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If you are starting a new business, finding the right LLC service to organize and file the documents to create a limited liability company can have several benefits. 

4 Reasons to Hire a Good LLC Service:

  • They can save you time
  • They know the formation process and compliance requirements in your state
  • Most are affordable
  • By hiring a good LLC service, you can reduce the chance that your LLC filing will be rejected because it is incomplete or incorrectly submitted

Our Top 4 Picks for Best LLC Services 

  1. Northwest Registered Agent  (3 million clients)
  2. Incfile
  3. ZenBusiness
  4. LegalZoom

Northwest Registered Agent, Office Building, Spokane, WA

Incfile headquarters,, Houston, Texas

ZenBusiness, Austin, Texas

LegalZoom home page



LLC Formation and Registered Agent Service

Northwest Registered Agent $225 $39
Incfile $0
ZenBusiness $199
LegalZoom $299
Northwest R.A.
Maintaining 3,000,000 Clients
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Registered Agent Service (Included)
Best Privacy Policy, and Customer Service
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Worry-Free Compliance
Registered Agent Extra $199/yr
Business Website, Email

How to Create an LLC in 9 Steps

How to create an LLC, Infographic, 9 Steps                                                        _______________________________________

9 Steps to Create an LLC

Step 1: Select a State
Step 2: Choose a Name for Your LLC
Step 3: Choose a Registered Agent
Step 4: Prepare an LLC Operating Agreement
Step 5: File the Organizational Paperwork with the State
Step 6: Obtain a Certificate from the State
Step 7: Obtain an EIN (Employer ID Number)
Step 8: Open a Business Bank Account
Step 9: Register to Do Business in Another State (Optional)


LLC vs Corporation vs Sole Proprietorship

Infographic LLC vs corporation
LLC vs corporation vs sole proprietorship


Strong brand, but a bit pricey!

$0 filing + $299 reg.agent = $299 😲 

Extra $50: You get to talk to a lawyer

LegalZoom LLC Formation Pricing 2023
LegalZoom LLC Formation Pricing 2023


Registered Agent Service

Legalzoom registered agent Price 2023
LegalZoom registered agent price


Northwest Registered Agent
Editor’s Choice! 
Best LLC Service 2023

$39 LLC Filing, Formation, Registered Agent 😀Learn More button blue

Northwest Registered Agent Profile 2023
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LLC Formation
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CT Corporation
Incorporation + Registered Agent $788 😲
Largest Registered Agent

CT Corporation Pricing 2023
CT Corporation Pricing 2023


Start a Limited Liability Company With ZenBusiness

  • Check Your Business Name Availability
  • Check the Price in Your State

ZenBusiness LLC Formation Pricing for 2023

ZenBusiness LLC formation pricing

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LLC Formation Guide: 50 States

This table has links to our LLC formation guides and business name search info for each state.

How to Form an LLC – Business Name Search by State


How to Form an LLC

Business Name Search

Alabama LLC 

Alabama Name Search
Alaska Alaska LLC

Alaska Name Search

Arizona Arizona LLC Arizona Name Search
Arkansas Arkansas LLC Arkansas Name Search
California California LLC California Name Search
Colorado Colorado LLC Colorado Name Search
Connecticut Connecticut LLC Connecticut Name Search
Delaware Delaware LLC Delaware Name Search
Florida Florida LLC Florida Name Search
Georgia Georgia LLC Georgia Name Search
Hawaii Hawaii LLC Hawaii Name Search
Idaho Idaho Idaho Name Search
Illinois Illinois LLC Illinois Name Search
Indiana Indiana Indiana Name Search

Iowa LLC

Iowa Name Search
Kansas Kansas LLC Kansas Name Search
Kentucky Kentucky LLC Kentucky Name Search
Louisiana Louisiana LLC Louisiana Name Search
Maine Maine LLC Maine Name Search
Maryland Maryland LLC Maryland Name Search
Massachusetts Massachusetts LLC Massachusetts Name Search
Michigan Michigan LLC Michigan Name Search
Minnesota Minnesota LLC Minnesota Name Search
Mississippi Mississippi LLC Mississippi Name Search
Missouri Missouri LLC Missouri Name Search
Montana Montana LLC Montana Name Search
Nebraska Nebraska LLC Nebraska Name Search
Nevada Nevada LLC Nevada Name Search
New Hampshire New Hampshire LLC

New Hampshire Name Search

New Jersey New Jersey LLC

New Jersey Name Search

New Mexico New Mexico LLC New Mexico Name Search
New York New York LLC New York Name Search
North Carolina North Carolina LLC North Carolina Name Search
North Dakota North Dakota LLC

North Dakota Name Search

Ohio Ohio LLC Ohio Name Search
Oklahoma Oklahoma LLC Oklahoma Name Search
Oregon Oregon LLC Oregon Name Search

Pennsylvania LLC

Pennsylvania Name Search
Rhode Island

Rhode Island LLC

Rhode Island Name Search

South Carolina South Carolina LLC South Carolina Name Search
South Dakota South Dakota LLC South Dakota Name Search
Tennessee Tennessee LLC Tennessee Name Search
Texas Texas LLC Texas Name Search
Utah Utah LLC Utah Name Search
Vermont Vermont LLC Vermont Name Search
Virginia Virginia LLC Virginia Name Search
Washington Washington LLC Washington Name Search
West Virginia West Virginia LLC West Virginia Name Search
Wisconsin Wisconsin LLC Wisconsin Name Search
Wyoming Wyoming LLC Wyoming Name Search

* State fees are subject to change.

Our Top 4 Picks for LLC Formations 

  1. Northwest Registered Agent  $225  $39
  2. Incfile
  3. ZenBusiness
  4. LegalZoom

If you are starting a new business, finding the right service to organize and file all the necessary documents to create a limited liability company can be difficult.

I think the best approach for most people is to learn the basic guidelines for your state and then find a trusted LLC service that can help you get through the formation process.

A professional and affordable LLC service will save you time and money. The service already knows and understands the LLC formation process in your state.

They can help you fill in the forms, provide guidance, and ensure everything is correct before filing. 

By hiring a good LLC service, you can reduce the chance that your LLC filing will be rejected because it is incomplete or incorrectly submitted.

Cost to Form an LLC by State

This table lists the filing fees and the annual fees for each state. Fees are subject to change.

State Filing Fee Recurring State Fees
Alabama $200 $10 Annual Report
$100 Annual Privilege Tax (minimum)
Alaska $250 $100 (every two years)
Arizona $50 (plus publishing costs) $0 (report due annually)
Arkansas $45 online, $50 by mail $150 Franchise Tax Report (annually)
California $70 $800 – Franchise Tax (annually)
(Exemptions are available)
$20 – Statement of Information (annually)
Colorado $50 $10 (annually)
Connecticut $120 $80 (annually)
Delaware $90 $300 Franchise Tax (annually)
Florida $125 $138.75 (annually)
Georgia $100 online, $110 by mail $50 (annually)
Hawaii $50 $15 (annually)
Idaho $100 online, $120 by mail $0 (report due annually)
Illinois $150 $75 (annually)
Indiana $95 online, $100 by mail Biennial report – $32 online, $50 by mail
Iowa $50 $60 (biennial report)
Kansas $160 online, $165 by mail $55 (annually)
Kentucky $40 $15 (annually)
Louisiana $100 $30 (annually)
Maine $175 $85 (annually)
Maryland $100 $300 (annually)
Massachusetts $500 $500 (annually)
Michigan $50 $25 (annually)
Minnesota $155 online, $135 by mail $0 (report due annually)
Mississippi $50 $0 (report due annually)
Missouri $50 online, $105 by mail $0
Montana $70 $20 (annually)
Nebraska $100 online, $110 by mail $10 (biennial report)
Nevada $75, plus $150 for the initial list of officers $150 Annual List of Members & Managers
New Hampshire $100 $100 (annually)
New Jersey $125 $75 (annually)
New Mexico $50 $0
New York $200 (plus publishing costs) $9 (biennially)
North Carolina $125 $200 (annually)
North Dakota $135 $50 (annually)
Ohio $99 $0
Oklahoma $100 $25 (annually)
Oregon $100 $100 (annually)
Pennsylvania $125 (plus publishing costs) $70 (decennial report)
Rhode Island $150 $50 (annually)
South Carolina $110 $0
South Dakota $150 online, $165 by mail $50 (annually)
Tennessee $300 (minimum) $300 (minimum)
Texas $300 $0 report
Franchise Tax
Utah $70 $20
Vermont $125 $35 (annually)
Virginia $100 $50 (annually)
Washington $200 $60 (annually)
West Virginia $100 $25 (annually)
Wisconsin $130 online, $170 by mail $25 (annually)
Wyoming $102 online, $100 by mail $50 minimum (annually)

* State fees are subject to change.



How Do I Apply for an EIN (Employer ID Number)?

Once you have officially formed your LLC with the state, it is time to register it with the federal government. You can apply for an employer identification number from the IRS.

If your LLC has more than one partner or employee, an EIN is required. You can easily apply online for a federal tax ID number (or EIN ) from the IRS website. The EIN can be obtained immediately if you apply online.

What is the cost of forming an LLC?

State by state, the filing fees for an LLC can vary. The filing fees range from $40 to $400. You can file an LLC online with a credit card, debit card, or mail order along with a check or money order.

To find out all the fees for LLC filing in your state, visit your Secretary of State’s site.

Some states require publication fees, business license fees, name reservation fees, or publication fees in addition to the filing fee. You will also need to pay recurring fees in order to keep your LLC active.

These include filing annual reports or biennial reports, renewal of licenses and permits, and taxes. The biggest expense in starting an LLC is likely to be time and energy.

A service that is familiar with the details of starting and running a business will not only save you time but also removes the frustration and stress of dealing with government bureaucracy and red tape.

LLC services can file all your paperwork, act as a registered agent, and provide an Operating Agreement template at a low price.

How long does it take to create my LLC?

The time frame varies from one state to another, but it is usually two to three weeks after the state receives the documents of your limited liability company. However, expedited service can be arranged for an additional fee.

What is the best state to form an LLC?

It is best to create an LLC in your business’s state.

Can I form an LLC without a lawyer?

Yes, you can create an LLC on your own. You don’t need to hire a lawyer. The best LLC formation services provide guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Are LLCs eligible for 1099?

You don’t need a 1099 if your LLC is filed as a corporation. However, if your LLC has independent contractors, you will need 1099 forms.

How do I dissolve my LLC?

These steps can vary from one state to the next, so check your state’s LLC dissolution procedures.

The process is generally the same. First, you must file the Articles of Dissolution to your Secretary of State. Then, cancel in any other state where your LLC is active.

The final step is to file your tax return and pay the final payroll taxes. Finally, close your EIN. The process involves a lot of paperwork. Most LLC services can assist you in ensuring that your LLC dissolves without any problems.

Is it possible for an S corporation to own an LLC?

Yes. An S corporation can be the owner or a member of an LLC. However, an LLC cannot own an S-Corp. Only individuals can own an S-Corp. An LLC can still be taxed like an S corporation, provided it meets the eligibility criteria, which includes having a restricted number of shareholders who are U.S. citizens.

Can an LLC become a nonprofit?

It’s possible, but not always. Certain requirements must be met and it can be confusing to grasp all the legalities. When considering these questions, consulting a financial and/or legal professional is always a good idea.

Is forming an LLC a good idea?

There are many business models that you should consider when setting up an LLC. How can you determine if an LLC is right for you? Let’s look at the different options available to you, and how to set up an LLC to serve your best interests.

S Corporation vs. LLC

An S corp is not a business entity but a federal tax choice. A C corp or LLC can apply for an S-Corp. This federal tax election protects the owners’ personal assets and avoids double taxes. Find out more about Scorps vs. LLCs.

Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC

Although it is easy and cost-effective to run a business as a sole proprietor, there is no protection for liability like an LLC. Compare sole proprietorships.

There is a major difference between operating as a sole proprietorship and an LLC. This is because personal assets are kept separate from business. An LLC keeps personal assets separate, while sole proprietors have the same expenses. Your personal assets and property can be taken after a business is sued.

General Partnership vs. LLC

You will be dealing with formalities here. The process of forming an LLC involves many details, including preparing and filing paperwork with the Secretary. It is not necessary to enter into a formal agreement when forming a partnership.

For a complete comparison, visit LLC Vs. Partnership

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP vs. LLC

An LLP is similar to an LLC in that it offers limited liability. However, an LLP gives it more. An LLC protects all members from personal liability for business debts and lawsuits. An LLP, on the other hand, provides only liability protection for each partner’s direct investment. Compare LLC vs. LLP in more detail.

C Corp vs. LLC

A C corporation, like an LLC, has liability protection but does not protect its owners against double taxation. C corporation owners are subject to both corporate income tax and personal income tax. Find out more about LLCs and C corps.


Our website provides articles on business formations and business ideas. You will find reviews on software, services, and solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

It’s exciting to start a business if you are an entrepreneur. You’ve got a great idea, and it’s now time to take it further. Now it’s time to start your business.

However, that’s the end of the excitement. As soon as you start to research the process of business formation, you’ll realize that it is not as easy as you thought. This is why I am here!

LLC Radar can help with all of your business formation needs.

Entrepreneurs have a particular niche in which they excel.

You might not be good at completing paperwork or keeping track of the required documentation. It’s fine! I’ve been there, and I understand how hard it can be.

You can find services that will help you, just like you, manage your business requirements so you can be focused on what’s most important: your customers and business. There are many online LLC formation options, and it can take time to find the one that is right for you.

This is where I come in!

I have a small team of entrepreneurs who have a combined 18 years of business formation experience. I have spent hours poring over LLC services. This includes looking through websites, reviewing applications, and contacting customer service to assess customer reviews.

We’ve compared prices, reviewed features, and checked accuracy. We have researched for your benefit and will match you with the best Registered Agent service, LLC service, or incorporation service.  

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