and seek professional assistance to navigate the complexities of business formation.

2. Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: SunDoc Filings also serves small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that require expert guidance in setting up or restructuring their legal entities. These businesses may be looking to expand, change their structure, or establish subsidiaries.

3. Professionals and Consultants: Professionals such as lawyers, accountants, consultants, and advisors often recommend SunDoc Filings to their clients. These professionals understand the legal intricacies involved in business formation and seek a reliable partner to handle the paperwork and filing requirements on behalf of their clients.

4. Real Estate Investors: Real estate investors and developers frequently utilize SunDoc Filings’ services when establishing entities for their property holdings. These investors may use entities like LLCs to protect their personal assets and facilitate real estate transactions.

5. Nonprofit Organizations: SunDoc Filings assists individuals and groups interested in establishing nonprofit organizations. These organizations could be involved in charitable, educational, religious, or other philanthropic activities and require proper legal documentation to obtain tax-exempt status.

6. Franchise Owners: Franchisees who are acquiring a franchise business often seek the assistance of SunDoc Filings to ensure their legal compliance and formalize the establishment of their franchise entity.

7. Professionals Seeking Individual Liability Protection: Some professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, and consultants, may choose to form professional corporations or professional LLCs to limit their personal liability. SunDoc Filings helps these professionals set up the appropriate legal structures for their practices.

It is worth noting that while this provides a general overview, the specific customers of SunDoc Filings may vary based on geographic location, industry, and individual circumstances.

SunDoc Filings Google profile
SunDoc Filings Google profile

Is SunDoc Filings Legit?

Yes, SunDoc Filings is a legitimate and reputable business formation company. They have been in operation since 1999 and have assisted thousands of customers in forming their legal entities across the United States.

SunDoc Filings has built a solid reputation for providing reliable and professional services in the field of business formation.

Here are a few reasons why SunDoc Filings is considered a legitimate company:

1. Longevity and Experience: SunDoc Filings has been in business for over two decades, which demonstrates their stability and experience in the industry. Their longevity indicates that they have successfully served numerous customers over the years.

2. Positive Customer Reviews: SunDoc Filings has received positive customer reviews and testimonials from many satisfied clients. These reviews can be found on various platforms and attest to the company’s professionalism, efficiency, and expertise in handling business formation requirements.

3. Accreditations and Affiliations: SunDoc Filings is a registered and authorized filing agency with the Secretary of State in several states. They are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintain a good rating. These affiliations and accreditations further support their legitimacy and adherence to industry standards.

4. Transparent Pricing and Policies: SunDoc Filings provides transparent pricing for their services, clearly outlining the costs associated with business formation. They have clear policies and terms of service, ensuring customers understand what they can expect throughout the process.

5. Secure and Confidential: SunDoc Filings maintains strict security measures to protect the sensitive information provided by their customers during the formation process. They prioritize confidentiality and have systems in place to safeguard personal and financial data.

It’s always a good practice to conduct your own research and due diligence before engaging with any service provider.

If you are searching for the best LLC formation service or registered agent service, our top 3 recommended services are Northwest Registered Agent, Incfile and ZenBusiness.

SunDoc Filings Pros and Cons


1. Experience and Expertise: SunDoc Filings has been in business for over two decades, indicating a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of business formation. Their expertise can be valuable in navigating the complexities of legal requirements.

2. Convenience and Time-Saving: By using SunDoc Filings, customers can save time and effort as the company handles the paperwork and filing processes associated with business formation. This allows customers to focus on other aspects of their business.

3. Compliance and Accuracy: SunDoc Filings aims to ensure compliance with state regulations and requirements when assisting with business formation. Their familiarity with the process can help minimize errors and ensure accurate documentation.

4. Range of Services: SunDoc Filings offers a comprehensive range of services, including business formation, registered agent services, compliance assistance, document retrieval, and more. This can provide customers with a one-stop solution for their business needs.

5. Customer Support: SunDoc Filings provides customer support via phone and email, allowing customers to seek assistance or clarification throughout the process. Responsive customer support can enhance the overall experience.


1. Cost: While SunDoc Filings offers transparent pricing, the cost of their services may be higher compared to do-it-yourself options or some competitors. Customers should consider their budget and evaluate the value of the services provided.

2. Limited International Services: SunDoc Filings primarily focuses on business formation and compliance within the United States. If you require international business services or have specific needs outside of the U.S., SunDoc Filings may not be the most suitable option.

3. State-Specific Limitations: The services and features provided by SunDoc Filings may vary depending on the state and jurisdiction. Some services may not be available in all states, and customers should ensure that SunDoc Filings can meet their specific requirements.

4. Dependency on Third-Party Processing Times: Certain steps in the business formation process, such as state filing and document retrieval, may be subject to processing times set by government agencies or third parties. Delays in these processes may be outside the control of SunDoc Filings.

5. Self-Service Alternatives: While SunDoc Filings can simplify the business formation process, some customers may prefer a more hands-on approach or have the expertise to handle the process themselves. In such cases, the services provided by SunDoc Filings may not be necessary.

It’s important to consider these pros and cons in the context of your specific needs and preferences. Conducting further research, reading customer reviews, and comparing alternative service providers can help you make an informed decision.

Can SunDoc Filings Be Trusted?

SunDoc Filings has a track record of providing reliable services and has gained the trust of many customers over the years. However, trust is subjective and can vary from person to person. Here are some factors to consider when assessing whether SunDoc Filings can be trusted:

1. Longevity and Reputation: SunDoc Filings has been operating since 1999, which indicates their stability in the business formation industry. They have served a large number of customers and have built a reputation for professionalism and efficiency. Positive customer reviews and testimonials can further support their trustworthiness.

2. Legal Compliance: SunDoc Filings operates within the legal frameworks of the states where they offer their services. They are registered and authorized filing agents with the Secretary of State in multiple states. This demonstrates their commitment to adhering to legal requirements and regulations.

3. Transparent Practices: SunDoc Filings maintains transparency in their pricing, clearly outlining the costs associated with their services. They also have clear policies and terms of service, ensuring customers understand what to expect throughout the process. Transparent practices can contribute to building trust with customers.

4. Security and Confidentiality: SunDoc Filings has security measures in place to protect the sensitive information provided by their customers. They prioritize confidentiality and take appropriate steps to safeguard personal and financial data.

5. Customer Support: A trustworthy company typically offers reliable customer support. SunDoc Filings provides customer support channels, such as phone and email, to address inquiries and assist customers throughout the business formation process.

While SunDoc Filings has established itself as a reputable business formation company, it’s always wise to conduct your own research and evaluate their services based on your specific needs. Consider reading recent customer reviews, checking their current accreditation status, and verifying their credibility before making a decision.

SunDoc Filings Services

SunDoc Filings offers a range of services and features to assist individuals and businesses with their business formation and compliance needs. Here are some of the main services and features provided by SunDoc Filings:

1. Business Formation Services:
– Incorporation: Assisting with the formation of corporations in various states, including C corporations and S corporations.
– LLC Formation: Helping individuals and businesses establish limited liability companies (LLCs) in different jurisdictions.
– Nonprofit Formation: Assisting in the formation of nonprofit organizations, including the preparation of required documents for tax-exempt status.
– Partnership Formation: Providing support for the creation of partnerships, such as general partnerships and limited partnerships.
– Professional Entity Formation: Assisting professionals in setting up professional corporations (PCs) or professional LLCs (PLLCs) for individual liability protection.

2. Registered Agent Services:
– Serving as a registered agent: Acting as the official point of contact for legal and compliance matters on behalf of a business entity.

3. Business Compliance Services:
– Annual Report Filings: Assisting with the preparation and filing of annual reports to maintain compliance with state requirements.
– Statement of Information Filings: Helping businesses fulfill the periodic reporting obligations by filing statements of information.
– Foreign Qualification: Assisting businesses in expanding their operations across state lines by obtaining authorization to operate as a foreign entity.
– Corporate Amendments: Guiding businesses through the process of making changes to their corporate structure, such as name changes, stock amendments, and more.

4. Document Retrieval and Authentication:
– Document Retrieval: Assisting in obtaining certified copies of business documents, such as articles of incorporation or certificates of good standing.
– Document Authentication and Apostille: Facilitating the authentication and apostille process for business documents to be used internationally.

5. Corporate Kits and Supplies:
– Corporate Kits: Providing pre-assembled kits containing essential corporate documents, including bylaws, stock certificates, and more.
– Corporate Seals and Stamps: Offering customized corporate seals and stamps for official business use.

6. Customer Support and Resources:
Responsive Customer Support: Offering assistance through phone and email to address customer inquiries and provide guidance.
Educational Resources: Providing informational articles, guides, and resources on business formation and compliance topics.

It’s important to note that the specific services and features offered by SunDoc Filings may vary based on the jurisdiction and the specific needs of the customer. It’s recommended to visit the SunDoc Filings website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date information regarding their services.

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